Free science Kindle books for 07 Jun 17

Off-Grid Internet: How To Make Your Own Internet Connection

by Jacob Mueller

Off-Grid Internet

How To Make Your Own Internet Connection

There are many different ways to get your hands on the internet, but many don’t realize how simple it can truly be. The stigma with Off-Grid internet is that individuals seem to think it requires big antennas instead of picking up a mobile hotspot at the market. This book is designed to show you the options you can put into place to grab internet for your Off-Grid home.

Handle Diabetes: Everything about Sugar, insulin, diagnosis and prevention (Live Long Live Health Books Book 8)

by Michael Andrew Livingstone

Diabetes is already a reasonably complicated clinical circumstance and to similarly confuses the patient with a variety of nutritional facts that may not even help and could have as an alternative disastrous outcomes. Get all of the information you need here.

Cloudman, Surviving Stage IV Cancer: A New Beginning

by Craig Peyton

Cloudman is the story of an artist who films clouds for a living. Suddenly told he had 2 months to live, after being diagnosed with Stage IV esophageal cancer, Peyton tells a surprising narrative of survival, illustrated with his aerial photography. The author carries us along on his emotional whirlwind while traveling the globe and raising a son. Although his journey is personal, the lessons are universal and apply to anyone confronting a crisis.

Overcoming Depression: How to recognize and help someone you love, yourself or even a stranger suffering from depression? Amplified Edition (Mental Health Care Book 2)

by Paulo Verlaine Borges e Azevedo

This book was written with a lot of love, thinking about the people who suffer from depression. Depression is a problem that makes us feel like a sky with gray and dark clouds. It is a disorder that steals our humanity and makes us wish death to relieve the pain we are experiencing. It is an evil that we can treat, but only a few benefit from it because most don’t know what it is, its causes and what we can do.
How many lives can we save from suicide or a life-like zombie? That’s our biggest goal with this simple book. We don’t intend to present sophisticated and hard to understand information to lay people in the medical field. If we can help only one life, then this work that we are humbly bringing to you will have been worth it. And hopefully, the gray and dark clouds will give place to the sun of hope, with the warmth that feeds us to live!
Even though we are from the academic and scientific world, we want to build a bridge between the so-called “Ivory Tower” and the real world. The real world is where real people live, i.e. people who should benefit from scientific knowledge and findings. For this to happen, the use of an accessible language that real people can understand is necessary. It is our primary goal with the collection of books about health and mental disorders launched with “Overcoming Depression.”
Are you tired of feeling depressed? Feeling the anxiety of being a slave of the darkness inside the soul? Do you know someone you love in the same situation? This book aims to help you to win the war against the evil. Although simple, there are fundamental knowledge all of us must acquire to raise the hopes. We can save lives with the information in this short book.

-What is the major depressive disorder?
-What are the depressive symptoms?
-What are the causes of depressive disorders?
-What are the differences between depressive disorder and healthy sad?
-How many people suffer from the major depressive disorder?
-What about treatments?

This book puts into simple words the information regarding this yet misunderstood condition of the human being health. Based on an anguishing patient’s questions about the theme.

I sincerely hope this read helps you or one near of you (beloved or a strange). Contribute to rescue from the sea of torments depression makes all of us feel when it embraces us without mercy.

The cornerstone of this book is that you and everyone suffering from major depressive disorder must know that there is hope. No magic but scientifically based evidence strategies to help.

Ultimately, there are some worksheets at the end of the book. They are to help, in a more practical way, the depressed person to deal with the suicide temptation. We hardly recommend you to grab those worksheets and carry them up with you. Or, you should give those sheets to one struggling with the depressive disorder. They are like a lifeguard to help while sinking emotions everyone feels when pathologically sad.

We wish you a pleasant and fruitful reading.

THOU SHALL NOT KILL: What does God think about the killing of animals?

by Kenneth Edward Barnes

Today you see nature programs and television commercials about saving wildlife and or animal abuse. Some think that there should be no hunting of any animals. Others think that there is nothing wrong with hunting, as long as you do not kill too many animals or rare and endangered ones. Then there are those that just see an animal as something they can exploit for profit.
Why am I writing this book? I am an outdoor writer and have been for many years. In addition to having outdoor news columns in local papers, I have written for several outdoor magazines and I’m a member of Hoosier Outdoor Writers. For a short time, I worked at a local television station doing wildlife news segments and I have hunted and fished since I was a child. I am also a conservationist just as was Theodore Roosevelt was. Many people do not think that these two can mix, but they can.
Besides having the insight of a hunter, angler and conservationist, I have also studied the Bible since I was fourteen-years-old. One of the topics that I have studied, is how God views the way we treat animals. The other topic is about what is predicted to happen to the world, not only concerning the animals, but also to us. I have studied these prophecies since childhood.
How do we know what is right from wrong? That might sound like a dumb or stupid question, but it is not. Since the beginning, man has decided what was good or evil and if you look at history, you will see that he has not always made the correct decisions. At times, all of us have made wrong decisions. Only until a hundred and fifty years ago, the people that owned and sold slaves felt they were in the right. Today there are other controversial topics or issues that people often argue and debate about, and one is the killing of animals. Is it wrong to eat meat? Is it wrong to kill a wild animal? What about the abuse of an animal and what is abuse? Does this commandment given by God mean people or does it also mean animals? Does God tell us how we are to treat animals in our care? This is the reason for this book.
I wanted to approach the subject of taking the lives of animals by giving a balanced view, but at the same time give the view of the one that created them.
Recently I wrote, Do Pets go to Heaven? I have had some good feedback on this book as many have wondered if they will ever see their beloved pets again. What I say in that book may surprise you. I also wrote a book called Mysteries of the Bible. It explains many things that people often wonder. What happens when you die? What day is God’s Sabbath? Is evolution true? When was Christ born? When is the Lord returning to earth and many others.
Because of me challenging my youngest brother, many years ago, to prove me wrong about several things I told him that churches were doing wrong, he became a minister. He now has his own congregation and an independent church.
This book will not be very long and I could probably tell the entire story in a long article. However, I believe it is an important issue for today and I would like to include a few stories from my newspaper and magazine articles along with a few excerpts form a couple of my other books. This way you can see and understand my feelings as well as how I believe God sees them about the killing of animals.
Many do not know, but the Bible is the first book that ever talks about conservation. In the scriptures, God tells us how we are to treat the earth and its creatures. I hope, by my words and His that I will be able to show you what He says about how we are to treat our fellow creatures, the creatures that share this tiny speck of dust in the universe with us.
Yes, in this short book of about 31, 000 words, I believe I can answer the question that this book poses. What does God think about the killing of animals?

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