Free science fiction Kindle books for 05 Jun 17


by Charles Moritz

After a devastating nuclear war, an Autonomous Ground Assault Vehicle (AGAV) patrols the wasteland forever stuck in perpetual combat mode.

The Marvelous Mechanical Man: Book One of The Conn-Mann Chronicles

by Rie Sheridan Rose

Josephine Mann is down to her last five dollars and in desperate need of a new job, when a chance encounter with Professor Alistair Conn completely upends her life. Soon she and her cat have steady employment, a new home, and a string of adventures that quite takes her breath away! Steampunk meets Dime-Novel in this first volume of The Conn-Mann Chronicles.

Blind Leading (Glyph Warrior Book 4)

by Nix Whittaker

Toa is a soldier who has been betrayed by his own people. Tortured for what he knows, he has some difficult choices to make, save his family and leave behind the chance at a real life or stay with the woman he loves.
Megan has grown up in the shadow of her famous parents. Even though she is a genius architect, there always seems something is missing from her life. The small world she has lived in seems smaller every day. Until she finds a wounded soldier in the Wildlands and everything changes.
Together hopefully they can find inside themselves the power to find themselves.
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The Velocity of Pie: A Science Fiction Short Story

by Sven Eklund

Being kidnapped by a Little Green Alien might be annoying, unexpected, strange, time-consuming, and otherwise peculiar, but at least it means that Amber won’t have to deal with her housemates.

Amber is just an ordinary Canadian College student living in a share house, until she is plucked out of her bathroom by an absurd Little Green Alien and taken on a peculiar adventure across the universe, meeting an inter-galactic President, flying around in a spaceship with a motherboard full of sass, and dealing with more mind-bending questions about life, the universe, and more inexplicable things, than you can throw a pie at.

The Velocity of Pie is a fun, chirpy, absurd science fiction adventure of around 8000 words. The perfect length to devour over a cup of tea.

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