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Mindfulness for Beginners: Ultimate Guide to Achieve Happiness by Eliminating Stress, Anxiety and Depression (Stress Management, Inner Peace…)

by Sarah Rowland

  Mindfulness is a trendy word these days. The truth is, there is a major reason behind why. Developing a strong mindfulness practice is a powerful way to release stress, anxiety, depression, and other discomforts. “Mindfulness for Beginners: Ultimate Guide to Achieve Happiness by Eliminating Stress, Anxiety, and Depression” is dedicated to teaching you how you can master mindfulness in your own life. 

  Learning to foster a mindful lifestyle takes time, and you should be prepared to invest yourself into this process. Mindfulness is not something you achieve and then keep for the rest of your life like a diploma or a trophy. Instead, mindfulness is a fluid practice that is ever-changing. You will always have to work towards the practice. However, as you will learn in this guide, the work you must put in is not extremely difficult and can be highly rewarding.

 This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to master mindfulness in your life. Specifically, you will learn:

  1. Why mindfulness is so powerful
  2. Strategies to use in 5 minutes or less
  3. Daily mindfulness routines
  4. How to work through deeper troubles
  5. Maintaining a mindfulness practice

  In addition to the above points, you will learn specific strategies that will be described in a way that will intimately walk you through each step of the process. For the audiobook version, you can simply plug in your headphones and be guided through the process in real time! It is the best guide for teaching people to foster mindful lifestyles that will serve them in the highest way possible. 

  Just because mindfulness is trendy doesn’t mean it is a faux pas. In fact, mindfulness has been around for centuries and for good reason! Mindfulness gives us the unique opportunity to get to know ourselves on an intimate level and work together with our emotional bodies. In doing so, you can learn how you can manage your life in a powerful way that will always serve your highest benefit. You will have a greater understanding over yourself, how you naturally react in real life situations, and how you can transition your reactions into thoughtful responses.

  When you know yourself on this intimate level, many doors open up before you. You will no longer suffer as a victim to your emotions. Instead, you will have greater control over your emotions and how they serve your life. As a result, you will lead a life that is significantly more effective and that allows you to achieve anything you set out to achieve. You can do this by following the guide that is laid out for you within this exact book. “Mindfulness for Beginners: Ultimate Guide to Achieve Happiness by Eliminating Stress, Anxiety and Depression” is the perfect guide for anyone who is looking to establish a mindfulness practice.

  This book is the handy manual that will change your life and free yourself from negative energies. NOW is the time to make a change and live a happier life!  

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The Case of Daryl Farley

by Elizabeth Guy

Daryl Farley murdered his girlfriend eighteen years ago, and got away with it. Now Natiel, captain of an elite squad in the Army of the Lord, reports to a heavenly assembly how the cold case is solved.

Caregiving: How to Hold On While Letting Go

by Debbie DeMoss Compton

What do you do when your mom hand washes your paper plates and tosses your good silverware in the trash? Seem hard to believe? Not if you are a caregiver for a loved one with some form of Dementia.
Maybe you are at the beginning of this journey. Perhaps the doctor has just said those horrific words: Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease and you are still in shock. Surely he’s wrong! This can’t be happening, can it? You may be wondering what treatments are available and what to expect. What exactly does this mean for you and your family? These diseases affect not only the person afflicted, but also those who are to become caregivers and their families.
Alzheimer’s disease is listed as the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States, so you see my friend, you are not alone.
In this book, you’ll find agencies in place to help. There’s information about what to expect so you can make a more informed decision. Also included are things to consider and lesser known options.
If you aren’t a caregiver, is it possibly on the horizon looming like a dark shadow drawing ever nearer as you notice a loved one forgetting first minor details, then perhaps getting lost in a once familiar area? Have you ignored signs like forgetting how to figure a tip or repeating the same conversation you have had before? Perhaps it started with a repeat discussion from the previous week, and you’ve already seen it worsen to the same conversation you just had the day before? Does fear grip your heart as you hear them forget names or words and you worry about what the future holds? Don’t despair! Help, solutions, and ideas are here.
In the following pages, you will find:
– lists of symptoms and behaviors to expect
– steps to take to minimize the impact of irrational behavior
– how to make your home a safe haven
– services offered by places and agencies
– questions to ask
– spreadsheets and notes to make
– solutions we have created that really help
– humorous true stories
– encouragement from the Bible
– lists of creative things your loved one can make
– activities to occupy the one who needs to be “helping”
– real life examples and what the experts say
– ways to cope with the continual repetitiveness
– proper responses to hallucinations, aggression, and delusions
– much more!
If you keep them at home till the end, there will be sleepless nights, childish behavior, baby proofing your home, feeding, bathing and dressing your loved one, possible anger outbursts, hurtful words, and probably lots of tears.
While I can tell you from experience, it is NOT easy; I also believe if God has placed it on your heart to care for a loved one, He will give you the strength to see you through. You can enjoy some of the most genuinely moving moments with your loved one as you ease their transition from this life to the next. There will be snapshots of memories you will cherish always and many surprises.
Whatever route you choose, it’s an arduous journey as you watch your loved one say and do things they would never have done before. I encourage you to keep reminding yourself and others that it is NOT them speaking in the bizarre or ugly manner. It is the disease. Try to laugh
I don’t deal in theory, but real-life examples and what works for one does not work for all, hence, options. I’ll tell you what the experts say and the adaptations we created to fit our situation. Knowing how to respond when faced with unusual or outright abnormal behavior can be critical to your loved one’s health and your peace of mind as the caregiver.
This is not a textbook or clinical study, but it does contain medical information, holistic therapies and tips gathered from people who work in the trenches every day. It is written conversationally and in plain English. (No $10. words here!)
My prayer is to help you walk a little more peacefully down a difficult path. Glean or toss as you wish, but I hope you glean.

