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Behind a Lady’s Smile (Lost Heiresses)

by Jane Goodger

The Lost Heiresses

It’s one thing for a girl to lose her way, quite another to lose her heartâ?¦

Genny Hayes could charm a bear away from a pot of honey. But raised in the forests of Yosemite, she’s met precious few men to practice her smiles upon. Until a marvelously handsome photographer appears in her little corner of the wilderness and she convinces him to take her clear across the country and over the seas to England, where she has a titled grandmother and grandfather waiting to claim her. On their whirlwind journey, she’ll have the chance to bedazzle and befuddle store clerks and train robbers, society matrons and big city reporters, maids and madams, but the one man she most wants to beguile seems determined to play the gentleman and leave her untouched. Until love steps in and knocks them both head over heelsâ?¦

Suspense Crime Series Book 4 The Departed: (Suspense Crime and Punishment SPECIAL STORY INCLUDED) (A gripping serial killer thriller)

by Harper W.

Two orphan boys raised together as brothers, go their separate ways after they are sent to different foster homes. But in a sadistic way, life pits them against each other as they meet as a mobster and a cop after several years. A story of brotherhood, friendship and loyalty in an atmosphere of blood and violence.

Book 1 : Thicker Than Blood
Ron and Sam were two orphans who grew up in one foster home before getting separated. Though not in blood, but these boys were nothing less than brothers. However, fate had different plans for them when they come to know that they will be living miles away in different foster homes.

Book 2 : A Reunion of Brothers
Ron and Sam chose different lives for them. Where Ron had the life of street thrusted upon him, Sam decides to be a cop to save the people around him. Living in their own worlds they both are content with what they have, and have almost forgotten about each other. However, this will change when they have a rendezvous set by fate.

Book 3 : My Best Enemy
Ron is ordered to set base in Sam’s small peaceful town. Sam and his colleagues at the local PD have no intention to let these strangers spoil the tranquility of their home. But when Ron’s new boss forces him to go further using extreme measures, things turn bloody.â??

Book 4 : The Departed
Ron goes to talk to Alfeo Fersko, thinking he would hear him out like his brother did, but gets snubbed instead. Alfeo makes Luca the head of operations, putting him directly over Ron. The first thing Luca does is to send Ron on a job as he plans something grim behind his back to hurt him.

Book 5 : Payback
After Sam’s death, Ron heads out to get revenge. Where Dave proves his unflinching loyalty towards him, he also questions Ron if he would do the same for him, had it was him instead of Sam. Losing Dave, Ron now goes after the killers of his friend and his gang, all by himself.

Book 6 : The Boy Who Cried Wolf
After Luca’s death Alfeo Fersko declares a million dollar bounty on Ron’s head. And with Dave not by his side anymore, Ron certainly cannot go face to face with the Big Boss. How will he get his ultimate revenge then? Well Ron has a plan.

The King Yayati: The Quests for Immorality and Immortality (Vedic Wisdom Book 3)

by Sivkishen Ji

Sivkishen Ji is a Vedic scholar surfaced the fascinating and interesting facts for the first time in this universe with authenticity by decoding the hidden sciences in Vedas. He created outstanding literary marvels and acclaimed internationally as best Indian Author. His focus on the book’s purpose, contents, and authority was recognized by Scientists Spiritual Leaders Philosophers and Great Scholars. He has been acclaimed internationally as best Indian Author and rightly titled as Vishwamitra, Rishi, Abhinava Vyasa, and Shabad Brahma and was facilitated with a very prestigious title “Abhinava Vyasa”.
The Author has already earned a well-deserved reputation all over the world as the best talented Indian Author on Vedic literature. His literarily creations include Wisdom Beyond Boundaries copyright registration No 54426 of 201325.9.2013 that contain all the Mythological Epic Stories giving the important doctrines of the Vedic religion along with rich illustrations of colorful imagery. The chief object of this research work is to bring the correct interoperation of the Vedic Scriptures in vogue.
He published Kingdom of Shiva ISBN 9781482813401 &ISBN 9351653218 Shiva Samrajyam ISBN 9789352654970 Mysterious Kailash published by Amazon ASIN: 1521053308 and kindle edition ASIN: B06ZYWKJWF with ISBN 978-3-659-90988-7 Vedic Wings ISBN 978-3-659-97473-1 Vedic Spaceships with ISBN 978-3-330-00732-1 and the King Yayati was published under ISBN 978-3-330-02418-2on on December 21, 2016, by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing and available all over their stores and holding the copyright and even holding the electronic as well all the publishing rights. This is even displayed on Amazon.
â??The King Yayati’ is not translations from the original text or just a prose form of the text in a different language. This work authored in a totally different content with 12 unique Chapters being Apsara Viswachi, Urjaswathi, The quest for Immortality, The Genealogy, Kacha Devayani, Immorality, Wondrous Creation, Devayani -Sharmishtha, The King Yayati, Vajrakilaya, Madhavi, and Admission into Vikutna with several interrelated Epic Stories that were surfaced for the first time. The story moves through the most memorable characters being Devarishi Narada, Arjuna, King Yayati, Devayani, Sharmishtha, Guru Shukracharya, Urjaswathi, Kacha, Apsara Vishwachi, Madhavi and Lord Indra. These moral stories gave simple solutions for rising above the desires of the six passions of mind or vices being lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride and jealousy.
Devarishi Narada explained Arjuna, who depressed after the great Kurukshetra war and in order to sharpen his enthusiasm, he began narrating the most intriguing and fascinating truth about his birth as gorgeously beautiful Apsara Viswachi. This incarnation was to make the King Yayati realize the Vedic concepts dealt in Rig Veda V11. 8.4 “The Quest for Immorality leads to doom unless Lust is conquered” as he was not satisfied with any beauty whatever, born of flesh, blood and bones though enjoyed over 1000 years. King Yayati bore a daughter Madhavi from Narada who was in love with him as Apsara Vishwachi. The beloved Madhavi was blessed to turn as a virgin after giving each birth. She mothered four great Sages Ashtaka, Pratardana, Shibi Chakravarti, and Vasumanas. He explained that the Human soul is a part of God, it has been separated from God and the purpose of our life is to become one with God just like a drop of water mingles with the ocean. However, Humans are polluted and in order to become one with God, and have to purify to become like God. He also explained that similar to energy, the Human soul is invisible and has infinite potential and once activated with the inner purity that exists in the universal energy, becomes the key to joy and happiness!
Read now how Apsara Vishwachi made King Yayati realize that only quest for God has undecaying, infinite beauty alone and rescued by his collateral descendants..Author

