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Curry Fish Head

by Janday Lee

It started with a bowl of curry fish head…

Candy acquired a special ability after her car accident. This ability changed her life and she gained a special friend…through the bowl of curry fish head.

You’ll discover an unusual friendship; a unique ghost story; a strange encounter with humour and mystery…all in this book.

Across the Ocean (A Christian Fairytale Book 1)

by Celena Janton

“You have another Father, Penelope. He is the King. You are a Princess, His daughter. You will find Him… across the ocean.”

After hearing these words, newly-orphaned Penelope suddenly finds herself set upon a quest that even the fairy tales she grew up on could not have prepared her vivid imagination for. A magnificent ship upon a vast ocean, a charming prince who spins timeless legends, an ancient scroll hidden within a secret room–all begin to weave together a mysterious tapestry as Penelope is thrust into her new life as a kitchen maid in an ancient castle. As she slowly falls in love with a handsome prince who cannot marry her because of the law of all fairy tales, she wonders if finding her true inheritance will be enough.

Warper: Echoes of Etangria

by Riley Tune

Lox – the young assassin who can vanish in the blink of an eye – returns to battle dire threats once again.

Only months have passed since Lox and his crew did the inconceivable – killed the immortal Emperor Nal. Now with his comrade Jolin as the new King, Lox, his Changeling girlfriend Vida, and the rest of his family are living in the very palace where they once fought for their lives. Things are great until the unimaginable happens, and mysterious orbs of energy rain down from the skies. Some are harmless, while others kill instantly.

As more people fall victim to the unknown orbs, fear grips the land. The countdown to war is given from a neighboring kingdom, and the newly-crowned Jolin finds himself being blamed for each new ill his people suffer. Soon counting himself among the fearful is Lox, whose own brother and sister have become the orbs’ latest casualties. Even worse, he is starting to hear voices again, while at the same time being hunted by assassins whose powers far exceed his own.

With Vida – and help from an old enemy – Lox travels to lands few have seen. As he discovers more about an ancient power, Lox will have to defeat those who want him dead, uncover long-lost secrets, and even travel to a new world if he wants to save his siblings, and stop the war on Thera before all is lost.

Dealing with Narcissistic Person


Narcissistic personalities seek power and control of situations. It is therefore not easy to control them and make them change. Begin by taking care of the good side of this personality to bring down his defenses, otherwise the person could rebel against you. You can then apply various techniques to do things the way you want. Whatever you do, you should nevertheless control your mood to prevent the narcissistic person from gaining the upper hand.

The Dragon and the Witch

by K.T. Tomb

A dragon. A witch. An unbreakable curse.

Zadie was born in the forest and abandonedâ?¦until Tolbalth, a stern and terrifying dragon shapeshifter found her and raised her as his own daughter.

Zadie is not an average teenager. She can communicate with wild animals, her best friend is a white tiger, and she is discovering her own magical powersâ??powers that she keeps a secret from her father because he loathes witches.

Tolbalth, the Destroyer of Men, is a fierce dragon-man shapeshifter who raises and trains Zadie to be a warrior and the protector, even if it means killing someone. But Zadie believes that all life must be preserved at any cost, even the lives of their worst enemies.

On her eighteenth birthday, everything she has ever believed about her life is challenged when Zadie finds out the shocking truth about her past, her present and her future. Worse, she is ordered to slay the dragon, the only family she has ever known. And the only one she has ever trusted.

Now, Zadie must choose between loyalty and betrayal and the stakes are high, either way. Which path will she take? And when her own future is threatened, will she be brave enough to make the ultimate sacrifice?

In THE DRAGON AND THE WITCH, author K.T. Tomb draws fantasy readers in to a magical world where dragons are as smart as they are fierce, and as dangerous as they are loving.

“Epic and awesome!”
â??J.T. Cross, bestselling author of Beneath the Deep

“K.T. Tomb is a wonderful new voice in adventure fiction.”
â??Aiden James, bestselling author of Plague of Coins

Dark Cave: Those That Enter May Never Return

by B.T. Jones

Eddie and Isaiah had normal lives. Though when they find themselves on their own real – life adventure, it takes some twists and turns that are far from normal. They unknowingly stumble onto a small city where Unseen Zombies lurk. What is worse than encountering a zombie that wants to eat you? A zombie that is invisible. Though when the boys find they have a way to see the zombies, it changes the game completely. With the help of a few terrifying well – trained killers, they have the chance to end a life of terror for the entire city. Eddie and Isaiah are both finding out how grateful they were for their “normal” lives. Fighting their way through the days in Welchville they will have many decisions to make. Who do they trust? Who wants to kill them? Or, will they survive? It will tease you. It will haunt you. It will have you up at night wondering what comes next….

Gently Breaking up With Your Girlfriend


Breaking is never easy, but it may be even harder to just continue a relationship in which one is not happy. Breaking up nicely with her girlfriend is all about being honest while dropping it gently. Try to be understanding, available, and compassionate when you do it; and you will not have someone who loves you turning into someone who hates you. Continue reading some useful hints about what to do, what not to do, and some representative ideas that you can use as inspiration

The Girl Who Kissed a Lie: An Otherworld novella

by Skylar Dorset

Meet the Farm Animals: Nonfiction Easy Reader Level 1

by Katelyn Thomas

Farms are busy places, filled with animals. Meet the animals and find out what they do in this simple nonfiction book geared toward beginning readers.