Recontextualizing Church: From Attractional Events and Program-Driven, to Missional Community and Cell-Driven

by P.R. Faust

The problem I see in many attractional-event and program-driven churches in the West is their system does a good job of producing converts, but not necessarily of producing disciples who are equipped to make disciples who make disciples (Matthew 28:19). Many churches in our country seem to have drifted from the biblical concept of “church” and have redefined it as the place, a building, where ministry happens. Hence, many evangelicals have built large centralized institutions using what seems like marketing as a formula for success: utilize attractional events to draw a crowd, and then develop programs and depend on professional clergy to keep people coming back. While this may have worked to build large communities of worship in the mid-to-late twentieth century, it has also consumed many of the smaller churches like a Wal-Mart monopoly putting out of business the mom-and-pop shops. And often when the pastor of a program-driven church leaves the ministry, that church tends to lose sight of the vision as it struggles to pull together in unity, and the congregation shrinks as people transfer to the new, next, and better program-driven church that meets their family’s needs. I would argue this doesn’t build biblical community; this fractures community among local churches as the competitive mindset takes over and as church leadership begins to use marketing techniques to promote their brand to attract church shoppers, and thus congregants shuffle from church to church.

This book explores the challenges church leaders and congregants face in shepherding a program-driven church to begin to reach out to the community outside of the four walls of a church building. Take this journey with me as I evaluate Jesus’ and the Apostles’ method of outreach and discipleship and seek to find ways to apply their methodology in today’s context. We will explore various small group models throughout history and in today’s contemporary Western context. We will look at the necessity of corporate worship and small groups to stimulate spiritual growth. I have interviewed Jeff Vanderstelt, Steve Timmis, Joel Comiskey, and Dan Braga to glean wisdom from these leaders in how to successfully shepherded churches through this kind of recontexualization of the local church. In the end I have mapped out a strategy for how church leaders can lead their churches through this transition from attractional events and the programs to the missional home community and cell-driven model, which resonates with this generation disenfranchised with church.

I believe there are many methods of ministry that can work to make converts, but in order to make disciples that multiply requires an authentic faith community. This is what an unbelieving world is longing to see, a church that has closed the gap between their rhetoric and reality.

This book is a result of a Thesis Project for Gordon-Conwell Seminary Doctorate Program in Outreach and Discipleship.

Mindfulness: 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge:Step-By-Step Guide to Living a Stress-Free & Happy Life (Mindfulness for Beginners)

by Rachael L. Thompson

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Who Will Benefit from this Book?

The 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge can be used alone or as a companion to the Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness in a World of Chaos. If you have heard of mindfulness, perhaps read a bit about it, or even tried one of the popular coloring books, but have not experienced a significant change in stress level or happiness this book will help. It provides the perfect beginner’s guide to implement mindfulness every day.

What You Can Expect

The challenge is broken into four, weekly sections, with one bonus day to begin the challenge and another to end the challenge. Each week has a different focus to facilitate optimal learning at each stage of mindful skill development.

