Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 06 Jun 17

Watch Out For Snakes!

by Paula Lynn Johnson

Drunken snake-wranglers. Phony rabbis. A childhood buddy who practices her moves on Snoopy. Meet the off-kilter characters populating Paula Lynn Johnson’s off-kilter universe. In this collection of short essays, she recounts the night a rattlesnake terrorized her family, the fake rabbi who presided at her wedding, and the friend whose lurid secret she betrayed. Along the way, she muses on everything from What It Means (to be authentic, or believe, or tell stories) to why seventies sit-coms were so awful.

Oh — and she’ll make you laugh, too. A lot. Unless you happen to be a snake.

The Reluctant Monk: An Ascension Story

by Clive Treadwell

The Reluctant Monk is the story of one man’s discovery of the revolutionary changes happening within himself and the world around him as part of the ascension process. His ongoing struggles to make his way in the world, coupled with ongoing hints that the universe may be more interesting than he had given it credit for, push and pull him through an often harrowing journey of physical, mental and spiritual transmutation as he slowly uncovers his true purpose and its relation to the evolution of the human race. Related in personal, down to earth fashion, his initial confusion and frustration slowly gives way to insight and mastery. This book will be invaluable to anyone who suspects they may have a similar mission and are looking for guidance and reassurance.

Survival of the Inner Man

by Queen Kirkwood-Hatchett

Queen grew up the middle child of five and loved to sing in the local talent shows. However, her childhood was anything but majestic. Starting at the age of five, she experienced sexual and physical abuse by both family and strangers. Embarrassment, shame, fear, and trauma kept Queen Hatchett hidden away in a dark chamber as she suffered tacitly from effects of her abuse. She decided to face the issue and seek for answers and healing after many years of harboring the pain and distress. In Survival of the Inner Man the author shares more than a true sequence of painful events, but her journey from victim to survivor -from the inside out. The results will become apparent as you read the compelling and dramatic events and how she triumphed. Poetry and humor are woven into this gripping first-hand account of childhood abuse for emotional and mental pause. Queen Hatchett’s advice to other victims and to those who are suffering in silence is to bring the issue to the surface, seek help, and realize that you are not alone.

Fatherâ??s Journal: Journal for Fathers: 101 Fatherâ??s Quotes for the Best Father in the World (Notebook)

by Journals For Life

In this journal you will find 101 beautiful father’s quotes from people from all walks of life. These father’s quotes are inspirational and will give you and your dad a sense of happiness and feeling of gratitude. Fathers will certainly like these quotes.

Alexander Hamilton

by Charles A. Conant

He fought at Washington’s side in the Revolution, helped ensure the ratification of the Constitution, and saved the fledgling United States from financial ruin. He died in a tragic duel with his political rival, Aaron Burr. In Alexander Hamilton historian Charles A. Conant sheds light on the most facinating and quixotic Founding Father.

For The Short Hours And Long Holidays: Week One

by Stephen Alexander

Part novel. Part autobiography. All in.
‘For the Short Hours and Long Holidays’ is a serialised novel recounting the events of a twenty year teaching career. Published a chapter at a time, using the real life experiences of the author, the novel presents the trials and tribulations of a group of teachers week by week through an academic year. Matt, the new head of English, keen to impress his vision for moving forward on a jaded team; Lucas, the young teacher battling with his own insecurities about his role in the profession; Beth, fresh-faced and new – will teaching be what she expects it to be?
Honest, irreverent, and written with heart, ‘For the Short Hours and Long Holidays’ explores why anyone would want to become a high school teacher.

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