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WWII Europe & North Africa, 1939-45 Hemyock Memories Vol 3: Illustrated Extracts from Vol 0: Malta, Torch, Italy, D-Day & after, incl. Rhine & Walcheren. … by Residents of Hemyock (Best Forgotten)

by Richard Sheppard

Includes the amazing account by the teenager from Hemyock, who was given the task of physically searching surrendering top German generals, looking for incriminating documents for use in the Nuremberg war-crimes trials:

“…Into my marked section of the park, were brought Generals and Admirals and the last civilian members of Grand Admiral Doenitz’s so-called new German Government. It was my job to search them and remove all documents. We heard later that these documents were to be used at the Nuremberg Trials.”

“I became fearfully popular with my betters, when I discovered that German Generals, in all their glory, had papers concealed in the wide cuffs of their be-medalled tunics. How did they take being searched by a mere 19 year old English soldier – right down to their string vests?…”

This is from just one of the first-hand accounts in this volume of extracts.

Volume 3: WWII in Europe & North Africa. These edited extracts from first-hand accounts by residents of Hemyock, mostly cover their experiences in Europe & North Africa during WWII; including Malta, Torch, Italy, D-Day & after; Crossing the Rhine & Walcheren; Operation Blackout, frisking the German Generals. They cover many of the campaigns, including the long bitter struggle after the D-Day landings in June 1944 until Europe was finally liberated on 8th May 1945, VE-Day.

These accounts are largely as originally written by the participants, in their own words. The accounts are in alphabetical order.

These illustrated extracts are from the complete book, which contains the first-hand accounts of over 75 contributors. As young people from this small self-contained Devon village, these people had extraordinary experiences; serving on all “fronts” throughout the World; on land, sea, and in the air; as well as on the “Home Front.”

Originally compiled from personal interviews in 1995 with over 75 residents of Hemyock, for the fiftieth anniversaries of VE and VJ Days; now edited and republished in digital format. The full digital version contains the complete text together with an expanded list of the contributors and of other local people named in their accounts: There is a link to view the over 130 photographs as a series of four online HD slide shows.

Other volumes cover service in other theatres:

– Volume 0: The Complete Alphabetical text
– Volume 1: Extracts: Dunkirk, D-Day, U-Boat Fleet’s Surrender
– Volume 2: Extracts: Evacuee Children, The Home Front, Women’s War Work
– Volume 3: Extracts: WWII Europe, North Africa (This Volume)
– Volume 4: Extracts: WWII Royal Navy, Convoys, Burma, The Far East
– Volume 5: WWII Box Set, containing Volumes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

See also the new volumes about rural life during the early 20th century, before WWII, starting with:

– Volume 6: Country Cures & Cider

I hope you enjoy these edited extracts. Please post a review to help other people.

Proceeds to Hemyock’s Blackdown Support Group Charity, which does so much to support frail and elderly people.

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