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The Earl’s Runaway Bride: A Regency Historical Romance ((Traditional Regency Romance Series) Book 1)

by Amy Field


Meet Wesley Pendleton, the seventh Earl of Winchester, a no-nonsense aristocrat with serious business and little time for frivolities. But time has come for him to find a wife, and in keeping with his straightforward ways he has arranged to be married to Melanie, the daughter of Lord Seaborn, without laying an eye on her. Done and dusted!

But then a series of events puts all his carefully laid plans in jeopardy. He can’t make his wedding day! But that’s no problem, he’ll simply arrange a proxy, a stand-in, until he has time to attend to this niggly matter.

… or are things really that simple?

Download and read this twisting, entertaining tale of heartfelt love, family honour and redemption!

******* Includes thirty additional stories from the publisher’s library for you to enjoy! ****

The Warrior Poet (The St. John and de Gare Clans)

by Kathryn Le Veque

1266 A.D. – A family feud has existed between the House of de Gare and the House of St. John for over seventy years. The feud has seen Eden Castle, home to the St. John’s, grow stronger while Castle Winding Cross, lair of the de Gare clan, suffers. Furthermore, the House of St. John has bred the most fearsome warrior in the north of England, a powerful knight known throughout the land as the Demon of Eden. Christian St. John is the culmination of decades of fine breeding and training, a master of the knighthood. When Christian launches what he hopes will be the final attack against Winding Cross to end the long-running feud once and for all, the de Gares are cunning enough to avoid complete destruction. Furious, Christian’s father orders his son to breach the sanctity of the convent where the de Gare heiress has been hiding. The Demon is able to violate the convent and capture his quarry, but not without a fight.

The Lady Gaithlin de Gare does not go easily with the Demon. A big woman with long legs and long blond hair, she too has long been taught to hate the House of St. John. Christian escapes to the north with his combative captive and it is a long-running battle that takes them well into Scotland where Christian will hold the woman, demanding the complete surrender of her family’s home in exchange for her life.

Gaithlin doesn’t make Christian’s life easy at first; she fights him furiously, unwilling to be a submissive prisoner. But the more times that passes, the more she comes to ease her combative stance and realize that Christian St. John is no ordinary knight; beneath the terrible reputation lurks the heart and soul of a poet. The more she comes to know that side to him, and his secret desire for peace, the more her defenses go down. The Demon is not at all what she had been told; he is a man of intelligence and wit, with a beautiful gift for prose. The warrior is indeed a true warrior-poet in every sense of the word. A man of peace lurks beyond the fearsome façade.

Join Christian and Gaithlin as they succumb to searing passion, torn between loyalties and long-standing hatred. As their families turn against them and Christian must face his warring family and answer for his crime of falling in love with the enemy, help and understanding come from the most unexpected of places. From the green forests of Cumbria to the wilds of Galloway, share Christian and Gaithlin’s adventures of murder, betrayal, love, understanding, and of new beginnings.

Twins: A Historical Fiction Adventure Thriller

by R G Gopalan

In the Kingdom of Singri, when the twins Abhira and Adhira started from their village Sendhura to their capital city, to make a request to their King Bhupad to look into the poverty situation of their village, little did they know that their journey would turn into an adventure to save, not just their village, but their entire kingdom. Eventually the adventure becomes a thrilling hardship that might even cost their lives. In every step of their journey, they end up with more and more surprises and shocking events, and find that it is not just their kingdom, but all the other kingdoms’ survival are at stake. In this journey, they have to budge to the greedy needs of their King’s arrogant royal advisor Gungara. They have to go through the extreme hardship training given by a strong and valiant Commander Hindherwa. Just when the mystery gets revealed that behind Gungara’s arrogance and power is Hindherwa’s army, yet another mystery unfolds that there exists a mastermind in a secretly guarded place code named as mine. As the hidden events of the past unfolds, every event points to a soft spoken with no interest in life King Darshaka, the King of Thalaba, as the mastermind in the mine, yet no one could find it completely convincing. Who is the real master mind? Can a large scale war and heavy bloodshed be averted? Dive into the historical fiction thriller.

