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Edible Wild Plants: 25 Plants You Can Find In The Forest: Identify, Harvest & Prepare

by Micheal Keen

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Edible Wild Plants: (FREE Bonus Included)

25 Plants You Can Find in The Forest: Identify, Harvest & Prepare

There are a number of wild plants around you that you do not know edible. Don’t worry this e-book will tell you about some of the wild plants that can be added to your menu tonight.

This book will summarize

  • What are edible wild plants?
  • Benefits of edible wild plants
  • 25 edible wild plants and their description

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A Practical Guide To Electric Bikes: The Complete User Guide To Discovering All About Electric Bikes!

by Ethan Clark

A Practical Guide To Electric Bikes (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)

The Complete User Guide To Discovering All About Electric Bikes!

There are many electric bikes out there, all advertised by different companies. It can be hard to know which bike you should choose, or if you should choose an electric bike at all.
You should choose an electric bike!

An electric bike will help to make you healthier, wealthier and happier.

This guide will give you all you need to know about electric bikes, including:

  • The history
  • The why of electric bikes
  • The classifications
  • The health benefits
  • The environmental benefits
  • The motors
  • The batteries
  • The cost

This guide will show you that electric bikes are not dissimilar when you break them down. It will help you to choose the electric bike which is right for you. It will improve your life.

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Beaten by Girls: Deflated Male Egos

by Ken Phillips

These women are beautiful, classy and powerful! They are in situations where they have to show men the true meaning of Woman-Power! In some cases men forced the issue, in other cases the ladies just decided that it was time to teach the fellas a lesson. These women use their thick, over-powering thighs, hard biceps and muscled abs to show the men who’s boss. This book includes great pictures and their experiences defeating men at sports and just flat out kicking their ass! If you like beautiful, strong women defeating males, check out all of my books on Kindle!

DIY Survival: More Homemade Projects for Prepping: (Survival Guide, Survival Gear)

by Daniel Hopkins

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DIY Survival

More Homemade Projects for Prepping

Welcome to Homemade Projects for Survival, a D.I.Y. book designed to help you survive some of the most difficult situations in the world and prepare for those situations in a “just in case” environment. With the world in a hammock of chaotic feelings, preparing for the worst has become the norm but most who want to prepare for the worst simply don’t know where to start, which is where this book comes into play. From body army, home security, and even portable gardens, this book is designed to cover a wide area of protections and understand how these protections work so the concepts can be applied to other issues.

In the first chapter, we’ll go over how you can fortify your home and increase the security of your safe place, which means we’ll go over:

  • How you can use a door stopper to prevent common burglaries
  • Ways to prevent clever thieves from taking your door off
  • Create a barrier to help prevent the more belligerent enemies

In the second and third chapters, we’ll go over how to can easily siphon gas and create a portable garden that you can take with you. While it is important to understand how to survive out in the wilderness, understanding how to come out on top when civilization falls is a less talked about approach to surviving. This is why we discuss topics such as why using urine and water with gas is a myth and how to efficiently grow crops in such a hostile environment.

In the last chapter, we’ll go over how you can defend yourself and we’ll go over:

  • How to build an arm shield
  • How to build a riot shield
  • What shields should really be used for

This is a book on how to help you survive, not a book that will regurgitate what you can already find on the internet.

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Hit The F**king Ball!

by James McGrew

Hit the F**king Ball! describes the trials and tribulations of a Dad coaching his son in little league baseball and enduring the hardships it presents. As many baseball dads/ coaches can attest, watching a son struggle at the plate trying to hit a baseball can prove to be an excruciating exercise!
See if Timmy and his Dad can survive a crucial baseball game with Coach needing his son to just hit the f**king ball.

The Rugby Psychology Workbook: How to Use Advanced Sports Psychology to Succeed on the Rugby Field

by Danny Uribe MASEP


Players hear it all the timeâ?¦
“Rugby is 90% Mental, and 10% Physical”
“It’s All in Your Head”
“The Only One that Can Stop You is You”
“You have to be Mental Tough!”

But what exactly do those sayings mean??? Without something concrete, it’s difficult for players to understand what it specifically takes to have a mental approach primed for success.

And rather than have a debate with someone who knows nothing about mental training or sports psychology… or read about theories and mental hacks that may or may not work off some random website…why not use a detailed, interactive, and engaging workbook that shows and teaches athletes how specific Sports Psychology concepts directly impact their performance on the rugby field?

That’s exactly what you’ve found here!

