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Air Fryer Dessert Cookbook: Delicious And Easy Air Fryer Dessert Recipes (Air Fryer Cooking Book 1)

by Lisa Hanson

Includes A Wide Variety of Delicious Dessert Recipes You Can Easily Make With Your Air Fryer!

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This new piece of technology is recently becoming more popular then ever, and here are some great recipes you can use for your air fryer. This cookbook includes a variety of air fryer desserts that range from mouthwatering cakes to mini doughnuts!

Made of Steel (Made of Steel Series Book 1)

by Ivy Smoak

Once upon a time, my name was Summer Brooks. I fell in love with a prince and my dreams went as far as the stars. I had my whole life figured out. I had my whole life in front of me. But my life wasn’t meant to be a fairy tale. Everything I knew was taken away in a flash.





Ten years of pain. Ten years of torture. I’m finally free. But I’m not Summer Brooks anymore. That girl died as soon as the devil himself put his hands on me. Now I live amongst the villains. They follow me like a plague. And I have a darkness inside of me that I can’t seem to escape. I lost everything, and I don’t know how to keep breathing in a city that has no stars.

But even though my appearance has changed, deep down I know that a shadow of the girl I once was still remains. I don’t want to give up on my past. I just need something to hold onto. Anything. And the only one that could possibly understand is someone who knows what it’s like to hide in the shadows. Someone else who knows what it’s like to live behind a mask.

The only thing I know for sure is that someone in this city is watching me. And I just hope to God it isn’t my past catching up to me.

This is BOOK 1 of the Made of Steel romantic suspense series:

Made of Steel (Made of Steel Series Book 1)
Forged in Flames (Made of Steel Series Book 2) – coming June 13th

Air Fryer Cookbook: The Top Air Fryer Recipes That Are Easy To Make And Delicious (Air Fryer Cooking Book 1)

by Lisa Hansen

Delicious And Easy To Make Air Fryer Recipes For 2017!

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A air fryer is a wonderful kitchen appliance that allows you to create deep fried foods without using unhealthy oils or cooking fats. As the name implies, air fryers use air technology to cook your foods giving them the same crispy taste as deep fried foods, but without the grease and cholesterol that accompanies deep fried meals.

This new piece of technology is recently becoming more popular then ever, and here are some great recipes you can use for your air fryer. This cookbook includes a variety of air fryer recipes that range from appetizers to desserts!

First Touch

by Kristine Robinson

A Steamy First Time Lesbian Romance

“I meant everything.” Rachel raised an eyebrow. 
My heart skipped a beat and I took a deep breath. But before I could second guess myself, I unhooked my bra, slipped it off, and pulled down my panties.
She slowly came closer to me, my instincts were telling me to back away, but I stood frozen, expecting her.
She kissed me first on the lips.
Then my chin. Then my neck. And slowly moves down, not missing a single inch of my skin. My body screams out with pleasure, my insides now burning with passion. 
Her tongue moves around my breasts, down my stomach, and traces my pelvic boneâ?¦

CONTENT NOTE: This is a short story that may be read in under 2 hours â??Perfect to relax by the pool or before bed!
For a limited time, this book also includes an extra 5+ hours of bonus stories for your enjoyment!.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This story contains explicit love scenes and is intended for 18+ readers only.

Ketogenic Diet: 200 Recipes, Reclaim Your Waist, Burn Fat & Shed Pounds Really Fast And Easy

by Jennifer Wittman

EAT FAT TO LOSE WEIGHT!! Yes you heard it right!!

I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again to keep away from fat in your diet in order to lose weight. What if I told you that the premise for that is not only misinformed but wrong? And you can still eat all your juicy and fatty foods while still maintaining a great physique and a healthy body?

This diet replaces your body’s main energy source from carbs and sugars to fat, which is a more effective way to burn fat at the same time!

