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Home Distilling: A Simple Guide to Making Great Alcohol at Home

by John Carnel

Humans have been creating their own alcohol since time immemorial. If you’ve ever been interested in creating your very own, unique alcohol, you’ve found the right resource! In Home Distilling: A Simple Guide to Making Great Alcohol at Home, you will learn:

  • Answers to FAQ: What are the legal considerations to make for home distilling? Is it true that you can go blind from it? How does the process of distillation work? These questions and more will all be answered in chapter one of this book.
  • How to get a Still: How do all those experienced home distillers get their stills to make alcohol in? What are the components of a still and can you make your own at home? This will all be answered early on in the book.
  • Making Liquor at Home: After basic FAQ are answered, you will learn how to create whiskey, what the difference is between different types of whiskeys, how to make vodka, tequila, brandy, and rum, and more!
  • Creating Beer and Wine: How is the process of making wine or beer different from creating liquor, such as vodka or tequila? This guide will give you detailed instructions on how to make all of these.
  • Safety Precautions: Safety should always be priority number one. How can you stay safe while distilling alcohol at home? By observing a few rules and never breaking them! These rules will be given to you throughout the book so you can have a safe, fun time making alcohol.

Learning how to make your own alcohol is a fascinating journey. And a very rewarding too! Yet, it can be quite challenging if you don’t know where to start. Let me guide you through the process! Whether you want to try something new and create alcohol with your own unique flavor or simply looking for a fun new hobby, this book will give you all the information you need.

So, grab your copy and we will start our journey right now!

Recipe Book : Easy Lentil and Egg Stew

by Claudie Joe

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Smoothies for Diabetics: Over 185 Quick & Easy Gluten Free Low Cholesterol Whole Foods Blender Recipes full of Antioxidants & Phytochemicals (Diabetic … Natural Weight Loss Transformation Book 6)

by Don Orwell

How Can You Go Wrong With 100% Superfoods Smoothies?

Smoothies for Diabetics – 14th edition, contains over 185 Superfoods Smoothie recipes created with 100% Superfoods ingredients. No soy milk, no cows milk, no artificial flavors, only 100% natural Superfoods that deliver astonishing amounts of antioxidants, essential fatty acids (like omega-3), minerals, vitamins, and more. Superfoods Fruits in these Smoothies are carefully selected for Diabetics with diabetes type-2. More than 90% of recipes are Vegan.
Superfoods are foods and the medicine and they offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. Superfoods slow aging, boost immunity, energize and detoxify.

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Instant Pot: 200+ Instant Pot Recipes – Quick & Delicious Recipes You Can Make At Home! (Instant Pot Cookbook, Electric Pressure Cooker, Instant Pot Meals)

by Kevin Hughes

Looking For Some Delicious Instant Pot Recipes You Can Make At Home and Enjoy Today?

Want to Learn How to Cook Healthy, Quick, and Simple Instant Pot Recipes That Your Family Will Love?

The Instant Pot is an incredible device because you can use it to cook all of your favorite meals faster than you ever thought possible. However, without the right recipes to cook what does that mean?

This recipe guide goes ahead and solves that issue for you. Included in this book are over 200+ Instant Pot recipes you can make with ease from the comfort of your own home. From breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to deserts, this cookbook has all of the recipes you’ll need to keep your family well fed and happy.

Inside You’ll Learn:

  • 20+ Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes
  • 40+ Instant Pot Lunch Recipes
  • 50+ Instant Pot Dinner Recipes
  • 50+ Instant Pot Soups, Sides, & Snacks Recipes
  • 30+ Instant Pot Dessert Recipes

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Recipe Book : Easy Linguine with Anchovies and Tuna

by Crhis Eddie

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Recipe Book : Easy Lamb Larb

by Ramond Hubby

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Easy Texas Cookbook: Authentic Southern Cooking (Texas Recipes, Texas Cookbook, Texas Food, Southern Recipes, Southern Food, Southern Cookbook Book 1)

by Chef Maggie Chow

Hickory Smoked, Authentic Southern Cooking Awaits…

The Easy Texas Cookbook is a collection of 50 Authentic Southern Recipes. Real Southern Texan Cooking is a mix of Texan, Mexican, and Cajun cuisines. And you will learn them all in this cookbook!

No one can dislike good southern food. Dishes like Texas Style Fried Chicken, Sheet Cakes, Briskets, and Baked Beans are American classics you will learn in this cookbook.

The key to authentic Southern cooking is in the preparation of your meals and the use of spices.

This cookbook will teach you an effortless style of Texas cooking that will produce amazingly delicious and tasty meals.

Enjoying Southern food is as easy as going to the local grocer and grabbing some fresh meats and spices! Remember Authentic Texas Cooking is a fusion of many great cuisines and you will learn them all in the Easy Texas Cookbook!

Here is a Preview of the Recipes You Will Learn:

  • Texas Brisket
  • Southern Potato Salad
  • Texan Fried Chicken
  • Tex-Mex Burritos
  • Hickory Mushroom Stuffed Burgers
  • Much, much more!

Pick up this cookbook today and get ready to make some interesting and great tasting Texas meals!

