Free historical fiction Kindle books for 06 Jun 17

Irma Krause

by Tom Kerr

Following an unhappy childhood, in which her father and two brothers are killed during the war, Irma Krause is left in the care of a callous and unloving mother. At university she meets Gustav Adler and they enter into a passionate affair and become involved with a growing dissident movement culminating in an uprising in East Germany in June 1953. Following the suppression of the uprising Irma is arrested by the dreaded Stasi and she learns that Gustav has betrayed her. She vows that one day she would have her revenge …

Sons of Camelot: The Complete 4 Book Boxed Set

by Kim Dragoner


In the “Sons of Camelot” series, the newly formed Sons of the Round Table take up the sword in the name of King Arthur. Eight young men must deal with a growing menace in the north. A high adventure of love, loss, treachery, and redemption balances the mortal world with the faerie world. There will be dire consequences when the two worlds collide.


The Knights begins within the mists of Avalon as Rhys, a page for Morgana le Fae, is chosen to compete for the honor of becoming a Son of the Round Table. He’s been learning the sword, the spear, and the shield – and seeks to use them for a higher purpose, especially as Mordred, the son of King Arthur, gathers his own forces with a plan to usurp his father’s throne. As Rhys bravely obeys King Arthur’s call to arms, he must leave his beloved Naida behind – a faerie who warns that supernatural forces are crossing into the Earth realm. Indeed, a magical kingdom from just beyond the veil has taken a great interest in the fate of mankind. And as noble knights wage war against a powerful new enemy, Rhys finds himself torn between his love for a beautiful immortal and his duty to his king.

THE QUEST (Book 2)

Five years after Mordred’s defeat, John of Leeds returns home to learn that his father is missing. Is he lost, kidnapped, or dead? John and Thomas ride through the near-ruins of Cumbria toward the high country to search for him. A mysterious woman rides with them. Merlin also joins their traveling party, though he’s on a quest for something magical. Meanwhile, an unexpected betrayer is in pursuit with a diabolical plan to usurp the wizard’s place with Arthur, dismantle Camelot and bring the country to its knees.


In The Dragon, John of Dumnonia visits his cousin, Rhys, and learns of the House of the Dragon. With renewed purpose, John sets out to seek the legendary Dragon’s Spire. John has his quest, but Owain has a mission, too. A chieftain with dangerous secrets, Owain leads his force of Silurian rebels against the Romans. However, when they’re betrayed, an ambush results. Owain retreats with the survivors, but now, there’s a price on his head. A Roman price. In gold. As the Romans scour the occupied countryside for Owain, he meets Arthes, a beautiful maiden with extraordinary powers. But when the Romans start killing and burning – and take a hostage – Owain the outlaw must come out of hiding to fight the Legionnaires.


With the Battle of Camlann in the past but still fresh in their minds, the Sons of Camelot have done all they can to return to a somewhat normal life. Their duties at home and at court keep them almost too busy to dwell on their losses, instead they honor the fallen and forge onward. Things were settling down smoothly, that is until the news of Mordred’s escape from the dungeons under the castle at Camelot reached the ears of King Arthur and Morgana le Fae. Those who best know the true threat of Mordred’s power are quickly gathered in an effort to bring the fiend to heel but Mordred, knowing exactly what he is up against, has put a well thought out plan in motion. With the help of an embittered wizard, whose ambitions against Merlin and Morgana are as deep as those he carries against Arthur, Mordred again attempts to supplant the Kingdom of Camelot and bring the entire country to its knees. Should he succeed, then all of England will find themselves at his feet.

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