Get ready to turn the tables on your diet and start on a revolutionary ketogenic pathway that is both healthy and makes you feel great! GRAB YOUR COPY NOW TO ENJOY

Chasing the Star Garden (Airship Racing Chronicles Book 1)

by Melanie Karsak

Top 10 Finisher: Best Steampunk Novel of 2013, Preditors & Editors Reader’s Poll

Chasing the Star Garden is a B.R.A.G. Medallion® recipient for excellence in writing.

“If you like your lofty steampunk sexy and adventurous, give this story a try.”

“I admit to loving the inclusion of Lord Byron in this way because who doesn’t love to fantasize about what he might have been likeâ?¦passionate, edgy, dangerous as we’d expect.”

“The characters were awesome! Love, love, love this book. Definitely some very dark elements, but the author does not leave that untouched and explains Lily’s past with much realistic compassion.”

“A captivating tale from the complex characters to the breathtaking world-building”

London, 1823.
It has been one of the worst days in Lily Stargazer’s life. She lost the London leg of the World Airship Grand Prix. A harlequin shoved a kaleidoscope down her pants, told her to fly to Venice, then threw himself from her airship tower. And her lover, Lord Byron, is living in exile abroad. What’s a girl to do? For Lily, the answer is easy: drink absinthe and smoke opium.

Lily’s efforts to drown her problems fail miserably, and she soon finds herself at the heart of an ancient mystery which has her running from her past and chasing true love along the way.

Bonded to the Cyborg

by Gloria Martin

Alien Invasion Romance

40 Special Bonus Stories Included!

A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

Josiah’s mission is to travel to Earth to observe and gain all the information he could about human women. His race is endangered and needs women from Earth to help rebuild the Rodonian population. Josiah is simply carrying out his duty on Earth when he comes across Melanie. She enraptures him and all he can do is watch her from afar. Melanie knows someone had been following her around for some time now and when she figures out it is Josiah she confronts him in a passionate argument that leads to much more. Melanie can’t fathom why she feels so attracted to Josiah, or why she feels as if she had known him for a lifetime. The two fall in love almost instantly and then Melanie finds out that Josiah is not human at all. He explains himself to her and asks Melanie to return with him to his home planet Rodon. On their way back, Rodon suffers a disaster, and Melanie and Josiah must help save the planet and its people from extinction. Who knows if they’ll make it out alive and get to live the happily ever after Josiah envisioned for them on his planet?

++ 40 Special Bonus Stories INCLUDED! ++
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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

Dirty Little Love Stories

by Eden Valley Books

In the end, love conquers all! Twenty sizzling hot love stories, all HEA with no cliff-hangers. Charged with explicit romantic activity these novellas are meant for adult eyes only!

Feeling Dirty Newly married, Angela is hot-blooded and frustrated with her pious husband ~ until she meets a bad boy more than willing to gratify her. But at what cost?

An Insatiable Thirst Trystan, King of the Vampires, must marry the evil Audrey. When he spends a night of passion with a little red-headed human he is smitten. But Audrey executes a plan of her own â?¦

Desire, Deceit N/ Delight They are best friends until Rachel betrays Caroline in the worst way, with curious results!

Passionate Providence When a playboy billionaire hires a new personal assistant his world is turned upside down!

Pleasure and Deceit A mail-order bride brings her Filipino lover to her mansion in America with staggering results.

Midnight Trysts When Kevin meets Sarah their worlds merge, then fall apart. Can they overcome?

Secrets, Lies and Promises When she looks into his eyes she seems something powerful hiding beneath his skin, and she itches to have him. But something is terribly wrong.

Perilous Passion Two sexy doctors romance Lauren, but one may be a killer. Should she follow her intuition or the facts confronting her?

Naughty Cravings A lustful young woman with dark secrets falls for a sexy runner. When she’s abducted and ravished by a former lover can he save her?

b> Boss Me How does one sexy, powerful bad-boy turn the life of a smart, in-control woman around so quickly?

