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The Odyssey (AmazonClassics Edition)

by Homer

After enduring the Trojan War, Odysseus begins the treacherous journey home to Ithaca. On the way, he faces ravenous monsters and vengeful gods. But the real battle awaits, as his kingdom is under siege by unruly suitors vying for his wife’s handâ??and his son’s head. To reclaim his throne and save his family, Odysseus must rely on his witsâ?¦and help from the unpredictable gods.

Homer’s The Odyssey was composed around 700 BC. It is one of the earliest epics in existence and remains one of the most influential works of literature today.

Revised edition: Previously published as The Odyssey , this edition of The Odyssey (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

Beowulf (AmazonClassics Edition)

by Anonymous

The great drinking hall, Heorot, provides merriment for warriors and wenches alike. But it provokes only avenging rage from swamp creature Grendel. Now, in sixth-century Denmark’s darkest hour, a light of hope comes in the warrior Beowulf of the Geats. With his quest to defeat Grendel and his vengeful demon mother, Beowulf embarks on a journey from the murky lagoon to the throne of the Geats.

Beowulf, the Old English epic poem published anonymously centuries ago, remains one of the most influential pieces of English literature, inspiring generations of writers from J. R. R. Tolkien to George R. R. Martin.

AmazonClassics brings you timeless works from the masters of storytelling. Ideal for anyone who wants to read a great work for the first time or rediscover an old favorite, these new editions open the door to literature’s most unforgettable characters and beloved worlds.

Revised edition: Previously published as Beowulf, this edition of Beowulf (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

The Human Estate: A Chapbook of Poetry

by Mary Burbach

In her first published book of poetry, Burbach explores the themes of human isolation and connection. Relationships can cause strain in our lives, but are also our primary source of growth and happiness. Only by understanding ourselves can we create meaningful relationships with others. This chapbook of poetry is an examination of the psyche, the heart, the mind and human connection.

Wild Writers: The Animal World’s Greatest Poets

by Andrew Blitman

Why read this book? Because everybody – from the cosmic to the microscopic – has a story to tell. I have always wanted to know what goes on inside the heads of animals. Poetry was the tool that made this possible. “Wild Writers” allows us to have imaginary conversations with our pets and other creatures and empathize with them.

Who knows? We might end up learning new things along the way.

The Evolution Of Who I Am Becoming.

by Sharon Lowe

April 1, 2015, I passed my exam to become a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW).
May of 2014 I graduated with my Master’s in Social Work.
May of 2013 I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Social Work.

One would think with all of the above accomplishments I could be the captain of my own ship. Not so. I was still acting like a deck hand. Soon after passing the LMSW exam, I recalled telling those in my life that I had passed. I heard the word “Congratulations,” but I felt nothing. I felt empty. Nothing was mattering anymore. I felt like I was just existing in a life that was not mine.

I made a bold and courageous decision to embark on therapy. Therapy was like dropping a pebble into the water and the rings which are spun, created this amazing opportunity for self-discovery. I had absolutely no idea how earth shattering some of the rings would reverberate on a daily basis.

I present to you my work of healing. Within all, there is an artist, which can take on many forms of creativity. Allow yourself the opportunity to flow and be free to create beauty.


by JAnn Bowers

Welcome to the fifth book of poetry “Wasted” by JAnn!
This book is packed full of short poems and micropoetry with a sincere touch of mystery and a strong feeling of mixed emotions written with the ease of her pen during the late hours of the night. JAnn’s poems follows a sense of loss with a sense searching of something she or anyone could be lingering for in life.

Quietly she sits
Knowing her pen
Will paint the words
Of a futuristic feast
Of daydreams
As beautiful as waterfalls.

“Wasted” Book Review
I read Wasted and I discovered an amazing poetry book written by JAnn Bowers. With her poetry she took me to a world of loneliness and despair of a broken heart who found hope going through waterfalls, stars, moon, and night. Traveling in memories and illusions the poet carries us to a world of secrets some sad, some full of hope and strength. Finally taking us to sunshine and paradise.
In every poem I was able to feel her because she has a good way with words. Short but deep poems presenting an inner struggle that lets us feel connected with her.
I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good moment of quiet reading. I really enjoyed reading Wasted because as I went through the pages I could not stop reading because it felt like it was a story in which every chapter was unveiling the strength and capacity of recovering from a broken heart.

“Wasted” Book Review
Wasted is a string of poems that JAnn twirled into words full of meaning of loneliness, bit sad and a huge dash of hope. Her poetry flows from one poem to the next easily, making it an enjoyable read.
The poems â??Words’ and â??Sketch a Dream’ are two that I found to be a motivation. A favorite line of mine from this book is “Captures her beauty/Creates her strength/And… She reigns like a queen/In her own world of words.” There are numerous of more lines similar to this, filling up these pages in Wasted.
KayCee K.
Double the Books Magazine

Love is a Lion’s Tooth and Other Poems of Desire

by Jane Gilgun

Love is a lion’s tooth, the poet Yeats wrote. It’s that and so much more. This collection of poems offers an experience of erotic love that begins with desire, moves to consummation, and does not end. The ghosts of past loves are with us as we swoop and glide on the updrafts and downdrafts of passion. How fortune are those who experience erotic love.

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