Free fantasy Kindle books for 06 Jun 17

Gathering Storm: Urban Fantasy (The Order of the Anakim Book 1)

by Cecily Magnon

Elysa Amalfi’s world has darkened in the numbing aftermath of her mother’s disappearance. The vibrant avenues of her San Francisco home have fogged over in darkness. Hidden in those once familiar streets, Elysa comes face to face with the mysterious world of The Anakim, a group of angelic descendants, and their eternal enemies, the demon hordes.

With each passing day, Elysa plunges deeper into a realm of secrets kept tightly guarded by her missing mother, but those secrets can’t protect Elysa foreverâ?¦ The Order of the Anakim needs her help, and the demon hordes are not far behind!

Battle lines are revealed between ancient enemies that have been cloaked in bygone magick and traditions. The Order of the Anakim will reveal to Elysa a world beyond her imagination; her proud Anakim lineage, mystic powers, and a new passion to burn through the agesâ?¦

Now she must summon her powers to defend humanity from the rising evil and make a harrowing choice between a love that has sustained her and a new one that flames her heart.

Lives will hang in the balance.

Does Elysa have the courage to follow her destiny to its uncertain end?

Discover the world of The Order of the Anakim in this urban fantasy, paranormal filled adventure of magic and mystery.

Never Forgotten (Black Werewolves, Book 0.1): A Sander novella

by Gaja J. Kos

Eternal health. True love. Access to wealth. The Fire Flower grants it all to the one who retrieves it on the night of the summer solstice.

To Sander, the quest to obtain the mythical plant is nothing more than a means to get the old crones running his coven off his back. But the Koldun finds himself facing more than the dangers of the solstice as a mysterious woman asks for his aid.

A woman that not only breaks through his glamor but makes Sander question everything he had believed himself to be.

The Sorcerer Queen: Book Three: The Sorcerer Chronicles

by John R Moore

In the pre-flood world, the fight between Good and Evil, is in the hands of the Sorcerer Guild. Lead by Sarzon the Silver, they respond to any attacks by the Dark Mages and Necromancers in the South Lands. Angelica the White, future Queen of the Free Lands. Along with her uncle and companion, Lazolon the Bright, are searching the land of Asgard, home of the Nordic Nephilim. They along with Baldur and Sif, are searching for a spy. Lana and Barton, two of the human inhabitants of Storm Haven, home of the Human Sorcerers in Benelvin, Land of the High Elves and home of the High Council, were taken as captives, and Lana was turned into a Dark Mage. Evil is lurking in the Shadows, and a new Necromancer is stirring the fell beasts, and Dark Mages in the South, sending them north to attack. For the First time in history, the lands of the Nephilim, Atlantis, Argob, and Asgard, are under attack. With the Aid of the Sorcerer Guild, they will enter the a full scale war with the new threat, and find which of the Fallen are responsible.

The Book of the Way: A Love Story

by Tony Weaver

The Book of The Way
The Book of the Way, a story that takes us from the creation of the world to the time of redemption and reconciliation of all the kinds with the deity.
Our cast of characters include:
The Goddess and HER Pairbond The Beloved.
The Mortals Stephen Tower and his Pairbond Faith.
A band of sixteen exiled Angels (Elohim) led by Tatiana and her Pairbond Oberon.
Vicar, a mortal granted immortality from the Elohim Gabriel through deceit.
The Book of the Way, an instruction guide to mortals that delivers both long life and incredible powers to those that it will open to. The Book brings life and death when opened and is the certerpiece of Vicar’s Church of The Way.
Galen, a Kindred (assistant to the Angels) who has fought Vicar for thousands of years.
Demeter, a Kindred and ancient Greek Goddess that helped to rule the world thousands of years ago with her Pairbond Vedya, brother of Galen. Both translated to The Realm, a hidden place of magic by their sworn enemy Vicar, who had used The Book of The Way to reduce them to lesser beings, neither mortal nor Angel, nor Kindred.
Only one will become the redeemer and open the Heavenly City, reconciling Angels, Kindred, Mortals and the others with The Goddess.
This is known to Vicar’s Church of The Way as the time of redemption and reconciliation. Long foretold throughout the millennia. Stephen and Faith are taking their first steps in The Church. Faith will become one of The Blackhearts of Innocence, protectors of the church through whatever means necessary., while Stephen, accompanied by Galen will vanish from the face of the world after reaching the highest Church level of Saint.
All of these characters will be drawn together at Vicar’s grand casino called The Mountain, where the fate of the world and its people will be determined.

There will be only one Redeemer.

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