Free horror Kindle books for 08 Jun 17

Bear Shifter Romance: Grizzly

by Jessica Loft

This is a steamy shifter romance that leaves VERY little to the imagination. On sale For A Limited Time With A Surprise Bonus Included!

CEO and founder of several large companies, Lucy needed a break.

Finally at her wit’s end, she books a flight to her cabin in the Rocky Mountains and leaves her work in the hands of her trusted board members.

As soon as she’s in the country, Lucy starts to feel all the tension of her heavy schedule begin to disappear. What helps even more is the handsome lumberjack and the gentle bear that seemed to have wandered onto her property.

Romance and friendship blooms between the three, but an unexpected guest shows up and puts her life in danger.

Will he CLAW his way into her heart before she hibernates back in the big city?

WARNING: Some bonuses contain mature themes and language and are intended for 18+ readers only.

Cabin Fever

by Michael Bray

Some secrets are worth killing for….

The cabin deep in the woods holds a secret. A secret that has the power to rip a family to pieces. When an eleven year old boy stumbles upon it, a tense cat and mouse game begins which reaches closer to home than he ever dared imagine.

Praise for Cabin Fever:

‘Dark, and brutal family fun. What a fantastic short story by Michael Bray. Absorbing and sinister.’

Summer of Schlock!

by GK Murphy

Summer of Schlock! contains thirty three schlock horror tales from Cumbria’s master of Schlock, GK Murphy.


and many more! All first appearing in Schlock! Webzine or Horrified Press…


by Michael Bray

Once you’re in, they’ll never let you go….

When three teenagers decide to explore the local legend of the crazy old man on Samsonite farm and the army of scarecrows he has built, they soon discover that not all urban legends are false, and sometimes the biggest threat comes from within.

For Dwayne and his friends, a battle against a supernatural creature which uses the samsonite scarecrows to do it’s bidding will unfold as trust is broken and truth becomes blurred amid the unbelievable reality of the situation they are in and cannot escape from.

Praise for the works of the author:

Digs into the depth of the readers fear and plays on it.’

‘Wild, weird, and wonderfully imaginative!’

‘In the spirit of Stephen King, Michael Bray has created a page turning gem. If you love horror, you need to read this story.’

‘The story itself was dark and shocking’

‘This is one of the best horror stories I have read in ages! It is absolutely grisly, gruesome and nasty’

‘A great moral tale with a sting, and a bite, a chop, the odd missing foot and various other nasties.’

Cody Rexell and the Cannibal Death Camp: Book Two In The Monster Hunter Series

by Michael Bray

In this homage to grindhouse, low budget horror, tongue in cheek action movies of the 70’s and cheesy 80’s horror, Cody Rexell is back in a brand new adventure! Are you ready to groan along with the one liners and relive the cheesy horror/ action vibe of yesterday?

One year on from his escape from Montana, Cody Rexell again finds himself in trouble, this time in the heat of the Mexican jungle. Barely escaping with his life from a remote village of bloodthirsty cannibals, Rexel is determined to go back and retrieve an item of great importance that was taken from him.
When a face from the past betrays rexell and threatens to send him back to the government who are still searching for him, he reluctantly agrees to help with a covert mission to locate a drug baron who has gone missing in the jungle. As the group embark on what should be a routine mission, events unfold that puts the lives of everyone at risk and forces Rexell to revert to his uniquely violent methods to ensure those under his supervision survive.

Sallowed Blood

by Stuart G. Yates

In the dark corners of a castle deep in the Alps, a secret awaits Daniel Stone. After inheriting the castle from his grandmother, Daniel and his father travel to Bavaria.

They soon notice a dark presence in the old stronghold: strange noises echo from the depths beneath the castle, and someone or something seems to be following their every move.

After things spiral out of control, Daniel and his father receive unexpected help from an old relative, who tells them of the dark secrets the castle holds. But even with the three of them, will they be able to discover the centuries-old mystery that lies buried, or will darkness claim them all?

Death Storm: A Dark Fantasy Zombie Apocalypse (Hungry Gods Book 1)

by G.S. Wright

A Dark Fantasy Zombie Apocalypse

A great evil descends upon the kingdom of Medanholm. A necromancer in the service of a fallen god leads an army of undead to extinguish all life. In the village of Briar’s End, there are few survivors. They are scattered and hopelessly outnumbered, with dwindling options for sanctuary. Hidden away within their mountain temple, the gods are oblivious to the horror on their doorstepâ?¦

…and it’s coming for them.

Death Storm is book 1 in the Hungry Gods series, a Dark Fantasy Zombie Apocalypse that brings the nightmare of Armageddon to a high fantasy world.

The Box: A Novella

by Paul Stone

What would you do for one wish?

A moonlit bargain leaves an aspiring writer and suburbanite with an ominous black case for four days. Everything seems normal until his fiancé returns home from business early and starts behaving oddly. Fighting temptation and seduction, he finds himself caught between nightmares and an even more frightening possibility: Could it all be real?

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