Possible Benefits

You will find both basic and advanced mindfulness concepts broken down and will be given simple, concrete action plans to implement each concept in your life. You will find a new activity every day that takes you one step closer to a happy and peaceful life. Activities can help with all facets of life, from relationships to health to problem-solving skills. Begin the challenge and watch your life transform!

Table of Contents

Week 1 – Bonus Day & 7 Different Meditations

Week 2 – Mindfulness in Everyday Activities

Week 3 – Life Changing Mindfulness Concepts

Week 4 – Developing Your Mindful Life & Final Bonus Day

Check it out to begin your mindful journey. Love & Light.

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Leon [Anonymous]: A Dramatic Thriller

by Adrian Robert Abarca

LEON [ANONYMOUS] is an espionage dramatic suspense-thriller told in the first person about a young man, Leon, whose mother loses the ability to love after the drowning death of her eldest son. Riddled with guilt Leon matures into manhood and goes off to university to study law only to be entangled in a web of lies and deceit as a childhood friend is kidnapped then murdered by his government’s secret police revealing Leon’s friend’s involvement with a subversive student led organization hell bent on overthrowing the corrupt dictatorship. Or, is he? While held prisoner, Leon must choose between guarding the secrets of this long dead friend and risking the possible deaths of his estranged family.

Leon (Anonymous)â?¦ “This is a terrific job for Mr. Abarca’s first novel” – The KBR

Leon (Anonymous)â?¦ A scared boy who became a man. A man who became a prisoner. A prisoner who inspired the liberation of a country.

Leon (Anonymous)â?¦ Captivating. Riveting. Cry freedom!

Adrian Robert Abarca is the author of three novels including, â??Land of the Infected’ and â??Caught in the Rain’. He lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Criminal Heart: A Guide to Sharing the Gospel with a Loved One Bound by Crime

by S. D. Smith

Being friendly with our neighbors can be difficult at the best of times, but when a neighbor is hurting others by living a life of crime, do we have a responsibility to intervene? Steven Smith chronicled many of his interactions with one such man in this true story. The life lessons, Biblical teachings, and challenges to live outside of “what’s comfortable” will compel readers to renew their own attempts to help others in need for the sake of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Wicca Book of Spells: Ultimate Beginners to Expert Guided Book of Spells for Witchcraft

by Marie Hamilton

Transform Your Life with Simple Spells and Rituals

What if a simple spell could help rekindle a relationship with someone you had a falling out with, and even dramatically strengthen or intensify the bond between the two of you? What if you could affect the ability to heal yourself and others so that you could enjoy life more without pain?

Wicca practitioner and researcher, Marie Hamilton, presents remarkable findings from her years of practice of Wiccan spells and rituals. Marie has put together a collection of detailed spells and rituals to help other Wiccans achieve the transformation in their lives that she has been fortunate enough to enjoy.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to heal bad relationships with love spells
  • How to win more in life with good luck spells
  • How to feel healthier with good health spells
  • How to be more attractive with beauty spells
  • How to block negative energy with repelling and protection spells
  • And much much more

Buy this book NOW to transform your life with simple spells and rituals

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What Shall We Do?: To Be Saved

by Johan van Reenen

There is a lot of confusion as to what it means to be saved. This book looks at what the Bible says about salvation and how we are to live our lives in order to spend eternity with God. We all know that God requires faith, and specifically faith in Jesus as our Savior, but, is believing in Jesus all that is required? James tells us that faith without works cannot save us. So clearly there are other requirements as well.
Jesus also said that the gate is narrow and the way is narrow that leads to life. What did He mean by this. What does this narrow gate look like? What does the narrow way that we must walk after passing through the gate look like? This is the theme of this book.
Jesus said to Nicodemus that you cannot see the kingdom of God unless you are born again. What did He mean by that and what does it mean to be born again. Is just accepting Jesus as Savior all that is required? We will look at it in detail and will find that being born again is much more than just accepting Jesus as Savior.
Then there is the issue of baptism. Is baptism needed for salvation? If so, does infant baptism count as baptism? What about sprinkling or submersion? Is being sprinkled baptism? These issues are also discussed in detail.
What about the narrow gate? Can we believe what we like and live like we like? Why is the Christian walk so hard? Why did Jesus warn us that those who will be saved are few? Surely, He must have meant what He said? These issues are also discussed in detail.
My prayer is that this book will help you find Jesus, ensure that you are truly born again and that you will know how to live your life until you meet Him face to face.

