Free business and investing Kindle books for 07 Jun 17

Creative Real Estate for the Future

by Barry Bowdidge

Tricolonization Singularity is the future and using creative real estate methods can help solve both problem.

Foundations of Econometrics: Putting the First Step (Econometrics Series Book 1)

by Dr. A.N. Sah

The aim of the book â??Foundations of Econometrics’ is to build foundations for more advanced papers in economics such as Econometrics. Research in economics or any discipline, perhaps is not possible without inferential statistics. Most books on the subject confuse readers. While teaching econometrics for more than 10 years, I came to arrive at the conclusion that often students take basic econometrics course without having knowledge of some foundation course in statistics. Students without mathematics and statistics background generally struggle with mathematical derivations (sometimes unnecessary). The book tries to equip with essential concepts that help you to do econometrics in a better way.

Generational Wealth: Beginner’s Business & Investing Guide

by LaFoy Thomas III

Updated with additional chapters, the third edition of Generational Wealth: Beginner’s Business & Investing Guide is one of the most exciting and comprehensive business and investing guides ever published. Full of practical examples for gaining wealth, it is definitely a required reading for all aspiring investors and entrepreneurs. In an easy-to-read format, the book successfully covers economics, real estate investing, stock market investing, bonds, entrepreneurship, mergers & acquisitions, contracts, and more. True to its title, Generational Wealth is a business and investing guide for beginners and also includes a plethora of content for the professional investor and business executive.

Read the only book that is comparable to getting an MBA from Harvard and Wharton business schools.

“This is a great investor guide by LaFoy Orlando Thomas III, Esq. The book goes over LaFoy’s investment philosophy, which is very similar to my own, and I think it was a great read.” –

“Whether you are an aspiring investor, executive, or entrepreneur you will find the information essential to success. Using this book as a guide, even a novice should be successful at business or investing. So much additional useful information is included in the pages that readers will have plenty of guidance in all areas related to investing and establishing and running a business.” –

Commercial Real Estate: Commercial real estate Guide for Beginners

by Samuel Gobar

The only way that you will be able to make money from commercial property investing is if you know what you are doing and you work to always get it done. It can be difficult to know how to make money if you don’t know and if you don’t want to be able to lose out on that money. It is always a good decision to try different things and to make sure that you are going to be able to truly enjoy the commercial property.
When you read through this book, you will be able to learn the different types of commercial property, the various options that are included with properties and the capabilities that you will have as a commercial property manager. It will enable you to make the right decisions when it comes to commercial properties.
After you have read this book, you will be able to successfully choose a commercial property for your real estate business, learn how to manage that property and focus on the various things that your tenants will be able to get from you. It is important that you always make sure that you are working to make your property the best that it can be. This book will help you to figure out everything that has to do with commercial properties.
Also included with this book are different ideas on what you can do to make sure that you are getting the best financing possible. You will be able to truly enjoy the opportunities that come along with financing and with the different options that you have. You will need to make sure that you can secure financing but it is not a cut and dry experience for everyone. The tips that are included with this book will give you the best chance at getting financing even if they seem to be slightly unorthodox compared to what you normally do with your properties. There are endless options for financing and you can even figure something out if you don’t have cash or credit. This book is your first step to financial freedom.

BLOGGING FOR MONEY (Start Your Own Blogging Business): How to Get Started with Choosing Your Blog Topic, Creating a WordPress Site, Writing Your Post Content & Making Money Through Your Blog

by Gerald Hostein

Here’s a Step by Step Method of Making Money via Your Own New Blog




You don’t have to make blogging complicated. Learn from this book and take action.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

– 5 of the best ways to choose a profitable blog topic

– The top 3 biggest niches in the world where 90% of blog money flows today!

– How to find un-resolve opportunities just by asking questions and learning to listen

– How to come up with possible blog topics

– How to create your own WordPress blog in 60 minutes or less

– How to install WordPress in your website…with just 1 click.

– How to set up your website settings for maximum SEO optimization

– The exact blogpost structure that you can use over and over again for most of your posts

– How to write your blog post step by step (with examples)

– How to monetize your blog in 4 different ways (and choose what best fits you and your business lifestyle)


Blogging is thriving and evolving continuously

Don’t get sucked in by the next “shiny thing” the gurus are promoting.