Wheelstocks and Ploughshares: A Country Apprentice in the 1900s

by Thomas Hudson

Abey Staughton is apprenticed to the â??guvnor’, a wheelwright and carpenter in Nether Oldston, a small village in rural Oxfordshire in the years before the First World War. He depicts the incidents of his daily life in a rural community: falling asleep after haymaking and cider, with Eva who adored him and Sally who was serious about him, which led to trouble; his turn as chariot driver, to rescue Sally from a bull; and his varied work with farm stock, timber and the tools of the trade, as gradually he absorbs the skills of a carpenter and wheelwright.

A vivid depiction of how life was in rural England in the years leading up to and during the first world war.

First published in 1988 by Tabb House, 7 Church Street, Padstow, Cornwall, PL28 8BG, UK, this e-book edition is reproduced with their kind permission (Original ISBN 0 90701863 7)

Kiss of The Assassin (The Omaja Series Book 1)

by Jayla Jasso

She needs to find an assassin before he finds her, but it’s already too late.

Two Villeleian monarchs are dead, and the last living heir is a frightened 14-year-old girl. And a desperate refugee population from famine-stricken Nandala is growing within Villeleia’s borders.

Jiandra Stovy isn’t planning on getting involvedâ??she just wants to keep her parents’ farm going so she can afford to raise her younger siblings. But then she finds a mysterious, magical blue stone on the same day a Nandalan arrow narrowly misses the new queen in the castle courtyard. And when a vicious witchhunt ensues for the foreign assassin, sweeping up innocent, starving women and children in its wake, Jiandra has no choice but to turn to the Old Gods for help. Their response is clear: Take the stone, use its powers, and find the Nandal assassin.

Jiandra sets out with two of Queen Solange’s guards to hunt the killer, trusting that the Knowing power of the Omaja Stone will help her recognize him. But when a tall, muscular Nandal appears out of nowhere to help her rescue a group of drowning Nandal refugees, she’s a little too distracted by his exotic silvery eyes to notice he’s been tracking her with dangerous intentions.

And he isn’t traveling alone.

Yajna and Yavi are identical twin brothers, the highest trained killers in Nandala’s Black Armies. Yajna specializes in archery while his brother is an expert with dual swords, and they’ve been sent on an urgent mission to assassinate Villeleia’s inexperienced queen and start a war. When they run into a powerful shapeshifting sorceress who is also looking to get rid of the young queen, the three of them join forces to take control of prosperous Villeleia together.

Unfortunately, a common farm girl and her magical stone stand in their way, and she’s headed straight for them with her guards. Yajna and Yavi have no choice but to intercept her, kill her, and take the stone. But Yajna starts to have second thoughts–every minute he spends in the beautiful peasant girl’s company makes it harder to follow through on his mission. He’s a wanted man, and Jiandra has only to use the Knowing power of the stone around her neck to recognize it. He knows he should kill her and take the stone before that happens, but it’s difficult to murder the one person in Villeleia who’s trying to alleviate the suffering of his people.

Especially when she feels like pure heaven in his arms.

(This novel was formerly titled The Omaja Stone.)

The Mule Tamer III, Marta’s Quest

by John Horst

Nineteen-eleven is the year our two beauties, Rebecca Walsh and Marta del Toro leave the comfort and safety of their boarding school back East, under the watchful eye of their grandmother Abuelita and Madame Boutin, headmistress of Stonefields School for Young Ladies. They’re headed to Smith College in the fall, to continue on the path of the blueblood debutante. But something is rotten in their beloved Mexico. The Revolution has started; Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa are on the move. Adulio, their faithful servant and overseer of the Del Toro ranch has come to fetch them. They are needed in Mexico.
Follow the girls on an adventure, a road to discovery where they will have to summon their courage and call upon their talents, their loyalty, their faith in each other to overcome the challenges facing them as they search for inner and outer peace, battling the old demons, greed, lust, vanity, self-doubt and a new one, likely the most difficult of them all, maturation into adulthood. The people of Mexico need them, need their help fighting the minions of a greedy oil company and the totalitarian thugs held over from the Díaz Regime, with the father of Yellow Journalism thrown in for good measure.
Read the story of these strong and intelligent young women as they respond to first love, romance, intrigue and betrayal. Will they defeat the dragon, or will it consume them, take them down and make them just one of the many victims in the sad and tragic life story that is Mexico?
Marta’s Quest is the final chapter in The Mule Tamer Trilogy, chronicling the exploits, trials and tribulations of this remarkable and heroic family.