Through 10 Dynamic Exercises… we take athlete’s on a journey through the Most debilitating Mental and Emotional Obstacles faced by the Vast Majority of Competitors including:

-Decreased Levels in Motivation
-Lack of Goal-Setting Capability
-Suppressing Unwanted Thoughts
-An Inability to get “In a Zone”
-Experiencing Overwhelming Pre-Game Jitters, Nerves, and Anxiety
-Overcoming Serious and Debilitating Injuries
-Zero Formal Education of Necessary Mental Skills such as Mental Imagery and Self-Talk
-Playing without Confidence
-Not Being Able to Focus when it Matters Most

When Athletes Suffer and become Victim to one or multiple issues mentioned above…it becomes Incredibly Difficult for them to maintain a positive frame of mind not only in sports but in life in general. And unfortunately in society today all athletes are under the spot light as they are judged by many of their friends, family, and peers by the level of success they have on the field, which makes it absolutely crucial for athletes to be mentally tough and resilient.

Thus, after completing our workbook athletes will undoubtedly be equipped with the Mental Tools to:

1. Develop Supreme Confidence in their Skills and Abilities to Flourish
2. Build Mental Toughness and Resilience to Overcome Obstacles
3. Learn to Handle Intense Pressure and Paralyzing Adversity
4. Conquer their Crippling Fears and Severe Anxiety
5. Be Mentally Ready to Compete and Dominate their Competition
6. Come Back from Injury Better and Stronger than Before
7. Be Overflowing with Motivation and Surpass their Athletic Goals

Whether you’re a male or female athlete looking for ways to improve your skills and ability (middle school, high school, or collegiate skill level)â?¦A coach or trainer in search of avenues to improve your teams performanceâ?¦or a parent trying to help your son or daughter accomplish their goals and dreamsâ?¦THIS IS THE WORKBOOK YOU’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!

Choking Under Pressure During Crucial Moments of a Game, Sitting on the Bench Game after Game despite All your Hard Work and Effort, Becoming accustomed to Losing Over and Over, not Stepping Up when the team Needs it Most, and being Unable to see any Progress toward Improving and Reaching Success can be EXTEMELY PAINFUL, DISAPPOINTING, and DISCOURAGING. This STOPS TODAY! Fulfill your Potential, and Finally Play Great the way you’ve Always Envisioned.

Available in Kindle and Paperback Edition

A SCANDALOUS HUSBAND (Redemption Book 2)

by Bev Pettersen

Dani lost the love of her life to an unjust prison sentence but is finally ready to move on. She has no idea her estranged husband is being released. Dex is determined to win her back…but will it be too little, too late?

Winner Heart of Excellence Readers’ Choice
Winner Reader Views Best Romance
Winner Aspen Gold Readers Choice
HOLT Medallion Award Finalist
Book Buyers Best Finalist

It’s been two rough years since Dani Tattrie has seen her husband. She didn’t plan on running their California ranch by herself, but she’s scraped by. Now though, a string of bad luck has left her reeling and ready to sell. Training horses is still her dream job but she’s never recovered from her husband’s bewildering incarceration. And she doesn’t have the money or energy to continue alone.

Dex Tattrie has survived being locked up thanks to his biker gang relatives and a job working with horses at the prison farm. He didn’t expect to get out alive or to ever see his wife again. Yet as his parole date inches closer, he dares to believe redemption might be possible.

However, a conniving cop is lurking, ready to steal both Dani and the ranch at the slightest misstep. And Dex’s murky ties to a dead prostitute make it difficult to prove he’s still the man Dani married.


Riding For Redemption (Redemption Book 1)
A Scandalous Husband (Redemption Book 2)
Backstretch Baby (Redemption Book 3)

Survival Secrets: Top 20 Secrets of Survival That Will Save Your Life In A Life-or-Death Emergency Survival Situation

by Bartholomew Rommel

Each year, thousands of ordinary people find themselves in unexpected life-or-death survival situations. Their car broke down in a remote area, they went backpacking or hunting only to become lost in the woods, or they sustained an injury while mountain climbing alone and were left stranded.

Some of these people are/were able to make it out alive back to their families, but too many others will/did tragically not. And the reason why they weren’t able to survive is simple: they were unprepared.

You don’t have to become an all-out survivalist or someone who’s entire focus and passion is on survival to be prepared for a life-or-death survival situation. You can be an ordinary salesperson, a freelancer, a writer, a musician, a business owner, a doctor, whoever.

