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Knight’s Journey: Vampire’s Quest Prequel (Knight Fever Series)

by Alexa Dare

KNIGHT’S JOURNEY, Vampire’s Quest Prequel

18,174 Words (Prequel Novella)

A Knight’s Journey. A Woman’s Fate Set in Motion. Troubled pasts lead to a passionate present. What desires does the future hold?

Journeys to knighthood and to womanhood feature Ryderholt, Son of Jud, & Jess Willowbrook, as destiny conspires to bring the vampire knight and the touch healer together as fated mates in Knight’s Journey, Vampire’s Quest Prequel. (Ryder and Jess’s story continues in Vampire’s Quest, Knight Fever Series #1).

Steamy. Light swearing. High heat. Unique, refreshing, edgy vampire romance, shifter romance, and fated mate romance.

Untouched (The Untouched Series Book 1)

by Lilly Wilde

UNTOUCHED, first in the series, followed by TOUCHED,TOUCHED BY HIM and ONLY HIS TOUCH …

Untouched is an enthralling story of Aria Cason who has turned her back on love in favor of her career. Aria’s past gives her reason to redirect her life and strictly focus on success; allowing little to no room for anything more.
Every part of Aria’s life is structured and organized, including love and sex, which are always strategically planned until Aiden Wyatt. Aiden surfaces at Raine Publishing House as an intern who, from the initial meeting, causes several side-steps for Aria. Aiden’s extraordinary good looks and commanding demeanor change Aria’s structured world, unlocking feelings that she has vowed to never embrace as he introduces her to a world of intimacy she’s never before experienced. Aiden’s presence ultimately forces her to face past demons and fight to keep the current ones at bay as she realizes that running is never the answer.


by Ami Snow

He makes me wet, naughty and I want him..

But he is also my dad’s best friend

Marissa Swanson is a lusciously curvy twenty-four-year-old, living the autonomous lifestyle of a workaholic saleswoman. Marissa lives the solitary lifestyle by choice, abruptly cutting off the members of her family after an especially ugly blowout with her younger sister two years prior.

Her father, Derrick Swanson, incidentally scores four tickets to a water park and family-friendly resort, formulating a secretive reunion between her two estranged sisters. He spares the last ticket to his best friend and fellow firefighter colleague, Camden Reeves. Tension ensues when the foursome gather at the Emerald Bay, Derrick’s ulterior motives quickly unfurling.

Meanwhile, an irrefutable lust bubbling between Marissa and Camden slowly emerges as the oddly-matched pair find themselves fatefully fraternizing with each other, with Marissa finding it harder and harder to keep her hands off the irresistible lure of the sexy older man…

��Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language.

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Halcyon (The Complex Book 0)

by Demelza Carlton

A Lone Planet. One Complex.
Unlimited Chaos.

Catch a siren. Stop the storm. Whatever the cost.
Allie, sick of war and grief, signed up as a lowly maintenance worker for the Complex in the hope of securing a lasting peace between the Metas and Humans. However, the girl has her own secrets, not least of which is her assignment from the Lorn government to monitor the Complex for signs of a suspected saboteur.
Galen, the only survivor of the Poseidon shipwreck, didn’t join the Complex for peace. He wants vengeance on the siren Halcyon, the mysterious Mer whose terrorist tactics single-handedly killed more humans than any other Meta. His sources say that Halcyon is on Lorn, and he’ll happily kill every Mer in the Complex until his parents’ murderer is dead.
Can they catch the terrorist before the Complex is destroyed?

The Complex Book Series:

A Lone Planet. One Complex.
Unlimited Chaos.

After a brutal war between Humans and Metas an uneasy truce is declared in the Seldova solar system. At the conclusion of the treaty signing, the Complex is created on the lone planet, Lorn. The Complex is a blended community of Humans and Metas, all sent to test the waters of a more peaceful existence between the two races. Living under a domed community can only mean one thing for the Humans and Metas. Chaos.

The Czar: A Standalone Hockey Billionaire Romance

by Selena Laurence

“Smart and Sexy. Selena never disappoints.” — Jennie Marts, USA TODAY Bestselling Author.
They call him The Czar, the heir to a billion dollar Vodka fortune and Chicago’s homegrown NHL superstar. But when Mick Petrovich sustains a career-ending injury, life seems hopeless until he sees a blonde trying to unlock her apartment door.

Solana Werner spent six years working for one thing–a job in marketing at Petrovich Vodka. While her mother, father, and ex-boyfriend might all have left, she knows corporations are forever, and Petrovich will never abandon her.

Then Solana meets her new neighbor, he’s hot, tortured, and none other than hockey’s Czar, her new boss’s son. But employees aren’t allowed to date Petrovich family members, and Solana wouldn’t do anything to risk her dream jobâ?¦would she?


by Jolene Clark

Samantha Stevens was a young girl with a dream, a dream of being a teacher. Sometimes one’s dreams don’t always come true. When she found out she was not going to graduate, it was her mother who decided to send Samantha out west to her Aunt Addy to see if she could get a job teaching. Sometimes history repeats itself; thirty years before, a young man had asked Aunt Addy to marry him, and the date was set. Two days before the wedding, the young man was seen boarding a train, and was never seen again, leaving Addy alone and humiliated. It was then that young Addy decided she had to leave, and took the position of housekeeper to a young mother named Emma Warrick. When Addy’s sister reached out to her for help with her only daughter, Addy agreed to have Sam come out to Montana. It was Logan Warrick, the owner of the home who found the young woman interesting and fell in love with her. This story is not one of history repeating itself, but a love story whose ending takes us to another chapter with the sequel of Logan’s Love.

