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Supporting Friend Who are Rejected in a Relationship

by LEA Stanley

Rejection is an experience that everyone lives, but it always hurts. If you have a friend who has been rejected, you can help him by giving him a listening ear and assessing the severity of the rejection he has suffered. Rejection can lead to depression in some people. Knowing the signs of depression can help you better support your friend as he tries to recover.

The Roots of Homosexuality

by J.R. Anderson

It is not known precisely what the exact factors that determine the sexual identity of a person. Homosexuals argue that they are genetically abnormal, but the trend today is to believe that there was a problem at one point in the development of the homosexual when he was a child.

Kitchen Witch: Halloween Recipes for Kids

by Russell Dorn

Kitchen Witch: Halloween Recipes for Kids is the ultimate Halloween cookbook, with spooky recipes that kids and parents can enjoy together. Within are quick, how-to recipes that are easy enough for anyone to make. The recipes offer a fun activity for children. This simple cook book includes ingredient and tools requirement lists, step-by-step directions, as well as illustrations of each item, and collage pictures featuring the final product of each recipe. Follow along as the monster characters from Toonstone introduce their favorite recipes and a Toonstone historian gives you the history of eat food and drink item. View the gross underworld versions and enjoy the mortal world counterparts.

Kitchen Witch: Halloween Recipes for Kids features four recipe categories for the Halloween enthusiasts:

1.Bizarre Beverages
2.Dreadful Desserts
3.Scary Snacks
4.Teatime Terrors

The following recipes all have one thing in common: they appear horrible enough to belong on a haunted house’s clawed table, but serve as delicious rewards to anyone who dares to try them! Are you brave enough? Will your friends be?
Recipes include:

1.Apple Bites
2.Clot Chocolate
3.Combative Fruitcakes
4.Deviled Spider Eggs
5.Flea Tea
6.Grave Goblets
7.Mutant Muffins
8.Paranormal Pops
9.Queasy Queso
10.Radioactive Milkshakes
11.Tarantula Treats
13.Witch’s Brew Party Punch
14.Yummy Mummies

Trick or Treat! There are no tricks here, only treats. These monstrous recipes are great for Halloween parties and for spooking friends, such as the deceptively delicious Roadkill Swill and Clot Chocolate that look disgusting. Join Runny Rotten the witch, Felipe Femur the skeleton, Gummy Garou the werewolf, Sunny Stoker the vampire, and many more friends (Ghost, Banshee, Black Cat, Magician, Alien) in the kitchen with this one of a kind recipe book for children and adults who love Halloween, Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos), or just spooky looking foods and drinks. Ghouls and guests alike can enjoy these unique Halloween dishes and beverages. Happy Halloween!

Pokemon: Diary of a Wimpy Pikachu Book 3: Legend of the Pokemon Shamans (Unofficial Pokemon Book) (pokemon memes, pokemon diaries, pokemon games, pokemon guide) (Ultimate Pokemon Books)

by Pika Kid

The First Pokemon Book of It’s Kind… An All New Pokemon Diary Series

Get Your Hardcopy Book and Receive the Kindle Pokemon Book Free

To avoid any spoilers, please read the book 1 first:
Book 1: Diary Of A Wimpy Pikachu 1

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Pokemon?
Have you ever thought of becoming one of the many species in that vast world who can shoot lightning from their bodies or fly and swim altogether?
Have you ever thought how it would feel like to be a cuddly Jigglypuff or to soar through the skies like a Charizard?

Well if you are, then take a moment to read this little story for it will tickle your curiosity. If you’re after adventure and mystery, then take a trip down these words and let your imagination run wild.

Diary of a Wimpy Pikachu Book 2 is a must-read for any kid or adult who loves Pokemon and Pokemon Go.

Communication of Love through Every Part of the Womanâ?? Body

by Christ White

Of course, you think you are expert when it comes to kissing a woman and holding her hand … but do you really know how to pet her? Caresses are a way to show a woman how much you love her and do not necessarily have to be sexual in nature. Your caresses must be both soft and supportive and will communicate your love to every part of the woman’s body. The most important thing is to make sure that it is comfortable with your caresses. If so, give her all the attention and affection she wants and needs.

The Greatness of Music


It calms our anxieties, encourages concentration, stimulates memory, facilitates the learning of language … We know for a long time that music softens morals. Today, scientists explain why

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