Free sports Kindle books for 10 Jun 17

Sailing: In a New York Minute (20 Essential Tips Every Beginner Sailor Needs to Know in Order to Survive Your Maiden voyage)

by Haratio Banner

Sailing is fun, there is nothing like feeling the wind in your hair and feeling the spray of water on your face.

However, sailing is not easy and has a language all of its own. Sailing can be tricky and if you are sailing for the first time, you might be confused about what the people around you are doing and why.

This is your beginners guide to sailing so that you do not look, sound and act like such a newbie your first time out on the water.

This is a short and concise book that will teach you Simple ways and essential techniques on how to Sail as a beginner faster. It is short because you can take your new found knowledge away quicker and help improve your Sailing skills faster. After reading this book you will see a vast improvement in your Sailing abilities.

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