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High Protein/Low Carb Cookbook: 70% In The Kitchen! Eat Your Way To Health, Fitness, Fat Loss And Muscle Growth (Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Easy Meals, Weight Loss)

by Graham Anderson

Discover the Benefits of High Protein Low Carb Diet!

Are you desperate to shed weight? Okay, some of you may not want to associate yourself with the word “desperate” but do you feel that incessant need to get a slimmer waistline? I am sure you do. We know how frustrating it is to not be able to follow a diet plan. It’s certainly not a walk in the park. I mean the way these fad diets deprive you of food is scary. How long can you go on counting calories every time you eat a meal?

I am sure no one wants to do this forever. But how about a diet that allows you to eat as much as you want? You can instantly lose weight without having to eat any pills, no counting calories, no surgery and no hunger pangs with the low carb/ high protein diet. All you will be doing is indulging in some real food.

This book offers you about 20 innovative low carb recipes that are super easy to make. The recipes mentioned in this book are detailed and explained in a step by step by fashion. These recipes are divided into two different parts, the high protein recipes, and the low-carb ones.

The ingredients used in the recipes are simple day-to-day items that are easily available in the supermarket. Feel free to tweak the recipes as per your taste, but remember to keep the carbohydrate consumption low. We have also listed down some of the major benefits of consuming the low carb / high protein diet. Finally here’s a diet that is sustainable and absolutely simple to follow.

We are hoping that you will follow this diet correctly and get some great results. Happy reading!!

A Little of What’s In The Book

  • What Is A High Protein And Low Carb Diet?
  • Low carb doesn’t mean no carbs
  • Benefits of High Protein Low Carb Diet
  • High Protein Recipes
  • Low Carb Recipes
  • And Much More!

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Keto Snacks: 27 Low Carb Snacks Perfect For Summer

by Madison Garland

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Keto Snacks: (FREE Bonus Included)

27 Low Carb Snacks Perfect For Summer

The Ketogenic diet is awesome for burning fat and helping you slim down. This diet changes your metabolic system from storing fat to burning it! Ketosis is the key to switching on the fat burning system your body already has in place, and the results are amazing.

If you are using the ketogenic diet for health, weight loss, or epilepsy, this book will give you lots of options for snacking this summer. The Ketogenic diet is a high fat, average protein, low-low carbohydrate diet, finding low carb snacks used to be a pain, but not anymore. Even if you are not following the Ketogenic diet, these healthy snacks will help you manage your weight and health all summer.

This book includes:

  • Information on the Ketogenic diet
  • 10 Keto snacks for the sweet tooth
  • 10 keto snacks to help you beat the summer heat
  • 7 summer party snacks

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That’s amore (Italian Edition)

by Elisa Formenti

La seconda edizione di That’s Amore è ora disponibile. Per i lettori: ancora più briosa e coinvolgente!

Clizia è una ragazza di ventun anni, tenace, brillante, con la battuta pronta e autoironica. Non si piace: fianchi rotondi, guance morbide e lentigginose su una pelle talmente chiara da essere diafana.
Quando Pietro, il padre, viene a mancare Clizia precipita in un baratro di tristezza, perde la voglia di vivere e di migliorarsi. La laurea diventa un puntino lontano sull’orlo di quel precipizio, ma lei non si arrende e risale la china.
Dopo la laurea, si butta a capofitto a spulciare annunci e spedisce centinaia di curricula. Risultato: nessuna risposta. Clizia si prodiga nei lavori più svariati: pulizia dei videoterminali, scrittrice di biglietti per biscotti della fortuna, cassiera, factotum nei fast food, donna sandwich, lavapiatti e cameriera in uno dei ristoranti più lussuosi di Bologna, il Très Bien.
Proprio in questo microcosmo, quando la goffaggine sfugge al suo controllo, Clizia ha un’intuizione. Decide di coglierla. Si licenzia. Da questo momento il destino intreccia i fili della vita e dell’amore. Imprevisti, curiosità, coincidenze, incontri inaspettati, rivelazioni, incomprensioni, chiarimenti sono le spezie che insaporiscono stima, amicizia, affetto e amore in questo romanzo che si svolge tra le vie di Bologna e i boulevard parigini.

“5 stelle – Ottimo esordio!”
Elio Freda (Top100 classifica recensori Amazon)

“That’s Amore di Elisa Formenti: profumo di ottimo cibo che affonda le sue radici in un problema sociale: la disoccupazione. La tenera e sognante scrittura di Elisa Formenti racconta in modo ironico una storia d’amore da intendersi in senso universale.”
da Il tempo

“L’autrice veronese raggiunge i Bestseller con That’s Amore [â?¦] Una ventata d’aria fresca e una speranza per i giovani esordienti.”
da La Cronaca di Verona

“La veronese Formenti nella Top100 Amazon.”
da L’Arena

“Elisa Formenti ha scalato le classifiche di Amazon. La protagonista non molla mai, nemmeno davanti allo spettro della disoccupazione, sullo sfondo Bologna e la buona cucina: â??Mi ha presa per la gola’.”
da BolognaToday

“Intensissimo e pieno di accattivanti retrogusti di alta narrativa che, sicuramente, sapranno entusiasmare i lettori.”
da L’AltroGiornale

Facebook: /libroThatsAmore
E-mail: [email protected]

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