Free reference Kindle books for 05 Jun 17

Concise Geometry: A Common Core Geometry Textbook

by Josiah Coates

Learn common core high school geometry after only 30 hours of study. This textbook covers every concept in high school geometry in only 115 pages.

Mark Twain once said, “I did not have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” We take this approach to teaching new concepts, by editing and revising the content in order to use the shortest and most concise phrasing possible.

Typical high school geometry textbooks can be over 600 pages long, full of complex theorems and postulates. Working as an engineer for a major international shipping company, the author has spent his entire career explaining complex subjects to senior (and highly paid) executives. If he used a “typical math textbook” approach to communicating with executives, he would have lost his job a long time ago.

Executives, it is believed, are very busy – and they need quick and concise explanations to make quick and well-informed decisions. But are high school students any different? Do they have endless time to read 600 pages of postulates and theorems that have no application to modern work? This textbook is written as an anecdote to these problems, and to meet the needs of a modern high school student.

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