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by Gregory Alexander Pratt

Jack Spencer; an actor on the verge of resurrecting his stagnant career is faced with the challenge of keeping the dregs of Hollywood society from encroaching on his neatly arranged marriage. He learns quickly that it only takes one bad decision to bring his quintessential, albeit, sandcastle world crumbling down, forcing him to question the sanctity of wedlock, the arrangement of moral lines that inevitably are crossed, and what it means to be “California Dreaming.” Odyssey is a hauntingly erotic, mind-bending tale of one mans search for truth amongst shattered ideals. A psychological parable groping in the darkness of Los Angeles facade for the remnant of hope and love. The author’s meditative prose is at once melodic and introspective, giving the reader a glimpse into the life of a married man passing through a Gauntlet where it’s every man for himself.

“A stunning fairytale-esque romance with a dark twist. Odyssey is a nice little escape to another world from the very beginning, leaving you intrigued and frantically turning the pages with apprehension; taking you on a journey and then leaving you on a cliffhanger. And for $2.99?! Absolute bargain! Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a short, gripping read. Can’t wait for the next book!” -Rikki

“I enjoyed watching the characters and story unfold. Pratt has a nice voice and it was a fun, quick read! It reminded me of Eyes Wide Shut.” – Alice Limoges

Through my eyes: A collection of poetry by Sharon Elizabeth Davis

by Sharon Elizabeth Davis

A collection of poetry come explore the world through my eyes

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