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Carb Cycling: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide To Rapid Weight Loss, Delicious Recipes and Meal Plans (carbohydrate cycling, carbcycling for women/men/weight loss/health/ketogenic/gains/highprotein)

by Henry Thompson

Get the best out of your body with these incredible Carb Cycling recipes!

Do You Want A Way To Stay Healthy That Is Also Easy and Delicious?

If so, “Carb Cycling: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide To Rapid Weight Loss, Delicious Recipes and Meal Plans (carbohydrate cycling, carbcycling for women/men/weight loss/health/ketogenic/gains/highprotein) ” by Henry Thompson is the book you need!
While it’s common knowledge that carb cycling is the go to diet for peak performing athletes, many average people don’t understand or know how to apply this knowledge to lose weight rapidly. Plus, using our recipes you’re able to create healthy tasty meals on demand. Now, with carb cycling, getting the vitamins and nutrients you need at the beginning and end of every day has become simpler and stress-free.
This guide aims to provide you with filling, nutritious recipes that not only satiate cravings, but keep you going until your next meal. Unlike many smoothies that use laboratory-generated fillers to help keep you full, these recipes focus on the usage of all-natural products to give your body what it needs to keep going!
With this informative recipe book, you’ll have amazing new recipes to try any morning and evening you wish, no matter the cravings that are attacking you. Whether your body wants a candy bar or a heaping pile of pasta, these recipes will add specific ingredients tailored to kicking cravings, boosting energy, and aiding in the repair of your own metabolism!
Here Is What You Will Find Insideâ?¦

  • What is a “carb cycling”?
  • Why is it so good for the body?
  • Easy and delicious 7 day meal plans?
  • Delicious Breakfast Recipes
  • Mouth-Watering Recipes
  • Filling Dinnertime Recipes
  • And much more!

So, download this guide and learn incredible new recipes that you, and your body, will love!
See you inside!

Investing For Beginners: 25 Secrets To Invest Small and Earn Big

by Mark Bresett

Investing doesn’t have to be hard. This book goes over the basics of investing and what type of investments are the best depending on your financial situation and the amount of money that you want to make.

Investors who are just getting started with their career or who are just learning how to start make money with investment can benefit from the valuable secrets that were curated from some of the top investors around the world.

These secrets will help you to:

  • become a better investor
  • give yourself the best chance possible once you have made a lot of money
  • understand how investing can work
  • learn the best benefits of investing in things you are passionate about
  • learn from others’ mistakes
  • make the best money decisions for your investments

Read on to learn what good investing can mean and how simple it really is to make good investing decisions.

Empath: Practical Guide for Dealing with Relationships, Narcissists, Energy Vampires, and Psychopaths (Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide Book 2)

by Ashley Jones

Being an empath is a challenge, but that’s no secret. What is the healthiest method for dealing with relationship challenges, interacting with narcissists, and dealing with energy vampires? How are you able to maintain your sanity through such challenges?

Today only, get this Amazon book for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Empath Challenges and Solutions: What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed at a party? Questions like this, and more, will be answered in chapter one of this book.
  • How to have a Healthy Relationship: Romantic relationships are a challenge, and being an empath presents a whole slew of unique challenges in this regard. Chapter two will give you actionable steps for making your romantic partnership easier to navigate.
  • Handling Difficult People: Have you ever been forced deal with a psychopath or narcissist? As an empath, this can be even harder than it is for the average person. Chapters three and four will give you methods for dealing with these situations so you can stay mentally balanced and healthy.
  • Coping Techniques for Stress: Emotional overload is an unfortunately common occurrence for the average empath, but it doesn’t have to be this way! This book will teach you proven and effective techniques for grounding, coping, and keeping stress at bay.
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    highly sensitive person, intuitives

Natural Remedies for INSOMNIA: Learn How to Fight and Overcome Chronic Insomnia Naturally with these Effective Home Remedies

by William Lindley

If you’re ready to beat insomnia and start sleeping soundly through the night, then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

Sleep is extremely important to our health. Adequate, uninterrupted sleep gives you energy to face each new day with optimism and zest. In today’s fast-paced world, sleep has become a non-priority task that seldom makes it on people’s to-do lists. For some folks, the little time they do allot for sleep gets spent staying awake sleepless – tossing and turning or being anxious about what the next day will bring. If you have trouble sleeping or staying asleep at night, you’re probably among the many adults who suffer from insomnia. And you probably feel frustrated about the wasted time staying up!

Insomnia can prevent you from doing the best you can during the day, and believe it or not, it’s the leading cause of vehicular accidents and work-related errors. But the good news is, you don’t have to continue living with insomnia! With a few simple lifestyle changes, you can look forward to sleeping peacefully through the night and waking up energized the following day. This book will show you how by identifying which of your daily habits are causing your sleepless nights and how to change those habits. Throughout this book, I will also give you various tips to deal with the anxieties that keep you awake. So if you’re ready to fall asleep, stay asleep, and feel great tomorrow, then let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Identifying the Symptoms and Causes of Insomnia
  • Changing Habits that Disrupt Sleep
  • Dealing With Anxiety Caused by Sleeplessness
  • Relaxation Techniques to Help Yourself Sleep
  • Natural Supplements that Cure Insomnia
  • How to Use Chanting and Mantras to Sleep Soundly
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Beginners Guide to Macram̩: The Complete Guide To Macram̩ Jewelry, Patterns And Knots РPlus Advanced Lessons To Using Kumihimo And Macram̩ Tools

by Alice Anderson

Beginners Guide to Macramé (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)

The Complete Guide To Macram̩ Jewelry, Patterns And Knots РPlus Advanced Lessons To Using Kumihimo And Macram̩ Tools

Macramé is the latest craze to hit crafts stores and department stores. From friendship bracelets to purses to wall hangings, macramé is popular and everyone is learning how to do it.

