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Die Verwandlung: Die schlechtesten Bücher aller Zeiten (German Edition)

by Franz Kafka

Manche Bücher sind so furchtbar, dass man sie nicht alleine lesen sollte.


Die Autoren von Die schlechtesten Bücher aller Zeiten begleiten Sie deshalb mit beiÃ?enden Kommentaren auf Ihrem schweren Weg durch die schlimmsten Klassiker der Schund- und Weltliteratur – was verblüffend oft dasselbe ist.


Gregor Samsa wacht eines Morgens auf und stellt fest, dass er ein gro�er Käfer geworden ist. Das macht ihm nicht viel aus, nur seine Familie reagiert eher reserviert. Und so nimmt das verrückte Grauen seinen Lauf! Eine turbulente Horror-Komödie für die ganze Familie, irgendwo zwischen Ghostbusters, Die Fliege und ALF.

Dieses eBook enthält den kompletten Text des Originals. Leider.

The Case For The Star Wars Prequels: Why They Don’t Deserve The Hate ( Book 10)

by Stuart Carapola

The original Star Wars trilogy wasn’t just a bunch of movies, it became a way of life that spawned books, action figures, and Star Wars conventions. We never expected George Lucas to come through and make the long-rumored prequel trilogy, but that all changed when Episode I: The Phantom Menace was released in 1999. For many people, the fifteen years of anticipation turned to a feeling of emptiness after watching it, as if they had just had their childhood physically ripped out of them. For some reason, this disappointment created a legion of fans who not only despised the prequels, but actually appeared to not even WANT to appreciate their finer points. This book explains the irrational hard feelings toward the Star Wars prequels, and why they actually enhanced the original trilogy far more than the naysayers will ever admit.

Also included in this book: the Star Wars Prequel FAQ!

The Worst Of Star Wars Volume 4: Inside The Mind Of George Lucas ( Book 13)

by Gregory Honay

Star Wars is the greatest and most iconic movie saga in history, hands down. It’s made billions of dollars and is an instantly recognizable, worldwide pop culture icon, but for all its success, it’s sometimes easy to forget how much really, really bad stuff these movies are loaded with. People have vague notions of the prequels sucking or how annoying the Ewoks or Jar Jar Binks are, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface, because Star Wars is absolutely stacked with convoluted, often contradictory storylines, obnoxious characters, and cringe-inducing dialogue.

The fourth volume takes a deep dive into the mind of George Lucas, and gives some frightening insight into both his business and creative processes. Find out how his idea of the heroic Jedi came to include practices like mind control, destruction of property, and theft. Learn the horrors of the terrible ideas that (thankfully) never made it into the movies, like giving Jar Jar Binks an even more annoying sidekick. Discover how his mind operates in such a warped fashion that he thought the Special Editions of the original trilogy were a good idea. And of course, see how was able to create a multi-billion dollar empire out of Star Wars despite all the insane ideas that pour out of his mind on a daily basis!

Lady Justice and the Avenging Angels (Lady Justice, Book 4)

by Robert Thornhill

Lady Justice has unwittingly entered a religious war. Who better to fight for her than Walt Williams?

Walt and his sweetie, Maggie, have just returned from a honeymoon that was packed with love, fun, mystery, and danger. Now it’s time for them to adjust to living under the same roofâ??quite the challenge for a couple in their sixties, both of whom have never been married before! Suddenly Maggie’s feeding Walt fiberâ??lots of fiberâ??taking up almost all the closet space, and even getting rid of Walt’s favorite old recliner. But nothing could be better than having Maggie by his side when a great threat arises and Walt is, as usual, smack dab in the middle.

When Walt and his partner, Ox, are patrolling the Gay Pride Parade, a bomb goes off near them. They come out okay, but many are dead or seriously injured. Shortly after, the police squad learns the bombs are homemade by a group of religious fanatics calling themselves God’s Avenging Angels. The Avenging Angels believe it’s their job to rain fire and brimstone on Kansas City, their Sodom and Gomorrah. The next attacks could be anywhere in the metro, so all cops are needed to comb the city and find the perpetrators. Walt and Ox are on the case, which continues to be explosive.

In this compelling addition to the Lady Justice series, Robert Thornhill brings back all the characters readers have come to love for more hilarity and higher stakes. You’ll laugh, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat until the big finish. Don’t miss Lady Justice and the Avenging Angels!

Wir sind faul im Staate Dänemark: Ein kleines Urlaubnis (German Edition)

by Elli Thoma

Was macht man schon in Dänemark – auÃ?er faul im Sande zu liegen?
Trotz der schieren Reizlosigkeit ist es mir gelungen, während unseres einwöchigen Urlaubs einige Eindrücke zu sammeln und diese in Form eines kleinen Journals niederzuschreiben.
Mal geht es um Maisstauden, mal um Seeungeheuer, mal um improvisierte Golfspiele, mal um Cevapcici und Serviervorschläge, mal um Strandgut sammelnde Hunde, mal um antike Ziegel und dann um Toilettenspiegel �

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