Free historical fiction Kindle books for 07 Jun 17

Love Renewed: Episode One (Women of Courage Book 9)

by Geri Foster

Gibbs Cityâ?¦ Secrets, Spies, and Suspense shadow the residents of a small town in this amazing saga set in the 1940’s. .

Shadows of the past haunt Lily Tucker as she searches for a safe haven for her and her six year old daughter in post-World War II. Seeking to build a new life, Lily arrives in Gibbs City in the hopes of turning the rundown hotel left to her into a new home for her and her daughter. Overwhelmed by the workload, her life changes one rainy night when a friend of her deceased husband appears.

Elliot Givens’ journey to complete a promise to his best friend soon takes a different turn when he meets Lily. Instead of fulfilling his promise and leaving like he plans, he quickly realizes that Lily need his help in repairing the hotel. The longer Elliot stays, the more he becomes entrenched in the lives of Lily and her daughter.

Can two shattered souls come together to heal each other amongst the savage idealism of a small town or will the letter that Elliot carries rip them apart?

Starling (South Landers)

by Virginia Taylor

An aspiring dressmaker, orphaned Starling Smith is accustomed to fighting for her own survival. But when she’s offered a year’s wages to temporarily pose as a wealthy man’s bride, she suspects ulterior motives. She can’t lose the chance to open her own shop, but she won’t be any man’s lover, not even handsome, infuriating Alisdair Seymour’sâ?¦

To prevent his visiting sister from parading potential brides in front of him, Alisdair has decided to present a fake wife. He lost his heart once, and had it brokenâ??he doesn’t intend to do it again. But stubborn, spirited Starling is more alluring than he bargained for, and Alisdair will risk everything he has to prove his love is trueâ?¦

Set against the sweeping backdrop of 1866 South Australia, Starling is a novel of cherished dreams and powerful desires, and the young woman bold enough to claim them bothâ?¦

74,855 Words

Highland Rapture

by Kyra Johnston

A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

A peaceful trip through the Northern English countryside to a quiet town on the sea turns into a bath of blood when the band of soldiers accompanying Isabelle Wharton and her new husband Captain Alan Wharton are attacked and massacred by a band of Scottish outlaws. The men take Izzy hostage, and she finds herself the prisoner of one Owen Chester, the very man directly responsible for her husband’s death. Held captive whilst waiting for ransom, Izzy finds herself wrestling with her undeniable, fiercely strong attraction for Owen and her guilt against feeling anything but contempt for the man who killed the one she thought she loved.

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Dios conmigo: Una fantasía plenomedieval (Spanish Edition)

by Camargo Rain

Un personaje ficticio -Ramón el calatravo- narra su existencia entera, que se cumplió a caballo de los siglos XII y XIII. Aprendiz de cantero, agricultor, herrero, siervo, soldado, señor de la guerra y constructor de catedrales góticas, desde el cenobio que habitó en las postrimerías de su vida rememora los lances que el albur le llevó a contemplar, entre los que descuellan la batalla de Alarcos y la de La Nava de la Losa, episodios que han pasado a la historia con letras mayúsculas.

Bereberes, traficantes, castellanos, reyes, ángeles y demonios, bailarinas y juglares, nobles y siervos, caballeros y labradores, gente de armas y de letras, dromedarios, sabuesos, simios, alanos, mulos y corceles y otros muchos animales que sería excesivo citar, componen la multitud que poblaba el mundo que le tocó vivir como uno más de los eslabones de la inagotable cadena de la humanidad, aquella que entre cerradas nieblas persigue fantasmas para concluir con las célebres palabras que dicen, ¡vanidad de vanidades…!, todo es vanidad.

The Lost Goddess

by Alasdair Grant

THE ISIS STONE and THE DOMINION SCEPTER together in one book!

Brooke Caldwell is no stranger to Egypt’s mythology. Her Egyptologist father raised her on bedtime stories from the Book of the Dead. But the discovery of a 5th dynasty corpse that could pass for her twin leads to perils she never imagined.

Thrust into Egypt’s underworld by a mysterious stone amulet, Brooke is hailed as the Duat’s lost queen. She just wants to go home, but the Duat’s immortal rulers have sinister plans for their Isis look-alike.

The annoying yet intriguingly attractive Osiris has information that can help her. Unfortunately, he’s a foggy dream from Isis’s borrowed memories. A handful of the underworld’s lowliest citizens have bravely befriended her, but those who offer Brooke help seem to inevitably end up dead.

Even if she does manage to return home, a primordial evil has escaped its prison and the powers of Chaos are poised to destroy all creation. As much as she hates it, there seems to be no other choice. Brooke will have to become Isis to save the people she loves.

The Other Side Of Courage

by Joe Matlock

Tom MacMillan has a problem. He’s a philandering, self-confessed coward caught in the middle of World War Two as an American fighter pilot.
Meanwhile British nurse, Molly Masterson, has a problem. She can’t stand the Yanks- particularly Yank fighter pilots. And, Tom is the epitome of what she detests most in Americans.
Shoved together by circumstances, the two forge a love fired by a desperate need to escape the horrors of war. Molly becomes Tom’s first true love, a reason to fight his way home after every mission and to escape the Nazis after he is shot down over Belgium.
But life is not fair, and war is not choosy when dishing out death. Who does a person become on The Other Side Of Courage?

Trail of Death (The Butler Family Chronicles Book 5)

by Brad Koch

After losing his wife and father-in-law to an Apache Indian attack, James Butler makes the decision to move his people to Alta California after promising his dying father-in-law that he would deliver his property deed to his brother, the Governor of Alta CA. Getting to Alta CA will require a journey that few men have made and many have died attempting.

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