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The English Doctor Love: Amish and Doctor Romance Story

by Aqua Allsopp

A Standalone Sweet Clean Amish Romance. Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

The English Doctor’s Love is a spellbinding, clean romance where the fate of one Amish family is turned upside down and changed forever. When a tragic accident occurs, everyone involved has to make hard decisions about their future.

Thomas Hedulund must choose between the life of an adventurist and rebellious playboy, or true love. He must also choose between two women that he has grown to love. Can the English doctor overcome his past to learn to live again? Will has character flaws relegate him to a life of meaningless encounters or will his inner good nature rise to embrace love?

Only time and circumstance can save the English doctor from himself. Learn how the fate of one Amish family is touched by the English doctor’s presence and how the lives of two Amish girls become intertwined with the lives of two English doctors. Will they choose to continue living an Amish life, or will they give up family and community for the sake of love? All of these questions and more are answered in the English Doctor’s Love.

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A standalone short story with 12 free bonus clean romance stories inside!

Restoring the Biblical Christ: Is Jesus God?

by Jason Kerrigan

Restoring the Biblical Christ: Is Jesus God? presents a very clear and logical understanding of God and Jesus while answering objections along the way (i.e., while completely dismantling Trinitarian “proof texts” systematically and decisively). If you want to understand who Jesus is, this is the book to get. No stone is left unturned. When you finish this book you will know what the early Christians believed before the Council of Nicea in 325 AD (when the Trinity doctrine was enforced by Constantine) and why their belief, not Trinitarianism, is the Biblical one.  

The first chapter of Restoring the Biblical Christ: Is Jesus God? documents the history surrounding the Nicene Crisis showing that the modern day tradition was not always the belief held by early Christians. Chapters 2-16 contain a thorough, fresh examination of what the Bible actually does say about Jesus. Is he God? There are many Bible passages that seem to say so. Each one of those texts is addressed in this single volume.

You’re All You Need: Real Happiness Through The Power Of Meditation (Eliminate Stress, Anxiety & Depression, and Improve Your Mind, Body & Spirit)

by Sarah Rowland

You’re All You Need: Real Happiness Through The Power Of Meditation is your one-stop guide that will teach you everything that you need to know about meditation.

In This Book You Will Learn:

  • What meditation is
  • The basics of meditation
  • Different meditation techniques
  • To use meditation to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression
  • The different states of consciousness
  • Common pitfalls
  • Keys to success

And so much more!

In addition to the above points, you will learn specific strategies that will be described in a way that will ultimately walk you through each step of the process. For the audiobook version, you can simply plug in your headphones and be guided through the process in real time! It is the best guide for teaching people to foster mindful lifestyles that will serve them in the highest way possible. The audiobook version is highly recommended, as it allows for you to listen while reading along. The audiobook version enhances the experience, making it a fantastic addition to this already amazing book: Giving you the complete, ultimate meditation experience.

 *This book is the handy manual that will change your life and free yourself from negative energies. NOW is the time to make a change and live a happier life!

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Wicca Book of Spells: Wicca Book of Spells which includes Wicca Altar and Wicca Herbal Magic (Wicca Book of shadows 1)

by Lisa Daily

This is a 2 book bundle which includes the following books

Wicca Altar and Tools and Wicca Herbal Magic


Learn everything you need to know about Wiccan Altar & Tools


Have you been called to the path of magick? Are you curious about the Wiccan religion and the power of spellcraft? Do you want to learn more about the tools and altar that form the basis of a magickal Wiccan practice? If so, then Wicca Altar & Tools: A Beginner’s Guide to Wiccan Altars & Tools for Spellcraft is right for you!


Ritual tools and altar setup form the basis of every successful magickal practice. With proper care and use, your ritual tools can help bring clarity and energy to your magick, giving you the power to craft the life and success of your dreams with your spellwork.


Wicca is about more than just manifesting material gain and success through magick, however. This rich and vibrant religious path also provides a wealth of spiritual, mental, and emotional fulfillment when properly cultivated. In this sense, the tools and altar used in Wiccan practice are about so much more than crafting spells for their effects on the mundane world. These powerful tools can create the sacred space necessary for deep meditation and self-reflection, especially when used in tandem with any number of divination tools.


With this brief but comprehensive guide, you will receive an introduction to the many ritual tools and elements of spellcraft and the setup of the Wiccan altar. Inside, you will learn:


  • The origins of the Wiccan tradition – including its history and a working definition of Wicca and magick that will clarify the intentions and context of the magickal tools and altar


  • A complete list of magickal tools, elements of spellcraft, and their appropriate associations and uses


  • The purpose of the Wiccan altar and its appropriate setup for general ritual use, as well as decorations that correspond to each of the Wiccan sabbats, or holy days


  • An introduction to divination tools, their origins and uses, and information on how to choose the divination method that is right for you


  • How and when to cleanse and charge your tools


  • How to consecrate your tools for ritual use


  • And so much more!


While there is much to learn about the other elements of Wiccan ritual, this guide will provide you with a working understanding of the physical elements of spellwork. By the time you finish reading this book, you will have all the knowledge of Wiccan tools and altar setup you need to bring great magick into your life.


Learn everything you need to know about Wiccan Herbal Magic!

Do you want to learn about Wicca and more specifically, Wicca Herbal Magic? Are you planning to study it seriously and long-term, or simply looking to dabble and find out whether it’s right for you? All of these situations make you well suited for this book. In this detailed guide, you will learn about:


    The Body in the Bog

    by Barry Gray

    Imagine what it would be like if we could see the real face of an individual that lived over 2,000 years ago. Not an image that has been made by a computer, but their actual face.

