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Getting Rid of Your Phobia of Mathematics


Mathematics is the basis of many scientific and technological advances. Despite this, the five letters that make up the word “math” are a source of anguish, disgust and sometimes panic for many children and adults. The fear of math and its most severe form, the phobia of math, have prevented many people from studying more challenging disciplines in which mathematics play a fundamental role. If your child is one of those who is afraid of mathematics, read the following steps to help him overcome your phobia and perhaps one day see mathematics in a more flattering light.

Dealing with Liar


Do you know someone who does not seem, to tell the truth? Some people lie to show off or get what they want and others do because they really believe in what they are saying. In both cases, it is good to face the person who lies to learn how to handle his bad habit. It is important to remind you that you do not have the power to change someone, you only have to be rigorously honest yourself.

Communication in Marriage: A Complete Guide For Better Communicating With Your Spouse

by Matt Hayden

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a marriage intimate, fun and loving?

Are you having trouble communicating with your spouse?

Are you tired of fighting with your partner whenever you try to communicate?

Ineffective communication in marriage is not fun, and it could even lead to a divorce.

But don’t worry, as you can learn how to communicate effectively with your spouse today!

In this Communication in Marriage book, you will learn:

  • How men and women communicate differently
  • How to solve communication problems with your spouse
  • How to handle conflict and anger when communicating with your spouse
  • How to rebuild trust and increase intimacy
  • How some simple verbal and non-verbal communication tricks can help you communicate better
  • Simple and proven strategies for effective communication
  • And much more!

No matter what communication problems you are currently facing with, you can learn how to communicate effectively with your spouse from this book.

No more fight, argument and tears!

Instead, you can create a marriage with shared meaning, lasting harmony and happiness.

Download your copy of this communication in marriage book today!

The Art of Saying â??NOâ?


You have the right to say no. There are many reasons why we should sometimes say no and so many reasons why we do not and do not. Here are some steps to understand why it is difficult to say no and how to learn to say no without a problem.

Dealing with a Tough Boss


A boss too difficult is the most common reason for resignation. If you find yourself in a situation where it is almost impossible to work with your boss, it is time to take some steps to improve your relationship or think about what you need to do if you feel that the situation is out of control. If you focus on staying constructive and calm, you will surely be surprised to see that after all it is very easy to handle a tough boss. If you want to start making your work environment more positive and comfortable, read this book

Special Ed Down Syndrome

by Jesse Lindberg

In this book Ed introduces us to Debby his friend with Down syndrome.

Reconciling a Relationship after an infidelity


One of the most devastating things that can happen in a couple is to have their hearts broken after one of the spouses has had an adventure. This adventure is beautiful and well finished but now we must try to paste the pieces and it is not easy.

Disappointment Management


A disappointment is never pleasant, whether it is a relationship that did not work or you missed a major opportunity to advance your career. Whatever the disappointment, it is almost never as serious as it seems and there are often more solutions than you think. Here’s how to manage a disappointment and come out stronger.

Managing a Street Brawl


You should never use physical force to solve a problem with another person on the street. The first thing you should do is try to resolve your dispute by talking with your interlocutor. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself, it is important that you understand the basic tactics of fighting to ensure your safety and come out unscathed. If you try to avoid fighting, you want to learn how to defend yourself and use the appropriate tactics and techniques taken from the martial arts to defeat your opponent, you will feel more secure and confident if you are ever confronted with a violent person.

The Distinction between Love and Friendship

by Jessie Carter

You have long been friends with a member of the opposite sex and this has never been a problem. Suddenly you begin to doubt your feelings or feel something new and you cannot help but wonder: is it love or friendship? It is possible that other people have suggested that you and your friend were actually in love. It is possible that you began to suspect that something was wrong when you are jealous of your friend’s new love conquests. Whatever the reason for you to read this, it’s time to dig and know what exactly binds you to each other.

Moving on From Your First Love


It is always difficult to recover from the end of you first love. It was he who made you feel the first emotions of a loving relationship. The way you feel about things for the first time will dictate your approach to future experiences. If you cannot recover from your first love, it’s perfectly normal. Everyone has trouble, but there are still things you can do to help you move on. First of all, you must limit as much as possible the thoughts about your ex. Then you have to focus on the present and not re-examine the past. Try to take a more healthy view on your relationship. Even if you are not together anymore, you now know what it feels like to be in love. After the period of mourning, go ahead. Concentrate on what awaits you rather than on the loss of your love. Everyone managed to overcome the loss of their first love, why not you?

Pregnancy Life 2.0: How to Get Pregnant Fast : Pregnancy Calculator: Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms

by Emi Kalita

People generally searching for pregnancy books and they eager to know: how to get pregnant fast, pregnancy symptoms, signs of pregnancy, early signs of pregnancy, pregnancy-week by week, etc. â??Pregnancy Life 2.0: How to Get Pregnant Fast’ is the right choice for you. You will find all about pregnancy and how to get pregnant in a months or less, Conceive methods in a long distance relationship.