The Amish Matchmakerâ??s Masterstroke (Landchester Amish Matchmakers Book 3)

by Esther Weaver

Rose Hess is a prisoner in her own home. Suffering from agoraphobia, she is locked inside her pretty home unable to face the world. Even her mother’s death cannot break her out of this affliction. But it’s been going on for too long. Six years of her life is enough to lose. Her sister Annie and neighbor, Maggie, invite the unofficial matchmakers, Agnes and Frances Hammond, for dinner. Their hope is that the Hammond sisters can solve Rose’s dilemma.

The resolution comes in the form of Maggie’s handsome son, Josh Hauffer, who makes buggies. The sisters set their plan in motion by commissioning Josh to make a buggy for Rose. Rose doesn’t understand it. She’ll never use a buggy, but cooking and preparing meals for a man makes Rose remember a time when her husband was still alive, and how her only goal in life was to be a good fraa.

When Rose realizes that Josh knows her secret, she sends him away. She’s nobody pet project.

Can the matchmakers continue their winning streak? Will Josh be able to show Rose how much he loves her? Will Rose ever be able to leave her home?

15-Minute Summary: The Natural Holiness of Jesus

by Joshua Nickel

Summarize by the author in about 15 minutes.
The Natural Holiness of Jesus:
Jesus Christ lived a life designed to help you live yours.
With Him you can do anything. Without Him you don’t even know how to be human. Learn from Jesus how to be human, and you will find that He has also made you holy.

The Dark Matters: Volume six: horror stories from around the world

by Jay. P Gregg

terrifying true horror stories from various parts of the world. written by ordinary people who live ordinary lives
a bad experience with the deep web
deep sea fishing for the first time turns into a nightmare
haunted house stories
home intruders
and many more stories from around the world

BIBLE BASICS: A Fresh Look at the Key Figures, Teachings and Core Writings of the Holy Book. Apply the Lordâ??s Teachings to Your Everyday Life! (Self-Help Life Application Man Woman)

by Dominique Atkinson

Learn the Truth, as Told by One of the Greatest Book in the History of the World

This Easy to Read Guide Includes a Detailed Descriptions of the Bible and How to Apply it’s Teachings

The Bible is the spiritual atlas for the world’s three great monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In Bible Basics, readers discover the roots of those core beliefs and how to apply them to your everyday life situations.

The Bible contains the heritage upon which Moses created a nation; it nurtures the prophecies which foretold the coming of the Messiah, known as Jesus Christ; it records the birth, banishment and deliverance of Ishmael, who represents the link from the patriarch Abraham to Islam. Its landmarks are sacred to believers of the three faiths; its lexicon is a universal language to followers who are otherwise strangers to one another’s vocabulary.

Yet, for all its history, the Bible in many ways is an unknown, unread book. Even those who practice their faiths may only know parts of it. For Christians, the followers of a sect which began as an offshoot of Judaism and then navigated a new path, the Old Testament of the Bible is the foundation of faith which found fulfillment in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bible has 73 books. Seven of the books, known as the Apocrypha, are not included in the Protestant Bible because Protestants regard their authenticity as dubious. The Protestant Bible includes 66 books; 39 books in the Old Testament, 27 books in the New Testament.

The people who wrote the Bible were not ethereal saints playing harps and doing good deeds; they were flesh and blood men and women who struggled against temptation, fear, and doubt as their understanding of the nature of God grew deeper. When we read the Bible, it’s important to recognize ourselves in these early followers of the faith, because it’s through their human nature that we have come to know God.

High Jump: A Journey Within

by Tarun Sardana

Another empowering book from the author of Dissolved

A note from the central character of the book.

This is the story of my high jump. It is the story of a weak person but a strong decisionâ??a decision to say no to life.
I don’t care if you consider me a coward. But I can assure you that you have played an important part in my decision. Your words pushed me to where I stand today: rejected, beaten, helpless.
As you read this, many like me are living suffocated lives and contemplating death. You can’t do much about me, but be sensitive toward the ones around you. Use your words wisely. If you have nothing nice to say, keep quiet. You may sound less smartâ?¦but at least you will not be a murderer.
Please sit back and enjoy the story of my murder.

High Jump

Tarun Sardana

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