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EMP Attack Survival Guide: A Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide On How To Prepare For And Survive An Electromagnetic Pulse Attack That Takes Down The Power Grid

by Ronald Williams

My greatest passion in life is helping ordinary people become prepared for extreme circumstances, and I felt compelled to write this book because of current events that have been happening around the worldâ?¦specifically concerning the Middle East and North Korea.

In the unpredictable world that we live in, it can be hard knowing exactly what you need to prepare for. Even though survivalists are often considered to be paranoid by the rest of society, most of the survivalists who I have met in my life are actually some of the most responsible and prepared people I know.

Now if you’re already a seasoned survivalist, then this guide will probably be too basic for you.

But if you consider yourself to just be an ordinary person who would like to be more prepared for disasters, then this guide will serve as an excellent introduction for how you and your family can prepare for and outlast an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on the United States.

An EMP attack would, long story short, knock down the entire power grid and render all of our electronics useless.
Imagine there being no power, no running water, no electricity, no computers, no phones or tablets, no TVs, no running vehicles, no transportation systems, no food supply, and no communications whatsoever.

In the blink of an eye, the United States will have gone dark and never be the same again.

Our nation would be severely crippled by such an attack, and the worst part is how the overwhelming majority of our population would simply not be prepared at all for it, which will result in rioting, havoc, and a collapse of civilized society on our streets.

So to put this into perspective, by reading this guide and applying what you are about to learn, you will be much better prepared than almost everybody else in the country.

While you may believe that an EMP attack is not a realistic possibility in the foreseeable future, our current war with ISIS and the rising tensions with North Korea should make you believe otherwise.

I’m here to tell you something: if our enemies want to deliver a devastating blow to us, they won’t launch a military invasion or even try to use nuclear weapons (due to mutually assured destruction)â?¦ rather, they would much more likely launch an EMP attack to take down our power grid.

In this guide, we will cover the following tips for preparing for an EMP attack:

-Understanding How An EMP Attack Will Affect You and Your Family
-The Core Rules Of Surviving An EMP Attack
-Building A Faraday Cage
-Stocking Up On Supplies
-Bartering and Trading
-Defending Yourself and Your Home
-Bugging Out Of Town (If Necessary)

By the end of this guide, you will fully understand the devastating effect an EMP attack will have on our country, how to properly prepare for such an attack, and what you and your family need to do once the attack has happened.

This is a serious subject, and while I’m deliberately going to make this guide short and concise so it’s a quick and easy read for you, the information you’re about to learn is not information that you want to take lightly.

The Christian Camp Leader

by Jim Badke

Are you signed up to serve at a Christian camp this summer? Whether you are veteran staffer or have never been to camp before, this book is for you!
– Get your heart ready for the spiritual challenge of camp leadership.
– Consider why you are going to camp, and what will be expected of you.
– Learn what makes kids tick, and ways of developing healthy relationships.
– Prepare to lead effective Bible discussions.
– Gain skills in managing issues and problems.
– Become confident in sharing your faith in Jesus.

Sizzling Strong Women: Gorgeous, Powerful Women Crushing Helpless, Hapless Men

by Ken Phillips

These four women are absolutely gorgeous and they are equally lethal. This book contains descriptions of two scissor sessions and two regular wrestling sessions. You get to read the man’s perspective as well as the females. These descriptions are absolutely blistering hot and you get to pictures of these incredibly hot women. Find out how long these men can survive and what forms of torture/domination the women like the most. Each woman is also interviewed extensively and you’ll be absolutely fascinated to read about their thoughts and experiences. More and more women are hitting the gym by the day and more and more women are learning how to kick ass! If you like Gorgeous Amazon Goddesses, then this book and all of my books are for you!

Angeln für Anfänger in Berlin (Ratgeber 1) (German Edition)

by Herbert Witzel

Dieses Buch bietet einen knappen, spannend zu lesenden Grundkurs zum Angeln in Berlin an, informiert über die nötigen Dokumente und darüber, wo und wie und wann sie zu bekommen sind und für wieviel.
Die Berliner Fischereibetriebe sind aufgelistet, bei denen frischer Fisch zu bekommen ist.
Alle in Berliner Gewässern vorkommenden Fische sind abgebildet.
Eine kurzweilige Geschichte der Angelfischerei hierzulande wird erzählt und last, but not least, gibt es einen Zugabenteil zum Mitsingen, eine Kurzgeschichte und ein Interview mit Heinz Haase, dem Urgestein und Hobby-Historiker der Angelfischerei.

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