Top 10 Business Ideas That Anyone Can Start At Any Time

by Mr Kotiyana

You may be interested in starting a business but may not know how to go about it. Even if you knew how to execute the business idea, you might not have enough capital to kick start it. However, there are some businesses that anyone can start at any time. These businesses do not even require capital and if needed, the capital would be very low. You can utilize your skills and abilities to the maximum. There are some businesses that just require your knowledge and skills. Let your skills enable you to earn some extra cash. Read on to learn how you can do this effectively. Here are some business ideas that anyone can start. They are for those who probably still have a regular job and are looking to increase their cash-flow so they can save towards other business ideas.

Shag Lake Prequel: The Kiss

by Susan McEachern

Geri McKenna has a not-so-secret crush on Sean Eastman, her older brother’s best friend. And it’s ripping her heart out that Sean has graduated high school and is about to move away from their little town forever.

Sean Eastman was given a gift: three years of high school living a normal life in the small town of Pembroke. Problem is he doesn’t want to leave, especially since he finally noticed that his best friend’s little sister, Geri, is really hot.

Shag Lake Prequel: The Kiss, is a short story about the coming of age of two teenagers who finally discover each other, only to be torn apart by the different paths their future takes them. Will they ever meet again?

“A quick coming-of-age story about crushes and dealing with heartbreak.” Susie D., Proofreader, Red Adept Editing

“The perfect set-up for Shag Lake, this story gives the reader all the background information they need to jump right into the next book. You immediately get to know the characters and really start to care about them in a short amount of time. It is truly impressive that the author manages to harness all of this and present it so well in only a few thousand words!” Neila F., Editor, Red Adept Editing

Little Ray of Hope: The House of Ivy

by Rebecca Ann Ivy

This lovely children’s book is dedicated to all with special needs, Little Ray of Hope is a sweet and inspiring book to help a child in hospital, a child with disability, a child with special needs, encourages hope.

Bobby Undead: Season One

by Danial Hooper

It’s a television show. That’s actually a book.
Bobby is a human. The rest of the cast are vampires.
You’ve never seen (or read) anything like this.
Buy it now. Or forever hold your piece.
Or is it peace?
Forever hold your piece of peace.
Much better.

Surviving Prison Life


The first time you go to prison, whoever you are, you are going to get scared. The mixture of adrenaline, fear, anxieties and confusion is stunning. Once the prison doors have closed behind you, it’s time to manage your situation and start planning your survival. Life in prison is tough and terrifying, but if you follow the code and avoid problems, you can survive all the time of your sentence without too many incidents.

Conspiracy Theories

by Readers Digest

A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy without warrant, generally one involving an illegal or harmful act carried out by government or other powerful actors.

The Money Lender: Tales from a small town in South India

by Manju Nambiar

“I am a money lender by profession and belong to a small town in the Southern State of Kerala in India. I help people financially in their times of need, and demand exorbitant interest rates in return. I love money. I think the world revolves around money. Money is one thing that can bring happiness, peace, tranquility to my life. As I spent all my life dealing with money and people who yearn for it, I get to hear several interesting tales about the fascinating people around me. So I compiled few of such amusing stories for my readers. These stories reflect our town, our way of living, our thoughts and priorities and our deepest innermost fears.”

The book is a collection of short stories, narrated through the eye of a small town money lender. As the story unfolds, we get introduced to the unique characters in the town and their problems. How the money lender provide solutions to their issues in the most humorous and practical manner form the crux of the book.

The Weary Traveler: A Short Story

by Jeff Kelly

Mr. Cabbage was the most unusual character. Situated in the deep brush of an ancient wood, Mr. Cabbage’s cottage was anything short of a usual home. Composed of stick, straw and mud, the cottage had withstood many a winter storm, and its thick oak door creaked the scream of an aged wonder. The many autumn leaves that had fallen from the forest canopy above over the eons decomposed and created a moist, spongy floor that surrounded the leaning cottage. Vines twisted and tangled along the front, slowly creeping towards the roof like an invading army. Mr. Cabbage’s cottage was, indeed, a monument of the forest.
It was on a brisk autumn day that Mr. Cabbage’s cottage would welcome a visitor not soon forgotten. On this day, with the crisp red, orange and bronze leaves now carpeting the forest, Mr. Cabbage would find that his colorful wooden world would change forever.

The Honeytown Detectives and the Cake Caper: A Picture Book Mystery

by Anthony Curcio

There’s not a cloud in the sky as Grammy Bear’s famous gigantic cake is brought out for the grand opening of Grumpa’s Grocery. Honeytown News 5 anchor, Mallory Mallard, is reporting live when suddenly it starts pouring rain from the clear sky above. Luckily, someone left a box of pink rain jackets for everyone to put on, but just as they do, the rain is gone…and so is Grammy’s cake.

“I saw someone wearing a pink rain jacket steal Grammy’s cake!” Piggles shouts.
The problem is, everyone in Honeytown is wearing a pink rain jacket.

Follow the Honeytown Detectives as they search for clues, gather evidence, interview witnesses and narrow down suspects before discovering the true identity of the thieves along with the motive behind this cake caper that utilized a feather, red paint and an elephant to pull off.

: Page after page of detailed illustrations to search for hidden clues and suspects resulting in hours of mystery fun.

: Information boxes along the way explaining cool detective stuff (the history of the FBI, detective dogs, fingerprinting, Sherlock Holmes and more)!

The Honeytown Detectives and the Cake Caper is the ultimate crime-solving, picture book mystery!

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