Choose one method of making money online, work hard and stick with it.

If you’re now ready to take action and make this happen, then scroll up and click the buy button now.

MLM Success On Facebook: Build A Strong Downline Using Facebook To Get Constant Income

by Anne Schlosser

Multi-level Marketing hit the business world a long time ago, bringing its unique and refreshing approach to millions – and it hasn’t slowed down since. Adopted by many businesses and corporations, this model brings people with similar goals and passions together to work toward a shared target: wealth and business success.

The age of the Internet has galvanized MLM into new and astounding heights, allowing marketers to find and recruit prospects previously unreachable. With the right tools and knowledge, this advantage is available to anyone with an Internet connection and a will to succeed.

This guide condenses that knowledge into an easy to read and implement map that will take your MLM business to the profitable realms you dream of, utilizing the power of Facebook. As a premier Social Media site, Facebook is ripe with prospects looking for YOUR business, you just need to know how to reach out to them. This book shows you that, and so much more. If you are serious about making MLM wealth, reading this guide is your first step.

Moving Beyond Oil Economy in Middle-East Asia

by Katherine M

The oil reserves of world would last for another 50 years. By year 2075 all oil reserves of world be depleted and so it is my love for my friends and followers in middle-east Asia that I urge them to build a parallel economy which would take care of their interests.

How To Make $10,000 Monthly With YouTube Videos: Best Ways To Make Money Fast

by Okwy A.

Building YouTube Empire:
YouTube Account Creation:
The first action step to making your first million dollars is to create an account on YouTube. You can visit Thereafter, you create channels for your videos base on your niche. The niche could be how to make money videos, natural remedies for some ailments, beauty tips etc.

After creating your channel, write the channel description of your channel according to your niche and then verify the channel through your phone number, you can start uploading your videos. Please note that you have to monetize your videos so that you can start earning immediately. Check out the details!

AdSense Account Opening:
Before you start earning, visit to link your YouTube account with your AdSense account
for processing all your earnings and payments. Note that YouTube pays its video publishers through AdSense which is a percentage of advertising and subscription revenues. AdSense can pay you via check, wire transfer or direct deposit. To generate reasonable views on your channel, you must tie your niche to their keywords. The keywords enhances your chances of being noticed by search engines. Name your channel, choose channel icon, upload your channel art, and write your channel description according to your niche. You can setup featured, enable views and discussion. Do not forget to upload channel trailer, add sections to organize your channel and customize it.
1.Creative Common cc: This enables you to get videos you can freely re-use and is readily available on the YouTube features. These are videos uploaded to YouTube which can be recycled for future use. There is no limit to the number of videos you can produce. You can also learn more of this on YouTube Community.
2.Creative Studio: This is a utility or feature on YouTube that is used to produce videos manually with the use of picture that relates with your niche of your interest. On this utility, which is a tab on YouTube website, you can create the following:

(a)Video with music

(b)Video with screen shots and labels

(c)Video with free music without license

3. CamStudio: This is a software that you can download from CamStudio website that can be used to capture desktop presentations, other peoples video on the web etc. It also has a utility that will enable you to upload it to your YouTube account legally. You can use this utility to also capture videos on YouTube which are your niche category and upload to your YouTube account legally.
1.Tittles: This is the first field on the box when you are uploading your video. That is the name your video should be called. The right way to use it is to make sure that the search criteria for the video is at the right hand side of the tittle e.g How to make money with YouTube videos, make sure the tittles well punctuated.

2.Description: This is the second field on the YouTube box when uploading your videos. That is where you describe the content of your video, it must contain same reference in the tittle to make your video accessible, reachable and available in the search engine. For example, with the tittle above, the description should be â??’How to make money with YouTube video with secrets. Note that money, YouTube videos and Secrets are also in the tittle.

3. Tags: This is the third field on the YouTube box when uploading your videos. That is where you name your video different names with reference to the tittle and description. For example, from your video, tittle and description, our tags should be: YouTube, YouTube videos, videos, make money, money secrets etc. Those names must be separated by commas.


Playlists are created through the video manager on the YouTube… ….

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