The Rancher’s Convenient Bride (Coal Valley Brides Book 1)

by Rose Andrews

Colorado Territory, 1861

In order to save her father’s mercantile from going out of business, Emelia Banks marries smooth-talking rancher Benny under one condition: stay married for a year and then go their separate ways. It all seemed like a perfect plan until she started falling in love with him. But can his charms win over her hesitation at being a bride of convenience?

On Different Shores (For Their Country’s Good Book 1)

by Rebecca Bryn

A young poacher is found guilty of killing Lord Northampton’s gamekeeper and is transported to Van Diemen’s Land for life, leaving behind the common-law wife he loves. Pregnant and penniless, she faces the appalling lack of rights for women in Victorian England and is forced to make hard choices. While he suffers the deprivations of a brutal life in chains, she is determined her child will know its father; she embarks on a dangerous endeavour to follow her lover across the globe. Will the cost of her actions prove too high, for her and for all those she loves? (Inspired by family history and real events.)

The three-book series spans twenty years in the lives of Jem and Ella and takes them around the globe, crossing perilous oceans in sailing ships and suffering the hardships many convict and free emigrants suffered to found a British colony on slave labour.
Book Two is ‘Beneath Strange Stars’.
Book Three is ‘On Common Ground’.

Readers’ Favorites Editorial Review – 5 stars

On Different Shores (For Their Country’s Good Book 1) by Rebecca Bryn opens in a country rectory in Victorian England, where Ella has been sent after being caught sharing a kiss with her employer’s son. Whilst Reverend Buchanan seeks a suitable husband for his dowerless protégé, Ella falls in love with Jem, a poor poacher. Pregnant with Jem’s child, she flees her loveless marriage to farmer’s son, Harry, and becomes Jem’s common-law wife. Jem is found guilty of the manslaughter of a gamekeeper. Lucky to escape hanging, he is transported to Van Diemen’s Land for life. Ella refuses to forget him, determined that their child shall know its father. Can Ella raise the money to follow her lover? Will Jem survive the perilous sea journey, manacled in chains?

On Different Shores is a powerful, character-driven, story of a young couple and their ill-fated love. Rebecca Bryn has gone a step further than any “Romeo and Juliet” tale by setting it in Victorian times. Women had no rights whatever, but Ella defies convention, earning money any way she can, and giving birth to Jem’s son, resolute in her intention to escape Harry. Will she be defeated by Harry’s single-minded passion to father a son of his own? If she escapes, can she endure crossing the globe with a toddler? Ella will move readers to tears, and to fury; she lives. All Ms Bryn’s characters, the good, the bad, and the ugly, live. On Different Shores is a brilliant historical novel that takes the reader wherever Ella and Jem lead.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense: Dr. Death Murder: Police Procedurals( Conspiracies SPECIAL FREE BOOK INCLUDED) (Murder mystery : Murder is Mayhem: (A Private … (thrillers and mysteries, suspe 1)

by Albert S S

Joseph Nketia was better than your average assassin. His creativity and effectiveness had earned him an invitation to play with the big boysâ??the ones who pull the puppet strings of world leaders.