In this book, you will learn how to create your own macramé jewelry and discover the exciting world of this fun and bohemian art form.

In Beginners Guide to Macram̩: The Complete Guide to Macram̩ Jewelry, Patterns and Knots РPlus Advanced Lessons to Using Kumihimo And Macram̩ Tools you will learn everything you need to know to start your first macram̩ project.

You will discover:

  • Everything you need to purchase to begin creating your own macramé jewelry.
  • Basic knots that you need to know.
  • Patterns for creating macramé jewelry and mastering the hobby.
  • The fascinating art form of Kumihimo
  • Why buying advanced tools for macramé and Kumihimo is a good investment.

Download your copy of “Beginners Guide to Macramé” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Markov Models: Understanding Data Science, Markov Models And Unsupervised Machine Learning In Python

by Duo Code



Do you want to MASTER data science?

Learn how machine learning systems can carry out multifaceted processes by learning from data?

Understand markov models and how they can help your correctly forecast future events?

Want to explore practical implementations of Markov models in Python programming environment?

Then you should DOWNLOAD your copy today

The aim of machine learning is to train the computers or machine to learn on its own and make informed decisions in a relatively shorter time than what human beings can do.

The primary objective of this book is to provide you with all the ins and outs of Markov models and unsupervised machine learning over a range of multi-faceted applications. Specifically, the book will explore practical implementations of Markov models in Python programming environment.

You’ll discover:

– Types of machine learning algorithms

– The mathematics behind markov algorithms

– Application of markov models in python programming

– Application of markov models in
– gaming
– Speech recognition
– Weather reporting

and much much more!



by Robert Brock

Honeysuckle is the bitter sweet story of little Bobby torn from his familiar surroundings with his brothers and carted off to live with a cruel stepfather in post World War II Mississippi. The entire household feels the weight of Big Jim’s oppressive hand, but no more than Bobby who is forced to endure the sting of his physical and psychological torment. Bobby finds the love of a childless black couple who nurture and guide him through his involuntary servitude. Honeysuckle is the tale of personal triumph of a boy who chooses not to be hardened by his experiences but rather to learn and listen to those who teach and guide him; especially his guardian angel.

Time Management Hacks: 10 Ways to Do More with Less, Change Your Habits, Increase Productivity and Accomplish More

by Thomas Westover

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to get loads more work done than others?

Everybody gets the same twenty-four hours in a day.

In this fast-paced world, we are required to push out work at increasingly greater speed. In an era where information can be transmitted across the internet in a matter of milliseconds, the demand for work to get accomplished quickly is increasing.

Unfortunately, your hours are often wasted by distractions and a lack of motivation.

This book will discuss how we can create more time, eliminate distractions and be fully engaged in our work, whether it’s in your job or in your personal life.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean working your fingers to the bone for eighteen hours a day like some people claim they do. Here, we find a balance between work and personal life so that your overall well-being is nourished. Being satisfied across the board helps bring motivation and productivity into your life naturally.

This Book includes sections on the following:

  • Declutter your Mind
  • Create a Schedule
  • Streamline your Day
  • Avoid Distractions
  • Plan Ahead
  • Get up Earlier

This step-by-step guide will teach you the 10 Ways to Do More With Less. You will learn how to Change Your Daily Habits, Increase Productivity and Accomplish More!

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A Short History of Russia

by Mary Platt Parmele

In A Short History of Russia Mary Platt Parmele takes the reader on a survey of Russia’s rich past, from the state’s early dramatic beginnings to its struggle to control society, the transformation of the empire into a multi-ethnic empire, and beyond.

BEADING: ONE DAY BEADING MASTERY – 2ND EDITION: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learn How to Bead in Under One Day -10 Step by Step Bead Projects That Inspire You – Images Included

by Ellen Warren

Discover How to Bead in Just One Day with This Easy to Use Guide

**** This is a Proven Step by Step Method to Learning the Craft of Beading – Detailed Images Included ****

Welcome to the amazing world of Bead Making! When you begin making beaded jewelry of your own, you’re joining a very long tradition of artists, craftsman, and designers around the world who use beads to make beautiful, wearable pieces of art. Making beaded jewelry allows you to express yourself both through the actual making or creation of the pieces, and through the wearing of it once it’s complete. There are so many different ways you can construct beaded jewelry with no special skills or equipment!

In this book, you will learn how to create striking and unique pieces of jewelry by playing with color, wire, thread, and technique. Making beaded jewelry is easy, fun, and maybe even addicting. Even the tiniest beads add up quickly to become big, full, colorful projects. Start making your own beaded jewelry today, and open up a world of color, creativity, and personal expression that you may not have even knew existed. You will find that with each bead you place, your passion for this craft will continue to grow.

Included in this book are 10 beautiful bead projects, so you can kick-start the learning process! These projects include pictures and a detailed step by step method to assist beginners in their quest to master the art!

Here is a preview of what you will learnâ?¦

  • The proper way to layout your beads before starting a project
  • The materials and tools needed to complete a beading project
  • How to combine beads and colors to create beautiful patterns
  • Finishing techniques that will make you look like a pro
  • 10 original projects to practice all that is taught in this book

Download your copy today!

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