What’s important is that you know basic survival skills that you will be able to apply in a situation that demands it to make it out alive.

This book is going to teach you twenty different critical survival skills in the form of â??survival secrets.’

Even though these are not true â??secrets’ to the avid outdoors person or wilderness survival expert, they are secrets to the ordinary individual who just wants to be a little more prepared the next time they venture out into the outdoors. If this includes you, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Some of the secrets that we will cover include the following:

-Adopting The Survival Attitude
-How To Identify Edible Plants and Insects
-How To Navigate During Day and Night
-How To Procure Clean Drinking Water
-How To Identify A Suitable Campsite For The Night
-How To Estimate The Distance You Have Traveled
-How To Bandage An Open Would With Natural Resources

Maybe you already know some of the secrets that we will cover in this book. But at the same time, there are others that you probably don’t know.

Either way, this book will serve as a great resource for you since it can both remind you of survival skills you have already learned in the past while also teaching you new ones.

Fundamentals of the Golf Swing: Basic Building Blocks to the Complete Fundamental Golf Swing

by Paul Meyer

Learn the Fundamentals to the Golf Swing

They say that if you are not learning, you are not really living, and this couldn’t be truer than when it comes to golf. Because whether you are a PGA tour pro or a complete novice, there is always something new you can learn to better your game. And of all the things you can learn and refine, that ever coveted, perfect golf swing, is no doubt a top priority on your list.

No matter where you may be on your golf journey this book serves to highlight some basic fundamentals that will help you improve your golf swing. When these fundamentals are utilized you can greatly improve the reliability of your shots and achieve a low scoring game on the green; wouldn’t that be great? You will no longer have to be embarrassed on the golf course.

Think of this book as the kind and patient personal trainer that you have been looking for. In the exquisite details of the exercises and tutorials presented in this book you can learn what you have been missing out on without any shame. You will master a lot more than your swing, with this book as your guide you will master your confidence and find a whole new way to approach the game of golf.

This book will teach you how to:

  • Improve your Grip
  • Learn to control your Tempo
  • Develop your Swing Sequence
  • Correct Your Posture
  • And much more!

Pump the power of the beast (2015)

by Sergey Matyushkov

“Analyze your experience, remember what works for you and what doesn’t and try to find your own pathâ?¦”
Bruce Lee

Of course, gym can give you a beautiful figure, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll get strong. The main point of bodybuilding is gaining muscle mass in any possible ways. Getting stronger is therefore less important, it is just a way of gaining muscles, so if a bodybuilder has big muscles, it doesn’t mean that he is extremely strong. We’ve seen many examples.

I’ve read an interview with a wife of a bodybuilder. She told a story from her everyday life: once she asked her husband to carry their child. He could bear the kid for just 20-30 meters, claiming that his arms got tired. I was very surprised. What’s the point of having big muscles if they are so useless in everyday life?

One of my friends, wrestling and Russian hand-to-hand combat champion told me one story. He is 5â?² 4â?³ tall and weighs 70 kg, but he still won fights over well-prepared athletes who weighed much more than him. He is not a huge fan of bodybuilding and does just some basic exercises. He competed with fighters from different schools of our region and he NEVER lost a fight. One huge bodybuilder wanted to have a fight with him. He boasted that he had 130 kg in bench press and 160 kg in squat, so he was an experienced athlete. The fight began. There were many people there. The bodybuilder lost. After the fight my friend told me that he used just 50% of his resources as he felt kind of sorry for his opponent. He didn’t want to discredit the guy in front of his friends and spectators.

But how was that possible? Why couldn’t the bodybuilder use his muscles in the fright?

The thing is that when you lift, your muscles get used to this specific type of exercising, but it’s not applicable in the real life.

I remember a story that Daniel Inosanto, a master of martial arts, told in Bruce Lee’s biography. They were once walking along the beach in Santa Monica when a huge bodybuilder passed them by. Daniel was impressed and said to Bruce: “Hey, look at this guy’s arms!” But his reaction was: “Yeah, he’s big, but how strong is he?”

Bruce on the contrary was very strong! For example, he could lift a 32 kg kettlebell to his chest and hold it there for 20 seconds. It’s actually very difficult to do, especially for a guy who weighs 62 kg. Not every 100 kg bodybuilder can do that.

An amateur who doesn’t use pharmacologic support will inevitably hit the muscle plateau. You just stop making any progress and only anabolic steroids can help youâ?¦

It’s not a secret that all professional bodybuilders have used steroids and other pharmacologic support at some point.