A Devil of a Time

by Gretchen Jeannette

“This is adventure at the finest level.” GoodbooksToday 
“One hell of a fulfilling read.” E-book Planet
“A devilishly good novel.” The Kindle Book Review     MATURE CONTENT:  This novel borders on American Gothic, with dark themes, a strong romantic element, and integral violence that some readers might find disturbing. Instances of coarse language and sexual situations are not gratuitous.                                                    Captain Niall McLane survives brutal captivity and a bloody revolution only to face a darker threat to his future with the woman he loves. When Niall becomes a suspect in a grotesque murder, his reputation as a merciless Indian fighter and scalp hunter turns public opinion against him. Worse, the real killer has only begun to rampage, his sights set on those close to Niall.
Now the hunt for evil is on. Niall’s only allies are Andrew Wade, a hopeless drunkard tormented by his own cowardice, and Andrew’s young wife, Clarice, whom Niall secretly adores. After another murder occurs, Niall manages to stay out of jail, but can he protect Clarice from the formidable creature prowling in their midst?

From the mysterious forests of Kentucky to a graceful Virginia plantation, from the fevered heat of battle to the hope and struggle for renewal, ‘A Devil of a Time’ weaves a tale of courage, betrayal and forbidden love, of three men grappling with the demons of their past, and the remarkable woman destined to change all their lives forever.

Gunsmoke: Battlefield Dodge

by Steve Gust

Terrorism and immigration.
Issues that haunt the 21st century and were faced in the 19th century as well.
But why?
Take a trip to Dodge City, Kan. in 1876 and see what possesses men to commit evil against their fellow man. Marshal Matt Dillon, his deputies and a Catholic priest must stop a nefarious plot that has the potential to plunge America back to the dark days of the decade before and the Civil War.
In Battlefield Dodge you’ll be transported back to the Irish potato famine, the infamous Andersonville prison camp, the Civil War and the rugged life on the frontier.

Wolf Hook (A World War II Thriller)

by Michael Wallace

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Jim Heydrich is the Canadian-born nephew of one of the most feared men in the Gestapo. When his family returns to Germany just before the war, Jim arrives in the Third Reich as a young, sensitive theater student, both protected by and encumbered by his famous relation. Resisting an invitation to join the Nazis, he instead finds himself a member of an English-language theater troupe working in Occupied Europe. Unbeknownst to Jim, the leaders of the theater troupe, Nigel Burnside and his sister Margaret, are not the English fascists they appear, but members of the British Secret Service, using the theater troupe to recruit spies from among the Anglophile German officers who come to their productions.

Disillusioned with both sides of the war, Jim is trying to defect to neutral Ireland when he stumbles into one of Nigel and Margaret’s most closely held secrets–a Hungarian physicist they are smuggling out of Europe. While trying to extricate himself from this unwelcome knowledge, he both manages to draw the attention of the Gestapo and to convince the British Secret Service that he is a Nazi spy, a threat to their plans who must be eliminated.

O Tesouro do Santa Rosa: A história de um grande tesouro ainda perdido na costa de Pernambuco (Portuguese Edition)

by Ronaldo Carneiro Leão

O Santa Rosa, um poderoso galeão português do início do século XVIII era o orgulho da esquadra. Com 70 canhões intimidava aos inimigos e impunha respeito. Mas quis o destino que esse poderoso navio naufragasse na costa pernambucana carregado de ouro e pedras preciosas que seguiam para Portugal. O acontecimento foi logo cercado de segredos para proteger a rota dos navios portugueses que levavam ouro do Brasil e o afundamento ficou envolvido em mistérios.

Um dos três únicos sobreviventes registrou em desenhos o que podia observar do alto da gávea no momento do naufrágio. Com base nesses desenhos os seus descendentes empreenderam uma caça ao tesouro quase 200 anos depois, quando as tecnologias permitiram mergulhos mais demorados e ferramentas mais poderosas. Aí nasce uma trama complicada onde convivem as emoções humanas mais naturais como o amor, egoísmo, ganancia e medo.

Quem acha que o ser humano é racional está muito enganado. Ele é inteligente, mas não racional. Por conta disso o Tesouro do Santa Rosa, acaba perdido em Olinda e ainda pode ser encontrado. O livro da algumas dicas e algumas incertezas.
Depois da leitura você vai querer comprar uma pá e começar uma caçada.

A Nebraska Mail Order Bride Series – Fears and Promises (Book 2): A Clean Historical Mail Order Brides Series Romance Story

by Katherine St. Clair

Romina is now married to Raymond, and they are off to start their life as husband and wife. With new challenges on the horizonâ?¦ how will they deal with the troubles ahead?

Romina quickly finds out that marrying Raymond was the easy part; being his wife in life and his bed is where things get tricky. Being unable to perform her “duties” as a wife creates serious unrest in the Humes household.

As signs of Raymond’s secret begin to reveal themselves, Romina is thrown into a search for clues. When she starts to make an effort to be a better wife and homemaker, Raymond begins to see Romina in a new light. The two may be strangers living in the same house, but their defenses begin to drop, and their hearts begin to open.

When the newlyweds go to a town meeting, Jeb Pickering, a troublemaker, attacks the couple. Raymond’s strength of body and character show Romina a glimpse into the unguarded heart of the man she married. She knows that she can overlook his deepest secrets, but can she let herself love and be loved by a man who doesn’t even know her real name?

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