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A Poetry Note to Dry My Tear

by Laura Rubis

Music is my soul’s world. I close my eyes and a thousand music notes accompany my thoughts flying far away like a seagull baring its freedom. Those wings take it into the horizon, and it is free. I see the waves of the sea breaking onto the rocks, I see the sunset colour the world red, a world turning in endless spaces of the Universe, a world that dies if you don’t listen to its soul. Nature is the soul of the world. Its colours, its sound is music. The breath of the wind, of the sea, of a stream is music. The weeping of a child is music. Listen to it, you will be able to understand even its thoughts, and you will learn to love the music that is inside and outside of us. A key is dropped from someone’s hand because they might be looking for you to open their soul and understand. Laura Rubis

Laura Rubis, born in Venice, Italy, singer-songwriter, has completed Arts, Music and Show Business Studies and Performative Arts Studies at Venice University.

The Unknown Rumi: An Unconditional Search On a Mysticâ??s Life

by Suhail Hussain

Search and find the real life aspect of the most read mystic Jalaludheen Rumi and his artistic and religious perspective in a distinctive manner!

This book contains seven chapters entirely about the Sufi saint Jalaludheen Rumi and his Sufistic ideologies exploring the reality behind his art forms and religious background. It is relevant in a world in which he was misunderstood and inversely reviewed in many academic writings. Each chapter develops through the basic concepts of Sufism in Islam and its jurisprudence encompassing the art forms, Sufi outcomes and religious undertakings. It is an independent search on the life of a world famous Sufi saint who taught the divine love and ecstasy to the mankind. So it was very difficult to grind him in these short pages. Anyway the book will be a pamphlet for the readers of Rumi for understanding some of his realistic religious life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is the Psychology of mystics
  • Why Rumi is a distinct Sufi
  • The poetics of dedication
  • Fact about Flute, dance and the dilution
  • Fact about the dance of union
  • How to understand Rumi Better
  • Happiness, Love and Friendship in Rumi’s ideology

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