No wonder that amateurs don’t reach any impressive results even after 3-4 years of training without using steroids.

But why?

The reason is that gym will make you stronger, but not for the real life. There’s just one exception: if you have 130-140 kg in bench press without steroids, 75 kg in biceps curl, 190 kg in deadlift, more than 160-180 in squat, then you’ve have come far with your training and you definitely will be able to apply your strength in other disciplines and get above-average results. But I am not sure that there are many people who can have such amazing results without pharmacology. Most of us will never get there. So what’s the way? You’ll find the answers in this book.

Survival Mistakes To Avoid: Deadly Mistakes That Will Kill You In A Survival Situation and Lifesaving Solutions For How You Can Avoid Each One To Make It Out Alive

by Bartholomew Rommel

Of our many instincts that have been molded by history the survival instinct is by far the most impressive. Every year we hear amazing stories about daring and terrifying instances of survival. No one could forget the man who cut off his arm because it was trapped between rocks. He used a simple pocket knife and his survival instinct to get back to civilization.

These wild tales of wilderness survival make headline news but the fact is 2000 people get lost in the woods a year. Most of the time simple and avoidable mistakes put people in a bad situation. These mistakes may even cost them their lives.

We are going to explore 12 survival mistakes to avoid. The goal here is to build your confidence and ability in responding to a survival situation. Whether we are talking about setting up base camp, treating injuries or improvising weapons this book will hopefully be a great resource.

This book will reiterate some things you may already know about wilderness survival as well as offer new angles and new information on some basic mistakes that can be made by anyone who find themselves in a life-or-death survival situation. Examples of what we will cover include:

– How to stay calm and focused in a survival situation
– Choosing the right clothing for your environment
– Building a strong and protective shelter
– Improvising weapons and tools
– Putting yourself in the survival mindset

Keep this book as a guide with you for the rest of your life


Geocaching: The Complete Guide To Geocaching – Learn Everything You Need To Know About Geocaching, Plus Advanced Tips And Tricks!

by Ross Lopez


The Complete Guide To Geocaching – Learn Everything You Need To Know About Geocaching, Plus Advanced Tips And Tricks!

If you’re browsing through this book at your favorite bookstore right now, and are pondering whether to take it to the cashier, ask yourself these questions: Are you considering purchasing a GPS receiver? Have you recently purchased a GPS receiver (or got one as a gift)?

Have you owned a GPS receiver for a while, but want to get more from it? Are you interested in using digital maps for your profession or hobby? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then stop reading and immediately proceed to the cash register because this book will make your life easier (if you’re still not convinced, feel free to continue flipping through the pages to see what I mean).

Getting a bit more specific, people in the following groups should find this book especially useful.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Recreation
  • Transporation
  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Environmental
  • Technology

Download your copy of “Geocaching” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

