Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 09 Jun 17

Photos Inside Soap Bubbles Paint Shop Pro (Paint Shop Pro Made easy by Wendi E M Scarth Book 11)

by wendi e m scarth

This Kindle book demonstrates how to create a photographic collage by filling soap bubbles with photographs utilising Corel Paint Shop Pro. This is a step by step tutorial and is suitable for Intermediate and is suitable for all Paint Shop Pro versions. It includes many informative screen captures that speed up the learning process. This book is part of a series of over 500 tutorials that I have written for Paint Shop Pro. Each of my Paint Shop Pro tutorials is step by step and packed with helpful screen captures – so you can follow my instructions every step of the way without ever getting lost.

To work along you are can download the images needed for this tutorial below.

I have designed these tutorials so you can begin to use the tools in Paint Shop Pro to immediately get brilliant results – and they can be read on your Kindle, iPad, PC, Mac, Smart Phone and Tablet.

Many of my students have emailed me over the years to say my Paint Shop Pro tutorials are the best they have read and the easiest to follow; in fact, several Universities currently utilise my Paint Shop Pro tutorials teaching their students on campus. Normally I sell my 503 Paint Shop Pro tutorials as a bundle, however, I have made these tutorials available for those of you who maybe just want to use a specific technique and who don’t wish to purchase my full collection.

I hope you enjoy this book, have fun.

Wendi, E M Scarth.

7 Steps to Teaching Yourself Piano

by Ozie Cargile

This minicourse will guide you through the 7 Steps to Teaching Yourself Piano. In addition to motivating you to succeed, Ozie Cargile, your piano instructor, will prove that the process works by teaching you how to play Beethoven’s Für Elise in only two weeks!

To help you pace yourself, each step starts on a certain day, counting from the day you begin the minicourse. This count is outlined for you. For example, Step 1 starts on Day 1; Step 4 starts on Day 6; and Step 7 is revealed at the end of two weeks on Day 14.

Each lesson also includes a link to an inspirational video online that details each step. That’s right, you’ll get a chance to see and hear the instructor himself as he guides you along the path to living your piano dreams.

And finally, there’s a quiz at the end.

Walking around Japan – Kamo River – Kyoto (Photo Gallery)

by B.T. Norton

Here comes the series of photo gallery about the author’s trip in Japan,
a country with beautiful nature and amazing places!
Order a copy and get a glimpse of it without stepping out of your house!

Photos Collection â?? Cat â??ã??Memories with Hana and Sora

by Megumi Mutsuki

This book is Photos Collection of two cats Hana and Sora.
They had lived for twenty years as our precious family.
They were cute cats, so I am hoping this book may give you peace of mind.

Author pageã??International

â?? Other Book â??

“Healed by Flowersã??ï½? Photos Collections and Phrases & Illustrations ï½?”

This book includes the following: eleven photos collections including this one and one collection of phrases & illustrations which were published in 2015.
639 photos of flowers, plants, mountains, cats or pottery and 50 sets of phrases & illustrations are included in the collections.

MUSIC MONEY: 25 Ways to Get Paid for Your Musical Knowledge, Experience, and Creativity

by Tommy Gordon


A new book about the ways to earn money as a musician that are not just playing gigs, recording and selling your music, or teaching private lessons. Get your copy today! (Please note: this book contains some adult language.)

Jack & Diane: The Musical

by Darren Camp

Darren T. Camp’s book / script for his Rock Band Jukebox Broadway Musical, “Jack & Diane: The Musical.” All songs (music & lyrics) by John “Cougar” Mellencamp, and rights to all lyrics contained within are retained by John and the appropriate music / record companies.

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