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The Civil War Cover-Up: Book Two: Threatened By the President

by Will Bevis

About this book:

WARNING: This is the Second of the Four Books in the Civil War Cover-Up Series. Do NOT purchase it or read it if you have not already read BOOK ONE: THE STONE LEE PAPERS.

There was additional Material added to Both Book One and Book Two of this series in June of 2012. If you read either one of those before June 2012 you may wish to read them again. The Books are in a constant state of flux as new information is found out.
Also note that a new audio of Book Two is scheduled for release in the Late Summer of 2012.

Book One is available for kindle and in audio book at:

Books Three and Four will be published immediately after the November 2012 Presidential Elections.

Read Why in “Civil War Cover-Up Book Two: Threatened By The President.”

“This account is told with such halting depiction, as to make the reader believe they really are witness to a great conspiracy right along with the hesitant and astonished author. The excerpts from the Stone/Lee papers are absolutely believable. So compelling in fact, that as you close the book you think, that MUST have been fiction…or was it?” KK_Karie

“The Question I am most asked is this:
Is this True?
I have to tell you that it is Fiction.
Do You Understand?
You Will Find Out Why in This and the Next Book.”
Will Bevis

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The Rebel Who Rose From the Dead.
The Rebel Flag Serial Killer: Book One.
The KKK Connection.

Et Virtute: People Power (Empires Fate Book 1)

by Christopher Ashley

A tortured distant world, ravaged by the advances of man and their empires. Everyday hosts new difficulties, new challenges and familiar bloodshed as the empires of the world lock their horns and continue to battle it out. Our journey begins with many men and women, telling their stories as they circuit around the warring nations, among the various factions and cultures of the continents. We follow the heroes and villains of the planet with the largest empire of them all, the Calandonian Empire, as their power-mad dictator evokes the passage of war through secrecy and deception. The world of Capsayum buckles under the chaotic pressure of the empires, many more must die to satisfy the greed of territorial ambition, all but one man; Rhykori son of Koryson must follow his moral path to victory. There can only be one victor in such turbulent times, that victor must be Rhykori.

Crime Series Book 5 Payback: (Suspense Thriller SPECIAL STORY INCLUDED) (A gripping serial killer thriller)

by Harper W.

Two orphan boys raised together as brothers, go their separate ways after they are sent to different foster homes. But in a sadistic way, life pits them against each other as they meet as a mobster and a cop after several years. A story of brotherhood, friendship and loyalty in an atmosphere of blood and violence.

Book 1 : Thicker Than Blood
Ron and Sam were two orphans who grew up in one foster home before getting separated. Though not in blood, but these boys were nothing less than brothers. However, fate had different plans for them when they come to know that they will be living miles away in different foster homes.

Book 2 : A Reunion of Brothers
Ron and Sam chose different lives for them. Where Ron had the life of street thrusted upon him, Sam decides to be a cop to save the people around him. Living in their own worlds they both are content with what they have, and have almost forgotten about each other. However, this will change when they have a rendezvous set by fate.

Book 3 : My Best Enemy
Ron is ordered to set base in Sam’s small peaceful town. Sam and his colleagues at the local PD have no intention to let these strangers spoil the tranquility of their home. But when Ron’s new boss forces him to go further using extreme measures, things turn bloody.รข??

Book 4 : The Departed
Ron goes to talk to Alfeo Fersko, thinking he would hear him out like his brother did, but gets snubbed instead. Alfeo makes Luca the head of operations, putting him directly over Ron. The first thing Luca does is to send Ron on a job as he plans something grim behind his back to hurt him.

Book 5 : Payback
After Sam’s death, Ron heads out to get revenge. Where Dave proves his unflinching loyalty towards him, he also questions Ron if he would do the same for him, had it was him instead of Sam. Losing Dave, Ron now goes after the killers of his friend and his gang, all by himself.

Book 6 : The Boy Who Cried Wolf
After Luca’s death Alfeo Fersko declares a million dollar bounty on Ron’s head. And with Dave not by his side anymore, Ron certainly cannot go face to face with the Big Boss. How will he get his ultimate revenge then? Well Ron has a plan.

Becoming Assiya: The Story of the Children of War

by Simran Keshwani

“The Past is always in a discordant love with the present. And it is upto us to unleash its secrets, and learn from it, not repeat it.”
Becoming Assiya is the story of a misplaced Syrian refugee and her trial with a past of Blood, wounds, War, Doubt and Hatred and the troublesome Hope of a better tomorrow. The woman’s journey encompasses through the landscape of Wartime Syria, through her mother’s journal and the rebuilding of a Post War identity for a land washed with blood, and what it meant to be alive, stuck in the middle with No Identity and Struggle, two complex concepts intermingle in this book and intersect at a common point, that of finding yourself.

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