Antonia de Veneza (Portuguese Edition)

by Ellyn Peirson

Muito poucas pessoas conheceram Antonia, apesar da fama alcançada como “La Stella di Venezia”. Antonia de Veneza é um romance que fala de amor, almas gémeas, música, poder e tragédia.

A história atrai o leitor para a beleza e a decadência da Veneza do século XVIII e para as paixões que impulsionam e atormentam os seus personagens. Antonia evolui de aluna prodígio de Vivaldi a sua colega musical e ao orgulho da vaidade musical veneziana. Depois de se apaixonar por Orlando Sagredo, o mestre planeador do Palio, Antonia reconhece a escravidão emocional que, até então, nunca questionou.

Antonia de Veneza é habitada por músicos brilhantes, políticos avarentos e governantes inúteis da República de Veneza. Ao mesmo tempo, as pessoas e a música que Antonia ama levam o leitor numa viagem às profundezas da vingança e da abnegação.

Um romance bem pesquisado, passado no século XVIII, com descrições brilhantes, Antonia de Veneza apresenta a heroína feminina intemporal como uma parceira poderosa e igual ao seu oposto masculino.

George: A Novel of T.E. Lawrence

by E.B. Lomax

In May 1935, T.E. Lawrence – better known to the world as Lawrence of Arabia – was killed in a motorcycle accident in Dorset, England, bringing to a sudden end a complicated life of adventure, influence and tragedy.

At least, that’s what the public was told.

Awakening in a Dorset hospital with grave injuries and no memory of his former life, the man once known as Thomas Edward Lawrence begins his life anew as George Patrick, a penniless, simple-minded laborer at a decrepit country estate near the Welsh border. With only a handful of people aware of his true identity – kept a secret for the havoc it could wreak upon the public – George attempts to make sense of his confusing new world while struggling with the legacy of a man he has no memory of having ever been.

But when a dangerous man claiming to know his secret and threatening to undo the carefully woven web of concealment, George must confront not only his past, but fight for his own future.

“For the comfort of his friends a statement was issued declaring that had [Lawrence] survived he would have been dumb and paralysed, and all his memories of the great issues he lived for would have been lost in the blank unconsciousness through which he had lived. ‘In view of the immense activity and energy of T.E. Shaw [then-alias of T.E. Lawrence],’ the statement continued, ‘it is felt that this may be of some consolation to those who had entertained anxious hopes for his recovery.'”
From The Western Gazette newspaper, Somerset, England, dated Friday, May 24th, 1935
11 days after the accident

Blending historical fact and imagination, George takes readers on an extraordinary journey alongside a rich cast of characters to explore the limits of human resilience and whether our identity traps us – or sets us free.

Veil of Walls

by Patricia Panahi

Anahita Sadeghi, a typical, happy-go-lucky American ten-year-old, was not too keen on traveling to the other side of the world to meet her father’s family. But her month-long vacation turns into a nightmare when her Persian relatives refuse to let her return to the States.

She is forced to deal with the dizzying maze of social customs, resist her grandmother’s efforts to mold her into the proper Persian girl, dodge her aunt’s schemes of marriage, and fight to make her own life choices until she can find a way to return home. Longing for her friends and her freedom, only the enigma of her missing aunt, Scheherezade, gives Ana a glimmer of hope of one day escaping Iran for good.

Will Ana’s family marry her off and forever bind her to this country, or will she break free of Iran’s walls and find her way back to America?

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