Free fantasy Kindle books for 09 Jun 17

Rider’s Revenge (The Rider’s Revenge Trilogy Book 1)

by Alessandra Clarke

K’lrsa loves her life as a Rider for the White Horse Tribe. She spends her days hunting with her horse, Fallion, and her nights avoiding her mother’s attempts to settle her down. Even though there are hints that the world around her is changing, K’lrsa thinks her life is perfect.

Until the day her father is brutally murdered and she sets out to avenge him.

Following the vision Father Sun shows her, she allows herself to be taken as a slave and brought to Toreem, determined to kill the man she thinks is responsible.

Captive, not even allowed to look at the men around her or else risk death, she has to hold on to her purpose, even as her belief in herself slowly crumbles.

K’lrsa swore to avenge her father, but when she’s finally given the chance, will she still be strong enough to act?

Death at the Olympian

by Ed Bemand

Will anyone make it out alive when death comes to the Olympian?
After offering a lift to a pretty girl, Rich finds himself obliged to attend a gathering of her old, rich and very peculiar family and gets caught up in their strange rituals and strained relationships.
When someone dies, people look for the killer in their midst. Tensions boil over as the bodies pile-up and Rich faces suspicion and accusation, but he already has a lot of experience with death and his own ties to the family.
This tale of family, betrayal and very old grudges is the latest novel from Ed Bemand, author of works including Beheld, Sinful Submissions and Rebecca’s Story.

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