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A Soldier in Need of Healing

by Stephanie Hunt

Warning!: This book contains several FREE BONUS BOOKS as a thank you for ordering. It also contains steamy romance scenes sure to entice you!

A Soldier in Need of Healing

The siege at Kimberley has lasted for four months and one day. Thaddeus Bennett was there for it all. Just when he thought he’d manage to get out with nothing more than a strong desire for a cold drink and water to wash his face, everything goes dark.

Molly Alexander has worked with the Red Cross for a long time now. She’s used to seeing the troop trains come in loaded with men. She’s used to seeing those same men either heal or die. But she’s not used to her heart skipping a beat when a stretcher goes past.

Thaddeus and Molly develop an immediate bond and attraction, but not everything is quite so simple. When a doctor gives Thaddeus news he never thought he’d hear, will it bring him closer to Molly? Or will it tear them apart forever?

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand alone romance with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

Mundus (Spanish Edition)

by Silverio Sanchez Corredera

Edmundus vive en el siglo XXV. Las patologías mentales crecen sin parar y el sistema educativo fracasa. El filósofo hace tiempo que dedica su vida a remediar estos dos problemas. Una lucha por el poder se teje ocultamente. Adolph se cree llamado a dar un vuelco a esa civilización agonizante. Bajo su imperio, la violencia sistemática será ineludible y deseable.
Silvia y Yóbrek, los nietos de Edmundus Delmundo, mantienen intensos lazos de afecto con su abuelo, que les llevarán a implicarse en sus mismos ideales, y arriesgarán sus vidas, enfrentados a Adolph.
La trama de Mundus indaga en la lucha entre el bien y el mal.

Istruzioni per non morire: Capitolo Due: Lilith (Italian Edition)

by Remo Bassetti

Dove si conosce la svampita moglie del protagonista, il suo tragico passato e il suo gioco preferito. E’ il secondo capitolo dell’e-feuilleton di Remo Bassetti

Liebesduft liegt in der Luft: Rosen und Vanille (German Edition)

by Olga Usherova

Sie ist so verliebt wie noch nie zuvor –
und sie lässt sich in eine Welt voller
Magie führen, die nach Vanille duftet.
Er liebt sie über alles – und er schenkt
ihr sein Herz – und tausend rote Rosen.

Lora lernt in dem Taekwondo-Verein
einen Jungen namens Brendon kennen,
in den sie sich sofort verliebt.
Sie geht auf ihn zu und
sie fragt ihn nach einem Date.
So kommt es zu einem wundervollen
Date in einem chinesischen Restaurant.
Lora hat ein Geheimnis: Sie kann Feuer
speien, weil ihr Vater einen Drachen
getötet hat. So hat er diese Gabe bekommen
und Lora hat diese Gabe geerbt.
Sie vertraut Brendon ihr Geheimnis an –
und er zeigt ihr den wundervollen Elfenwald,
in dem sie schon einmal in ihrer Kindheit
gewesen ist. Sie entdecken wunderschöne
Blumen, in denen kleine Elfen leben.
Bald stellt sich heraus, dass Brendon
der Sohn von Loras Deutschlehrer ist.
Und dann wird alles so richtig kompliziert…

Istruzioni per non morire: I primi sette capitoli (Italian Edition)

by Remo Bassetti

I primi sette capitoli dell’e-feuilleton di Remo Bassetti. Seguiamo il protagonista da un’inquietante rivelazione sul suo futuro a dolorose rievocazioni del suo passato, in un clima di tensione crescente. Destino, amore, donne bizzarre, una app sconcertante, sullo sfondo di Parigi.

A Sexy Mystery – The Series Box Set: The Montgomery Billionaire Bad Boys

by Jessica Kelly

A mystery he’s determined to solve. A steamy romance he never saw coming.

Ty Montgomery is a sexy billionaire, and he can snag any woman he wants. But he wants to be more than just a rich playboy. That’s why he settled on Ile St. Clare — to find the long-lost treasure ship, Hesperus.

But even all of Ty’s money can’t guarantee smooth sailing.

When his quest turns dangerous, his only option is to turn to a renowned island expert — who happens to be just as sexy as she is savvy. Little does he know his adventure is about to become just as intense in the bedroom as it is underwater.

If you like steamy romance, sexy billionaires, and an addictive mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end, you’ll love A Sexy Mystery – The Series Box Set! Get your copy today, and dive into this sexy adventure.

All three of the books in this sexy romantic mystery series contain steamy scenes, so they’re best-suited for readers who are 18+.

A Sexy Mystery – The Series Box Set is one of several stories that revolve around Jessica Kelly’s hot family of billionaires, the Montgomerys. If you’re looking for more steamy Montgomery action, you’ll find it in:

Billionaire Bad Boys – The Montgomerys
The Dangerous Secrets Series
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