NBA’s 50 Greatest Basketball Players of All-Time

by Johnny Osaki

Newly formatted 400 pages with over 50 chapters: All the Facts and Stats you need in just one book. Latest talked about triple-double stats of Oscar, Wilt, Baylor, and Kareem. Sample the first 3 chapters free: Latest and most extensive book available! This all-in-one revised edition book of basketball is a great statistical and factual reference with outstanding player descriptions, analysis and skill sets (In the “Kindle edition” the online preview for the chapter title’s do not appear aligned until compressed and viewed on your Kindle device). To begin (If you are a big-time basketball fan and like objective-facts and numbers, this resource is like a mini encyclopedia in the palm of your hands), after you read the description and the first few pages on Amazon’s preview (Look Inside!), make sure to click Surprise me! – to get a true glimpse of what this book is all about – better yet, click on Search Inside this book and punch in your favorite player! And that includes you too, Skip Bayless from ESPN’s First Take. So far at the end of August, a panel of experts (so to speak) on the show have been giving their selections for Top 3 Greatest Players of All-Time soon after LeBron James publicly announced his. He chose, of course Michael Jordan, and then Dr. J & Larry Bird – followed by Magic Johnson after he was asked to name a fourth. And then more recently, current and past players were giving their Mount Rushmore picks (Top 4) with assortment of mixed opinions. LeBron gave his in a more serious interview during the 2014 All-Star break when he then chose Jordan, Magic, Bird, and then Oscar Robertson! Hard to argue with those picks. Well, also, this is partly what this new 2013 release is all about, ranking the greatest players of all-time. LeBron himself would be amazed of what is written about him as a player. In addition, every chapter on every player has an awesome and unmatched description of his attributes an very own skill set! This book is a must have for all basketball fans. It contains hardcore facts and stats of The NBA’s 50 Greatest Players of All-Time (rankings of Magic, Bird, Jordan, Wilt, Russell, Oscar, Dream and the rest of the greats of the game- find out who’s in the top 10?) with exclusive projected rankings of seven current players? As they approach their primes and where they might end up in the Elite Rankings of All-Time! On the cover of the book and on its first page title, instead of changing the subtitle from projected pick six?, to a projected super seven! I have decided to keep both subtitles. Within the 57 chapter player rankings, there is also an additional 50 plus players written about exclusively and extensively including Kevin Love in Blake Griffin’s chapter as potentially becoming the greatest power forward of the current era. In the player comparisons throughout, it distinguishes which players are better than others from an objective point of view- which in turn allows you to judge for yourselves! For example: Is Wilt Chamberlain better than Bill Russell or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? Is Magic Johnson better than Larry Bird? Is Kobe Bryant better than Jerry West? Is Tim Duncan better than Karl Malone? Is John Stockton better than Isaih Thomas? Also listed is an All-Time NBA First Team, Second Team, and Third Team based on projected rankings. The book is filled with player introductions including a mini-biography, player opinions from past and current great players, player attributes and skill sets, records and individual accolades, award and honors, player rankings and player comparisons throughout, and a player’s chronological history year by year with interceding player evaluations of the NBA’s elite and players outside the top 50. The book was completed at near 200,000 words. And finally the most interesting part of this book, is that I have created a one-of-a-kind chart (In the paperback edition) for individual accolades, honors and awards of the 50 greatest basketball players of all-time!

Mud Sweat and Ears

by Michael Ashwin

A look in to the life of an amateur local rugby with many recognisable characters and stories!

Savvy Traveler’s Guide: Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park

by Reeves Crest

Ever wanted to know what it would feel like to experience a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park the way that most can only dream of? With the secrets shared in this Savvy Traveler’s Guide to the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, you are opening the doors to baseball experiences that money can’t buy… at little or no cost to you!

You will learn the insider secrets of how to get access to opportunities such as:

– Meeting famous players (like David Ortiz, or Dustin Pedroia) and get their autographs.
– Walking into the Green Monster and seeing the inside of the magical scoreboard.
– Sitting in the Red Sox dugout.
– Hitting balls in the same batting cage as Derek Jeter and all visiting players.
– Getting Red Sox tickets for 75-90% off face value.

This book will unveil the author’s knowledge acquired through years of experience at Fenway Park. You will learn what Red Sox opportunities to watch out for, tips and tricks that will maximize your chances to take home priceless souvenirs from games, and secrets on when and how to buy incredible Red Sox tickets for pennies on the dollar.

Your next Fenway Park experience could be like none you have experienced before! This book is a must have for any Boston Red Sox fan, or for any visitor to Fenway Park!

Stolzer wilder Wakito – Wo die Birken stehen (German Edition)

by Marion Gerber

Der Rapphengst Wakito hat ein überragendes Springtalent und wird mit seiner Reiterin Tamara für einen internationalen Wettbewerb nominiert. Ob das eigensinnige Pferd dort bestehen kann ist allerdings mehr als fraglich. Mit ungewöhnlichen Trainingsmethoden versuchen Tamara und ihr Teamkollege Lucard Wakito auf das Springen vorzubereiten. Als sich endlich Licht am Ende des Tunnels zeigt, wird Wakito verletzt…

Stolzer wilder Wakito – Wer es wagt zu träumen (German Edition)

by Marion Gerber

Es ist Tamaras Traum, einmal ein Turnier zu gewinnen. Als sie den Rapphengst Wakito geschenkt bekommt, glaubt sie sich ihrem Ziel nahe. Doch der eigensinnige Wakito ist schwer zu reiten. Erst als Tamara sein Springtalent entdeckt, scheint der Durchbruch nahe. Da tauchen Schatten aus der Vergangenheit auf, die Wakito an der Entfaltung seiner Begabung hindern …

A Beginner’s Urban Survival Prepping Guide: Survival Tips in the Prepping Urban Environment(The Prepperâ??s Urban survival Guide): A Beginner’s Urban Survival Prepping Guide

by Max Stout

Finally Revealed.. The Amazing insider Secrets of Urban Survival .

