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Rogue Wave (Sam Reilly Book 4)

by Christopher Cartwright

The offer – $20 billion split between four leading scientists on alternative energies to purchase and then squash their research lines, which include the recent discovery of a powerful new energy source capable of replacing mankind’s reliance on fossil fuels.

There’s no doubt their discovery is worth ten times that much. But will any one of them live if they refuse?

At the same time, the greatest technological advancement in warfare since the creation of the Atomic bomb has been discovered, and is being offered to the highest bidder.

There is just one problem though; the seller might no longer have any control of the weapon.

Can Sam Reilly weave his way through the web of industrial and political espionage before the human race loses its greatest fight for survival?

The Shifter’s Baby

by Pure Passion Reads

Get 145,000+ words of hot paranormal pregnancy romance adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:
The Vampire’s Secret Baby
The Dragon Shifter’s Chosen Mate
The Billionaire Shifter’s Secret Baby
Sheltered by the Alpha Bear
Chosen by the Vampire King
The Dragon’s Secret Baby

Download this collection now and spice up your Kindle with these hot paranormal pregnancy romance reads.

Author’s Note: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

Hot Stuff (Hot Zone Book 1)

by Carly Phillips

He’s about to find out â?¦ She’s not just one of the guys.

Annabelle Jordan and her two sisters were orphans in frilly dresses when they went to live with their sports-lawyer uncle in his world of locker rooms, bookies and gambling. Now the girls are publicists in their uncle’s firm, The Hot Zone.

Despite her upbringing, Annabelle is all woman. She’s naturally drawn to real menâ??like her latest client, businessman and former football legend Brandon Vaughn.

The chemistry is potent, undeniable, irresistible. Annabelle soon realizes that Brandon is much more than just another jock. And that she’d better hold on tight if she doesn’t want to lose her heart.

The Billionaire Shifter’s Secret Baby

by Jasmine Wylder

Desperation leads her to him. Love makes her stay.

Out of funds and out of luck, curvy Katrina is willing to do anything, even if that means accepting a job no one else wants. Working for a wealthy recluse should come with some advantages, but she never imagined desire would be one of them.

Hot billionaire scientist Zachary Drew knows danger, but nothing in life has prepared him for the dangers he now faces. Maintaining some semblance of order is necessary, but finding time for that is near impossible without a personal assistant. However, hiring the beautiful woman who answers his call will prove to complicate his life further. The lines between love, lust, desire and danger are crossed and no one will ever be the same again.

Werewolves are out for vengeance. Katrina is caught in the crosshairs. Zachary “The Beast” knows what he has to do, but will his newfound love compromise his mission?

AUTHOR´S NOTE: This is a +17,000-word stand-alone story with HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This story includes BBW, alpha male, billionaire, pregnancy and shifter topics. Story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.

+++ This book includes 2 bonus stories +++

Hearts Under Siege (Civil War Series Book 1)

by Kathryn Kelly

Alexandra Champagne finds herself swept up in the Civil War while searching for her twin brother. After her grandfather is captured, she must deliver a vital message to Confederate officers in Vicksburg. Forced to travel through war strewn land to deliver this message, she is protected by a man she believes to be a Yankee – her Yankee savior.

During the siege of Vicksburg, Thomas Munroe finds his heart sieged by a fearless, lovely Southern belle, Alexandra Champagne. As he fights to keep her safe, her stalker turns his attention on Thomas. Can the two of them keep each other alive long enough to survive the war?

While the idyllic life of the antebellum world was being destroyed by the enemy, Southern women did what they had to do to survive the Yankee invasion. These are the stories of heroines who lost their hearts amidst the turmoil going on around them. Out of the destruction, love blossomed and flourished leading to happily ever after. North and South. Blue and Gray. Enemies and Lovers.

Slick Luvin’ You: A Houston Love Story

by Kyoshi

Honestii Johnson didn’t have much growing up, so she did what she had to do in school, earning her a full ride scholarship. At the tender age of 17, she was approached by a lady that would change her life forever. Now a successful criminal attorney by day and the plug by night, she has everything she ever wanted; except someone to share it with.

In need of an attorney, Sylas Young is pointed in the direction of Honestii. Taken aback by her beauty, he vows to himself from day one that she would be his. With the help of Honestii, his legal troubles disappear, but a whole new world of troubles are about to present themselves.

Shadaya Richards had a hard life growing up, but a chance meeting with Honestii changes her life for the better. Now the right hand woman to Honestii’s empire, a secret she’s keeping may threaten to tear the two apart. Can their friendship stand the test of time? Or will this secret rip the two apart.

Trust Johnson is Honestii’s little brother and the face of her entire operation. He’s young, carefree and fine as hell but only one woman has the key to his heart, only she’s not ready for the world to know. Will he have his happily ever after? Or will he have to let go of what the heart desires?

