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The Ketogenic Diet With Simple Recipes From Simple Ingredients For Those Who Don’t Cook: 54 Simple Recipes to Increase Energy, Lose Fat and get into the … Shape of Your Life with very little effort

by Aaron McCreadie

The Ketogenic Diet; with Simple Recipes From Simple Ingredients, for Those Who Don’t Cook is The Ultimate Step-by-Step guide to the Ketogenic Lifestyle for the Beginner.

Included are recipes that require only the simplest of ingredient that are available at virtually any grocery store. No more searching around town for that exotic ingredient, or pulling your hair out over that recipe that reads like stereo installation instructions. There are no special appliances required to make these delicious, nutritious and healthy meals.

This book covers such subjects as: the history of the ketogenic diet, the science of ketosis, testing methods, meal planning and has over 50 simple recipes included to get you started. Most of the recipes only require less than 10 minutes of active time to prepare, leaving you more time to enjoy what matters most.

Have you been struggling to get those flat abs back? You now have the answer right in front of you. Everything you need to know to successfully achieve your weight loss, health and fitness goals through ketosis have been included to speed you on your way to success.

Do you want to have more energy while burning stubborn belly fat and not starving yourself?
The Keto Diet is the answer you have been looking for. You will learn how to transform your body from a sugar-burning machine into a fat-burning machine in days, while enjoying some of the tastiest meals of any diet you’ve ever heard of.

Photographic Memory: A Practical Guide To Halting Memory Loss & Boosting Your Recollection

by Eric Jordan

Put A Stop To Memory Loss & Keep Your Most Precious Moments With You Forever

Are you tired of grasping for memories that are just out of reach?

Do you want to get rid of that annoying mind fog that breeds confusion and anxiety?

Do you want to supercharge your recollection and keep your memories safe and easily accessible?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines memory as, “the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned and retained, especially through associative mechanisms”.

Memory, and the human brain in general, is a complicated concept to understand, even for those who study the subject for years.

In today’s society, we rely heavily on the ability to remember and recall all sorts of information that is constantly being thrown at us. Because of this, having a clear and reliable memory is more important than ever before.

The better the memory, the more successful we are likely to be in our lives. When our memory is functioning at its full potential, our capacity to pay attention and learn is expanded, and we will have an easier time coming up with innovative ideas and overcoming challenging situations.

There are still many questions that surround how our brains and memory work, but the overall theory is that brain cells form connections to store the information that presents itself to us.

Without the proper maintenance, we can start to lose these connections at as early as twenty years of age! That being said, it is still a mystery to scientists how much information the human brain can store, and specifically how it is stored.

Using many different strategies, we can strive to meet the highest standards of memory. Many would believe this standard to be photographic memory, or the ability to remember information in perfect detail.

But does photographic memory actually exist, or is it just another Hollywood myth? In this book, we will take a closer look at this and other mysteries of the mind, while also exploring practical techniques and exercises you can use to supercharge your recollection.

During The Course Of This Book We Will Look At:

  • The Nature Of Memory
  • The Truth About Photographic Memory
  • The Focus-Memory Connection
  • Building A Foundation For Effective Memory Improvement
  • Daily Habits That Boost Your Memory Fast
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Exercises For Memory Improvement

And more!

Let the forgetful you be in the past.
Tomorrow is a brighter day, filled with strong and joyous, everlasting memories.
Keep your most precious moments with you forever!

The Best sex In The World (Medicines, erection, sex): 10 substances that will make an erection 104%

by Henry Gilman

Over time, every man comes across some problems with sex. His sexual arousal is not the same, and penis is not as hard. When in such situation men turn to medications improving male potency, their main question is: what medication do I choose? This is exactly what my book is about. We analyze truly effective, clinically proven medications which literally make the penis ‘fly up’ and ‘enjoy the flight’. Many modern, scientific studies help people find their past youth. In this book, I talk about both widely-recognized and completely unknown medications and discuss each one in detail. Also, for you to understand some important body processes that contribute to improving male erectile function, I included theoretical principles in the book. The most basic erectile processes are described in the plain and easy-to-understand language.
From this book, you will learn:
-Medications recommended for erectile stimulation
-Their detailed annotations
-Theoretical principles
-Erectile process
-Why erection goes away
-What prolactin is and other important compounds in our body

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