The Book covers introduction to how to get pregnant including how to get pregnant in a months or less, conceive methods in a long distance relationship. The book discusses the basic steps to increase fertility in men, pregnant over the age 40 plus, get pregnant with PCOS etc. The book also explains to find out the most fertile day to conceive. The book also tries to find out earliest pregnancy signs, Chinese method of gender selection, how to increase your likelihood of having twins and lastly discussion on ovulation with irregular periods. The methods explain in this book will help to get pregnant in an easy manner.

Chapter – 1
Get Pregnant

Chapter – 2
Ways to Get Pregnant In a Months or Less

Chapter – 3
Conceive When in an Extended Distance Relationship

Chapter – 4
Increase Fertility in Men

Chapter – 5
Pregnant Over Age 40

Chapter – 6
Ways to Get Pregnant With PCOS

Chapter – 7
How Exactly To Determine Your Most Fertile Day to Conceive

Chapter – 8
Earliest Being Pregnant Signs

Chinese Delivery Gender Chart for Gender Selection

Chapter – 10
How to Increase Your Likelihood of Having Twins

Chapter -11
Ovulation with Irregular Periods

Emotional Abuse: Overcome Your Emotionally Abusive Relationship And Stop Being The Victim Now! (Emotional Abuse, Abuse, Emotional Self Help)

by Tyler Moore

Ever been In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship or In One Now? Keep Reading to Learn How to Get Out and Start Healing

Living with an emotionally abusive relationship can be very painful. Often times you may feel as if you are trapped and have no where to go. To make matters worse the abuser uses their power and strength over the abused to keep them feeling like they don’t have any options. The truth of the matter is that the abused are actually stronger. They have been able to cope with the pain they feel for so long and with the right strategies and advice can overcome their abusive relationship and flourish in ways they never imagined.

If you are a victim or know someone who is I hope that the techniques and strategies in this book will help guide you towards a better life and make any pain that you have had to suffer through much easier to handle. At times it will seem tough, but it is possible to break free and recover as long as you try!

A Preview of What’s Inside

â?? Understanding What Emotional Abuse Actually Is

â?? The 15 Most Common Signs of Abuse

â?? How to Tell if Fixing the Relationship is Possible

â?? When To Walk Away

â?? Much, much more!

Take charge of your life and buy this book today!

The Anger Management Tool Book: Simple Tools to help Control Your Anger, Overcome Bad Temper and Improving Your Relationships with Friends and Family.

by Cameron Swanson

The Only Anger Management Book You’ll Ever Need

This book has all the information you need to know about anger management. It also provides simple, proven strategies to help overcome anger. You will be able to understand how controlling anger would help benefit your health and relationships. Managing anger will not happen overnight. If you take things slow and steady,practice the strategies that are provided in this will get the anger management problem in check.

Read This Book Now, and Get on Your Way to Controlling Your Anger And Being a Happier You.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn

  • Signs You may Have Anger Issues
  • Different types of Anger
  • Anger in a Relationships
  • Simple Anger Management Techniques
  • Calm Your Anger With Positive Self Talk
  • Anger Management Affirmations
  • And So Much More!

Take Action Now And Invest In Yourself.Buy This Book ONLY $2.99

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How to Deal with a Noisy Neighbor


It is midnight and you have to be up in five hours to go to work and the hifi chain of your neighbors has vibrated the walls for two hours, like every night for a few weeks. Or, you’re trying to focus on an important project and the neighbor’s dog keeps barking. What can you do? You need calm and tranquility, without having to declare war to get it! It’s entirely possible…

False Accusation in Divorce: How to Survive, Cope, and Come Out OK

by Ivan Craig

If you are falsely accused of a crime while going through divorce, please stop right here. This informative and compelling short read will tell you what to expect and how best to brave the challenges you’re about to undertake. I will ease your fear of the unknown.

Specifically, this book will address:
-The general process and what to expect
-The main people involved
-Suggestions on how to vindicate yourself
-Recommended actions to achieve the best results

You can’t undo the false accusation. But you CAN control your actions and decisions going forward so that you can achieve the best outcome.

How to Raise Smart Kids: Build your child’s brain using language & storytelling

by Shrewdhippo Digests

How to Raise Smart Kids is a practical guide on harnessing the power of words, language, interactions and storytelling to develop your child’s brain and cognitive abilities to their optimum capacity.

The digest anecdotes scientific research to prove why talking to your child everyday is crucial for their brain development and why every parent, grandparent, or childcare provider should make a conscious effort to do so.

It also includes practical activities that go beyond preparing your child for academic success. The language and cognitive skills that the child learns in early toddlerhood provides him or her with the social and emotional life skills to successfully navigate life in general.

It will change the way you communicate, bond and interact with your child.

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