Deceit, sex, lies and enless murder threaten to tear these four apart. Will they be able to get through it? Or will the betrayal be too much for them all?

Boots & Bones Bonanza: Ann Charles’ Startle Kit

by Ann Charles


For the first time ever, all three of Ann Charles’ bestselling, award-winning first books from her multiple mystery series are available for a discounted price in one boxed set: BOOTS AND BONES BONANZA, the ANN CHARLES STARTLE KIT.

Grab your “startle” kit now and see why so many readers are raving about Ann’s laugh-out-loud humor, spicy romance, and suspense-filled adventures between the covers.

NEARLY DEPARTED IN DEADWOOD (Deadwood Humorous Mystery Series #1)

“The first time I came to Deadwood, I got shot in the ass.” –Violet Parker

Little girls are vanishing from Deadwood, South Dakota, and Violet Parker’s daughter could be next. She’s desperate to find the monster behind the abductions. But if she’s not careful, Violet just might end up as one of Deadwood’s dearly departed.

“Full of thrills and chills, a fun rollercoaster ride of a book!” ~Susan Andersen, NYT Bestselling Author

DANCE OF THE WINNEBAGOS (Jackrabbit Junction Humorous Mystery Series #1)

When Claire’s grandfather and his army buddies converge in the Arizona desert to find new wives, it’s her thankless job to keep them out of trouble with the opposite sex.

But when she finds a human leg bone and partners with a reluctant geotechnician to dig up secrets from the past, trouble finds her. If she doesn’t stop digging, she could end up dead.

“Ann Charles delivers laugh-out-loud dialogue, unforgettable characters, and pulse-pounding suspense.” ~Vicki Lewis Thompson, NYT Bestselling Author

LOOK WHAT THE WIND BLEW IN (Dig Site Mystery Series #1)

A steamy jungle, an ancient curse, a deadly secretâ??one big sweaty mess!
Welcome to the jungle …

A headstrong and determined archaeologist.
A tall, dark, and unwelcome photojournalist.
Both are trying to unearth secrets that have been long buried, but an ancient Maya curse threatens to destroy them … unless they can learn to trust each other enough to make it out of the jungle alive.

“Non-stop action … steamy and entertaining mystery with ancient curses, deadly secrets, and heated passion.” ~Chanticleer Book Reviews

You Belong to Me

by Elizabeth McGregor

An unhealthy obsessionâ?¦with deadly consequencesâ?¦

When Faith Collins discovers that she is pregnant shortly after her divorce, the news comes as a surprise. Desperate to start a new life and escape her heartbreak, Faith, an artist by profession, buys a rundown house on an island off the coast of Dorset.

And when Faith is approached by Cecily Joscelyne, a famous interior designer, to provide a set of paintings for a client, it seems that her life is finally getting back on track.

But Cecily, or Joz as she is known, is secretly battling her own demons: mentally abused by her stepfather, Randolf, and hopelessly besotted by her brother, Thomas, she is close to a complete breakdown.

Joz believes that if she can just find a retreat on the island that she and Thomas used to imagine as children, everything will be perfect.

But there is one thing standing in the way of her plan: Faith Collins.

For Faith’s house is the sanctuary Joz longs for – and one that she will do anything to get.

With Joz prepared to go to extreme lengths to get what she wants, will Faith escape unscathed?

A chilling tale of violent obsession, You Belong to Me is a riveting psychological thriller that explores the depths of the human psyche and the devastating consequences of one woman’s obsessive pursuit.

Praise for Elizabeth McGregor

â??Compulsive and claustrophobic â?¦ the writing embroiled me â?¦ and, like a pit-bull terrier, refused to let go. Just when it seemed the suspense had peaked, McGregor turned the ratchet another notch and forced me to read on â?¦ made me turn pages with an eagerness that defied sleep’ – Val McDermid, Manchester Evening News

â??Without doubt the most unputdownable psychological thriller I have come across for a long time’ The Lady

Elizabeth McGregor began writing seriously when she won a short story competition in 1987. She has since had over 100 stories and serials published in the UK and abroad, and has worked for both magazines and radio. You Belong to Me is the follow-up novel to critically acclaimed An Intimate Obsession.

The Apples of Idunn (The Ragnarok Era Book 1)

by Matt Larkin

Is vengeance enough?

Can Odin keep his promise to a goddess?

Or will temptation shape his destiny?

In a world of gods, giants, and monsters, Odin has pledged to devote his life to keeping his tribe alive.

But caught between his blood-brother Loki and the goddess Idunn, he has to make a choiceâ??one that will shape the fate of all Midgard.

The Apples of Idunn is a captivating historical fantasy novel shaped by Norse mythology. If you like glorious quests, incredible magic, and tragic mythology, then you’ll love the first book in Matt Larkin’s Ragnarok Era series.

Buy The Apples of Idunn to enter a frozen world of mythology today!

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