    Imagine if we could see their body. Not one that has been mummified and is lying in pieces due to the dry air. Instead, their actual body complete with skin and all of the lines that appear on it.

    Sound impossible? Does it sound like science fiction or just an individual created in the imagination of someone else?

    Well, it’s not.

    What I am talking about is something that is very real. An individual who did indeed live over 2,000 years ago. An individual who is so well preserved that he has taught us so much about people that lived in the Iron Age.

    And yet, there is still so much about him that we don’t know. So many questions that remain unanswered. However, that is part of the fun of studying this man; trying to uncover his past and letting our mind run riot as we attempt to imagine what his life must have been like all those years ago.

    The Preacher’s Daughter’s Secret

    by Elaine Young

    Warning!: This book contains FREE BONUS BOOKS as a thank you for ordering. Some of the free books are clean and some are intended for mature audiences.

    The Preacher’s Daughter’s Secret

    A chance encounter during Rumspringa thrusts sweet, innocent Rosalie Mitchell, the daughter of a Preacher, into a world of untold delights and passion. She falls recklessly into the arms of Jake Owenson, the handsome, rebellious man who turned his back on their Amish community years ago.

    But her passionate encounter comes at a high price and brings with it unexpected consequences, ones that will change her life forever. Faced with the possibility of banishment from her home and community, Rosalie must decide whether she can turn for help to the man she had never expected to see again. Will she bow down to her father’s wishes and the choices he makes for her, or summon up the strength to forge her own path?

    Warning: This book is a clean romance but the other free books attached may contain scenes not suitable for children under 18.

    Romance: Mail Order Bride: Jane’s New Beginning (Sweet Clean Romance) (Mail Order Bride Romances Book 1)

    by Sandee Keegan

    Jane Muffet has been corresponding with the man of her dreams for two years. She eagerly counts down the days before she can move west and marry him, and she is more than willing to do anything to make him happy.

    When Jane suddenly needs to move west, she does something she is not proud of. Using the kindness of another man, Jane tricks him into bringing her out west.

    But when Jane arrives in the West, she discovers that life isn’t what she thought it was, and she is faced with a difficult decision.

    Will the truth come out? Will Jane find love? Will love conquer all?

    Hauntings And Ghosts: Abandoned Buildings and the Creepy Ghosts That Lurk There (True Hauntings Book 2)

    by Max Mason Hunter

    Abandoned Buildings and the Creepy Ghosts That Lurk Thereâ?¦

    Abandoned Buildings and the Creepy Ghosts That Lurk Thereâ?¦

    No matter where you go on this blue and green planet of ours, there is always a place where ghostly activity seems to abound. There are always those shuttered up houses, decrepit warehouses, abandoned prisons, hospitals, and factories, in which spiritual happenings seem to thrive even long after the activities of the living have ceased to transpire within their desolate walls.

    But what really happens behind the closed doors of abandoned buildings? Are ghosts really lurking around every corner? Or is the human mind simply just that powerful; so powerful that we can unknowingly project the strangest of imaginations onto desolate environments with stunning results?

    Whatever the case may be, the stories of these abandoned haunted places are powerful, so much so that mere word of mouth of their telling is often spellbinding. As fantastical as some of these accounts are, we are drawn in and we can’t help but want to hear more.

    These accounts of paranormal activity are then retold for long enough that certain locations develop a very distinct identity as a focus for otherworldly entities and phenomenon. These are the stories of the abandoned buildings and the creepy ghosts that lurk there…

    Here Is A Preview Of What’s Inside…

    • Hauntings And Ghosts: Burial Mounds, Shadow Men, and Other Murderous Ghosts of Moundsville
    • Hauntings And Ghosts: Abandoned Houses at Black Hope Cemetery
    • Hauntings And Ghosts: NASA Fends off Ghosts (And Questions) at its Abandoned “Launch Complex-34”
    • Hauntings And Ghosts: The Haunted Old Atlanta Prison Farm
    • Hauntings And Ghosts: Illinois Family Beset by a Hungry Ghost and forced to Abandon Home
    • Hauntings And Ghosts: The Haunted House of Riddles
    • Much, much more!

    Grab this book today!

    Desire Jesus, Volume 1: A 30 Day Devotional to help encourage, refresh, and strengthen your daily walk with Christ (Desire Jesus Daily Devotions)

    by John Stange

    ~”Finally! A Christ-centered devotional that encourages my faith and gives me a deeper, biblically sound, understanding of who Jesus is. This is exactly what I have been looking for! A welcomed addition to my day and a bright start to my morning routine! Greatly appreciated!”

    ~”Well written. Thought provoking. Concise, but convicting. Thank you!”

    ~”I follow the Facebook page and listen to John Stange’s podcasts. This is another great resource that I’m finding quite helpful. Collecting each volume because I like to read more than one each day.”

    Following Jesus is the greatest privilege of our lives. He has made it possible for us to grow closer to Him and stronger in our faith as a result. Jesus came to this earth and took on flesh, lived the perfect life, died death in our place to pay for our sin, and rose from the grave. In doing so, He secured victory over sin, Satan, and death and He shares His victory with all who trust in Him.

    Jesus lives in perfect unity with the Father and the Holy Spirit – one God in three Persons. Jesus is the Lord, Messiah, Savior, and ultimate hope for humanity. We were created to worship Him, walk with Him, and bring Him glory forever. He loves us and He assures His followers that He will be with us always.

    All Scripture is pointing our hearts toward Jesus and in the pages of this devotional series, we’ll be looking at various Scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments and learning more about what it means to apply those Scriptures to our lives as an expression of our faith in Jesus.

    Our prayer is that Jesus will use the content of this devotional to encourage, refresh, and strengthen you in your daily walk with Him.

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