A Waltz in Time

by Eva Harlowe

“With a modern heroine who discovers her own strength and a jaded aristocrat bowled over by his suddenly-bold betrothed, A WALTZ IN TIME is a fun, sexy romp into the past that fans of time-travel romance won’t want to miss.” – New York Times Bestselling author Meljean Brook.

Top Five Things Rae Sutherland Worries About

1. Keeping her self-run business in the black

2. Problematic relationship with her mother

3. Lack of ability to tell people to “Take a hike”

4. Sad, pathetic love life

5. Finally meeting the Most Perfect Guy only to have the Most Awful Thing happen

Top Five Things Rachel Sutherland Worries About

1. Impending marriage to the Earl of Mayne

2. Problematic relationship with her Mama

3. The grand, imposing Earl of Mayne himself

4. Fear of complete and utter failure

5. This blasted affliction that she just cannot shake off

When a cosmic hiccup joins the two women together, Rae Sutherland finds herself in 1840’s England. Armed with only her wits and knowledge gleaned from British period films, Rae must now find a way to live the rest of her life in a foreign place and a foreign time. It’s Victorian sensibilities versus L.A. sass! First order of business: Ensure that her secret identity is never found out. Second and third orders of business: Keep out of the way of that arrogant, domineering, sinfully sexy earl.

Violca’s Dragon (The Dragon Ruby Series Book 1)

by Leilani Love

**2016 Readers Favorite Gold Medal Winner for Fiction – Panaromal**

Violca Grey knows life can change instantly. Two years after her parents’ sudden death, Violca is left raising her four younger sisters. She doesn’t realize that their lives are all in danger from something that may not be human.

Chase Reed knows the Grey sisters possibly hold the key to his fate. He is determined to get close, protect them and bring them to his Dragon King.

Together, Chase and Violca not only have to protect their familiesâ??they also have to fight against their rising feelings for each other. But what Violca doesn’t know is that once a dragon decides he wants something, there is no stopping him from getting it.

Outlaw Seal

by Kate Shepherd

Razor: I was a gung ho, God-and-country Navy SEAL until my buddy went down in some shithole in Afghanistan. Full of bitterness and having the option to retire from active duty, I took it. My love of motorcycles led me into a new life where I met up with the Silent Brotherhood. Because of my background, I was recruited to a team of silent killers that only answered to one man.

Kelly: I have always loved bad boys. “The badder the better” was my motto. To me there were no boys badder than those who straddled a Harley Davidson. I had fallen for a well known biker, until he beat me up and made me realize that I needed to start a new lifestyle.

I was doing pretty well until I ran into another bad boy whoâ??I’m sure you didn’t see this comingâ??swept me off my feet. He was shrouded in mystery, but he was still everything that I wanted, and I couldn’t help but follow my heart.

Sabre: I was known as someone who didn’t always follow the rules. When one of my boys wound up dead by the hand of a professional, I wondered if it was a rival club or if I was being sent a message. Either way, I chose to ignore the message and send one of my own. I’d carved out my territory and I had no plans to see it fade away, even if I had to destroy a rival club to do it.

Outlaw SEAL is a full length 40,000 word romance with no cliffhanger. Mature audiences only!

CEO’s Request

by Ami Snow

He’s a jerk and I should be disgusted by him..

but I still want him…

Leila Tuner has finally turned over a new leaf in her life. She is clean and sober. She has a rich and handsome boyfriend. Things are even looking up in the job department. She landed a great paying job so she could finally pay off the rest of her debt. It was the last thing from her past that haunts her. Only things don’t go as planned. Aiden Carter is a cocky jerk and he knows it. He’s rich and attractive. He isn’t used to woman like Leila and he knows he must have her, but she doesn’t bite. In fact she is thoroughly disgusted by him. So to get what he wants he uses the past she hides to his advantage to get one night hoping it will be enough.

Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language.

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Soulmate (Teen Paranormal Romance Series) (The Soulmate Series: Teen Paranormal Romance Book 1)

by Kellie McAllen

Could you survive if you lost half your soul?

Rachel is fed up with being known as the crazy girl who talks to herself, so she’s thrilled when moving to a new town gives her a chance at a whole new identity, without the stigma of her “imaginary friend,” Rider, the soul who has shared her body for the last fifteen years.

Rachel doesn’t have much better luck in Indianapolis, where the only friends she makes are a kooky bunch of science club geeks, but somehow she still manages to attract the attention of the hottest boy in school. Her new friends warn her about the notorious chick magnet, but Rachel can’t resist his affections or the allure of popularity, and Rider fears he’s losing his only friend as Rachel makes one bad choice after another.

When her recklessness leads to a tragic accident that separates her and Rider, Rachel realizes too late who her soulmate really was. What she doesn’t know is, how can she ever live without him?

If you like unique and fascinating paranormal romance stories that make you laugh, cry, and cheer all on the same page, you’ll love Soulmate!

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For fans of:
Teen Romance Series
Teen Romantic Comedy Series
Teenage Paranormal Romance Series
Teen Science Fiction
Teen Fantasy
Teen Contemporary Romance
Teen Comedy
YA Supernatural
Teen Mystery
Teen Suspense
Teen Angel Romance
Coming of Age
Dating Relationships

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