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $9.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Urban survival may be the scariest survival scenario, you will ever face unlike wilderness or desert environments, where you are not directly in competition with the environment, you are merely trying to understand its rules and laws and incorporate them into your own existence and challenge yourself to live by the most ancient code of conduct that mother nature herself developed, the rules that say “as long as you respect me I will respect you.” In a wilderness survival situation you are dealing with isolation, whereas in an urban jungle.

Surviving Doomsday: Learn The Secrets Of Urban Survival Course Regular price of $298 —? Amazon Coupon for only $99.00
Only $99 Dollars for a Limited Time.

You will be dealing with different laws in different rules. You will be challenged by masses of panicked humanity at its worst, where there are no rules and laws of nature. There is no mutual respect granted, simply because you have managed to survive. For instance, yes, you might be attacked by a bear in a forest but generally the bear does not have any ill will and does not hold a grudge against you. He is simply living by the laws of nature. He is defending his territory or hunting food in a weird way as you both understand your place in the universe.

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Kommer til at se smuk natur No.2 (Danish Edition)

by scenery collection

Nyd den smukke natur

En bog, der samler billeder af smukke landskaber.
Du vil føle dig som at rejse i Japan blot ved at kigge på det.

Ṃpete РO Jogo da Emo̤̣o (Portuguese Edition)

by Elvis Morais

Um esporte destinado aos amantes do bom jogo e do fair play. Mãpete é uma nova opção de lazer que surge!

Tick Survival Guide: DIfferent Types Of Ticks, Their Habitats And Ways To Get Rid Of Them

by Cassedy Johnson

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

Tick Survival Guide: (FREE Bonus Included)

37 Legendary Diffuser Blends To Bring Summer Mood In Your Home

I would like to thank and congratulate you for downloading “Tick Survival Guide”You are certainly going to learn;

  • What a tick is.
  • The different types of ticks.
  • Safe and effective methods of ticks control.
  • What to do if you have a tick infestation.
  • Homemade Repellents for ticks.

Thanks again for downloading this book; it is my sincere hope that it will answer all your questions on Tick survival Guide.

Download your E book “Tick Survival Guide: DIfferent Types Of Ticks, Their Habitats And Ways To Get Rid Of Them” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

The Ultimate Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook: Tasty & Healthy Vegan Instant Pot Recipes for Everyone (Vegan Instant Pot Recipes Cookbook, Vegan Instant Pot Cooking, Vegan Instant Pot for Two)

by Lauren Stevens

Here You Will Find The Most Popular And Delicious Vegan Instant Pot Recipes That Will Make Your Cooking Much More Interesting!

Want to Get the Most Out of Your Instant Pot?

This book contains 50 vegan-friendly recipes for cooking in an Instant Pot. We tried to take into account different occasions and cuisines.

The book is divided into 5 chapters:

Snacks and starters. Try unusual starters, like polenta bites or veggie sliders. If you are not sure how many quests to expect for a party, then hummus and pates will be the heroes of the night!

Soups. Comfort food – healthy way, in its most! Be it a Turkish soup or Italian minestrone, be sure they are healthy and packed with vegetables. Have you ever tried puree borsch or Chinese mushroom soup? It is just time to say yes to all this comfort food made in a healthy way!

Main Courses. Preparing a dinner for vegans might take lots of effort to create a balance between healthy and filling tasty food. With these recipes, be it shepherd’s pies or lentil and cashew pasta, sweet potato burgers or red lentil curry, we have no doubt, you will be satisfied!

Side Dishes. Never underestimate side dishes. They can fill you up and be a pleasure to your eyes. They can become an appetizer, like baked beans on toasts, or even main dishes like roast potatoes! These versatile side dishes are healthy and designed to suite any dinner style, be it Asian infusion or old European background.

Desserts. Trying a bite of an orange cake or a chewy brownie is something that you will never resist! And why should you? You totally deserve your dessert! And with these recipes of healthy low-calorie cakes and puddings you are totally guilt-free! Enjoy!



by Jose Maya-Ortiz

A book which encourages a newer and best way to play the game of golf.

wabi sabi omomuki paysage vol.3 (French Edition)

by unique culture

Wabi sabi omomuki
Un livre qui peut trouver une culture unique dans le paysage du Japon.

Fusione di natura e culturaã??â?¡ (Italian Edition)

by water green

Un luogo dolce perfetto per rilassarsi.
Consigliato per viaggiare lontano dal caos e dalla frenesia della città.

Fusión de la naturaleza y la culturaã??â?¡ (Spanish Edition)

by water green

Un lugar apacible perfecto para relajarse.
Recomendado para viajar lejos del ajetreo y el bullicio de la ciudad.

Il paesaggio naturale e storico edificio NO2 (Italian Edition)

by beautiful things

Ci sono molti vecchi edifici lasciati in Giappone.
Ci sono un sacco di belle vedute naturali.
In Giappone c’è una cultura che ama queste cose.

Ir para ver belas paisagens No.2 (Portuguese Edition)

by scenery collection

Desfrute da bela paisagem

Um livro que recolhe fotos de belas paisagens.
Você vai se sentir como viajar no Japão apenas olhando para ele.

Aller voir de beaux paysages No.2 (French Edition)

by scenery collection

Profitez des beaux paysages

Un livre qui rassemble des images de beaux paysages.
Vous aurez envie de voyager au Japon juste en le regardant.

Muskelaufbau mit Kurzhanteln – Wie du mit 2 Kurzhanteln bergeweise Muskeln aufbaust… Garantiert! (German Edition)

by Nikolai Beike

In diesem E-Book lernst du alles was du benötigst, um mit deiner neuen Leidenschaft: Muskelaufbau zu beginnen oder anderweitig fortzusetzen. Genauer gesagt bekommst du Antworten auf folgende Fragen in den Themenbereichen Training und Ernährung:

1.Was brauche ich alles für das Training?
2.Wie motiviere ich mich für das Training?
3.Wieso haben die Meisten keinen Erfolg?
4.Warum bringt viel Training alleine nichts?
5.Wann und wie oft soll ich in der Woche trainieren?
6.Wie viele Sätze und Wiederholungen soll ich machen?
7.Welche Ã?bungen soll ich machen?
8.Wie sieht mein Trainingsplan aus und was muss ich beachten?
9. Wie führe ich die �bungen aus?
10.Wie lange soll ich mich auf- und abwärmen?
11.Wie lange muss die Pause zwischen den Sätzen sein?
12.Muss ich immer bis ans Limit gehen?
13.Was soll ich tun wenn ich Muskelkater habe?
14.Muss ich als Frau anders trainieren?
15.Was soll ich tun wenn ich stagniere?

1.Worauf kommt es wirklich an?
2.Was ist eine vernünftige Ernährung?
3.Wie viel Kalorien soll ich zu mir nehmen?
4.Wie viel EiweiÃ? soll ich zu mir nehmen?
5.Was soll ich alles essen und wie mache ich das am besten?
6.In welchem Zeitrahmen soll ich meine Mahlzeiten zu mir nehmen?
7.Was soll ich tun wenn ich immer noch hungrig bin?
8.Kann ich Alkohol trinken?
9.Welche Supplemente (Nahrungsergänzungsmittel) bringen mir wirklich
was und welche kann ich nehmen?

Zusätzlich erhälst du einen effizienten Trainingsplan und unabhängige Kaufempfehlungen für Dinge, die dir wirklich von Nutzen sind!

Deine Vorteile sind:

– Du erspart dir einen Haufen Recherche Arbeit und somit Zeit! (ich schätze 3-6 Monate)
– Du musst nicht mehr alle Fehler durchlaufen, die ich als Einsteiger durchlaufen bin!
– Du machst schnell Fortschritte bei wenig Aufwand!
– Du erhälst eine unabhängige Beratung
– Du musst nicht mehr ewig in der Küche stehen!
– Du sparst Geld, da du mit deinem neuem Wissen, kein Geld mehr für unnötige Supplemente verschwendest!
– Du kannst bequem von Zuhause aus trainieren, ohne in ein Fitnessstudio gehen zu müssen (Wartezeiten fallen weg)
– Du kannst dich jederzeit bei mir melden, in der im E-Book angegebenen E-Mail Adresse. Ich helfe dir gerne weiter!

Was du anschlie�end benötigen wirst:

– Eine Hantelbank
– Gewichte und 2 Kurzhanteln
– Stift und Zettel (mein Trainingsplan)
– Klimmzugstange (optional)

Falls du noch nichts davon hast ist das kein Problem. Ich zeige dir in meinem E-Book wie du damit trainieren kannst. Ob du anschlie�end das Ganze im Fitnessstudio umsetzt oder Zu Hause, überlasse ich dir! Es ist beides möglich.

Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg und Spa� mit deiner neuen Leidenschaft, den Muskelaufbau!

Nikolai Beike


by Jose Maya-Ortiz

A great book for those wanting an extra edge in the now popular game of poker.

Ag dul a fheiceáil radharcra álainn No.2 (Irish Edition)

by scenery collection

Bain sult as an radharcra álainn

Leabhar a bhailíonn pictiúir de tírdhreacha áille.
Beidh tú ag mothú cosúil le taisteal sa tSeapáin díreach trí bhreathnú ar sé.

Paisagem natural e edifício histórico NO2 (Portuguese Edition)

by beautiful things

Há uma série de edifícios antigos deixados no Japão.
Há uma abundância de belas vistas naturais.
No Japão existe uma cultura que adora essas coisas.

wabi sabi omomuki Landschaft vol.3 (German Edition)

by unique culture

Wabi Sabi omomuki
Ein Buch, das eine einzigartige Kultur in der Landschaft von Japan finden.

GET STRONG: Strength Training, Weight Training and How To Lift For Beginners

by Dan Horricks

GET STRONG: Strength Training, Weight Training and How To Lift For Beginners

The health and fitness world can be extremely confusing. It seems like every day there is a new diet trend or revolutionary exercise regimen that promises to get you fit quick, without much work on your part. The thing is that if there was one magic bullet that not only worked quickly, but worked the same way for everyone on the planet, we probably would have found it by now.

This book is a guide for beginners who want to start weight training. It will lay out your journey from beginning to end, touching on why you should start weight training, how your muscles work, how to set proper goals, how to structure a weightlifting program, and how to advance that program. It will give you the tools to assess your skills and progress, and to overcome common hurdles so you can keep succeeding and achieving your fitness goals.

Natuurlijke landschap en historische gebouw NO2 (Dutch Edition)

by beautiful things

Er zijn veel oude gebouwen links in Japan.
Er zijn tal van prachtige natuurlijke uitzicht.
In Japan is er een cultuur die zulke dingen houdt.

Imponert natur Vol.3 (Norwegian Edition)

by magnificent beautiful

En fantastisk utsikt, en vakker scene som ikke kan uttrykkes i ord, en bok som samler landskap som du ønsker å fortelle noen.

keibadekatusannpata-nn (Japanese Edition)

by asakura shuuji


Ir a ver hermosos paisajes No.2 (Spanish Edition)

by scenery collection

Disfrute del hermoso paisaje

Un libro que recoge imágenes de hermosos paisajes.
Usted se sentirá como viajar en Japón sólo por mirarlo.

Gehen Sie zu sehen, schöne Landschaft No.2 (German Edition)

by scenery collection

Genie�en Sie die schöne Landschaft

Ein Buch, das Bilder von schönen Landschaften sammelt.
Sie fühlen sich wie in Japan reisen, nur indem Sie es betrachten.

Just Another exciting day: I faced certain death on a number of times

by Mike Youngman

This is my true-life adventure I had the best career ever

I was brought up in Military family what’s often known as a expat brat, I ran wild in the deserts of Libya, Cyprus, and the Jungles in Malaya I was always in some sort of trouble I got a rude awakening we moved to the UK I had never lived in a civilized Country before It was 1969. I endured 7 years of school and engineering college by that time I had to seek out a more adventuress life style which I did by going offshore North Sea.

While working as a Mechanic and Rig Inspector in the drilling industry for 34 years. I traveled to various countries to inspect rigs and by fate or divine intervention I got involved in life threatening incidents 9 of which I was convinced I was about to die. Traveling to Nigeria to Inspect a rig I get taken Hostage and talk my way out of it 4 years later on my second trip to Nigeria I get involved in a fire fight at Kidney Island,
My work in Brazil had me falling from a drill ship 60 feet into the middle of migrating whales later on I get entangled with pirates my friend ends up in a Brazilian jail following an explosion onboard a drill ship two Brazilians are killed. In China I cross paths with the Chinese Mafia the Triads I try to help a crane driver save his daughter from prostitution. Another of my true life incidents happens in the Saudi Desert as I am checking a desert rig I need to see the water well some distance from the rig as I stumble through the deep sand I come upon a couple of Arabs with a tanker truck I seek shelter they turn out to be Terroristsit never dawned on me who they were at first until I see their machine guns in the truck cab.
My life time experience has taught me so much about human nature how utterly cruel we can be but also so passionate and loving it was hard and devastating for me, I lost my son through it he tried to follow my lead something I will have to live with which is crushing from day to day life I think of him I wrote this book for him.

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