Bothered by the Bodyguard She’s stuck with an over-grown brute of a bodyguard. He’s stuck with an over-indulged brat! Is the heat they feel just a passionate loathing?

Crossroads Can Tamara give up the wealth and excitement a life of crime gives her for the comfort of friendship and love?

Sofie’s Sins Martians in sexy human form enjoy more than just tours with sweet Sofie. Will Sofie agree to carry a Martian baby? And what of her protective father and suspicious brother?

Taboo Liaison Camille’s life is thrown into a tail-spin when her mom marries a gorgeous billionaire. Now she’s stuck with a pouty step-brother, new duties and a mother who is suddenly and mysteriously ailing.

Sister Mire Gorgeous billionaire, Kevin, is engaged to Michelle. When Michelle’s twin sister, Micah, sets out to protect her she doesn’t plan betrayal. As sparks fly between Kevin and Micah they are caught in a devastating dilemma. Can they quell their passion to protect a woman they both love?

Love Fix Feeling that variety is the spice of life, Alicia and Michelle hope to lead their room-mate off her heterosexual path. But first they need to convince her ex-boyfriend to leave her alone. They are most convincing!

The Sensuous Harpy When an over-worked married couple decide to hire a nanny to help out they don’t know what they are getting into.

Lovers’ Lament A return to her home-town brings Elizabeth’s old life crashing back; the old hurts, secrets, betrayals â?¦ And when she’s face to face with Slate, rough, raw and sexy as ever, she must reconcile a past she thought was gone and buried.

Plaything Amanda is sunny and fun-loving; the perfect nanny to billionaire, Byron’s children. Their ensuing relationship soothes his torment. But when his wife insists on returning where does Amanda stand?

Soul Candy He’s arrogant, controlling â?¦ a criminal? Yet Sophia can’t resist him. What the hell is she doing?

Knocked Up by a Cage Fighter

by Abigail Paige

Knocked Up by the Cage Fighters is an exciting new pregnancy themed mixed martial arts romance bundle from Midnight Moon Publishing that’s sure to get your attention!


Knocked Up by the Fighter

Kerrigan is a mixed martial arts black belt fighter and just a little full of himself given his new position at the gym and his track record of success. However, when he decides to go visit an old friend out of state, he stumbles upon a major mishap of drama. His old buddy Nicholas, a war veteran, has become an abusive alcoholic jerk and is constantly disrespecting his beautiful black wife Georgina.

He tries to resist Georgina who is becoming desperate to get away from a bad marriage. How much longer can he resist temptation and stay the good friend, all the while feeling a major attraction to a woman who definitely needs a hero to stand up for her? Things go from bad to worse when it’s revealed that Georgina wants to have a baby with Nicholas. Kerrigan has stepped into a stranglehold of human relationships and has to break free before it’s lights out.

Taken by the Cage Fighter

Sky Williams has never gone the conventional route. She believed growing up that a woman could do anything a man could do and now she was going to prove it. She had seen those in the MMA on TV and on the Internet and she was ready to open her own MMA gym. She didn’t have the training, but she was willing to learn on the fly, which of course brought her the likes of bad boy fighter Brandon Summer. He was the next best thing in the industry. She wanted him to train her and to become a silent investor. What exactly will she have to do to convince him to sign on the dotted line? There is chemistry between them and Sky knows that if she allows it, they can make beautiful music behind the bars and in the sheets.

Read now and receive a free gift at the end of the book!

WARNING: This ebook contains mature language and content. It is intended for 18+ readers only!

Daring the Pilot (Men of Marietta Book 3)

by Jeannie Moon

Keely Andersen hasn’t visited her hometown more than a handful of times in the last ten years, but when her doctoral research sends her back to Marietta for the immediate future, she can’t wait to reconnect with the community and the mountains she missed so much. Of course, nothing goes as planned, and Keely’s truck breaks down a few miles outside of town. When help arrives, she finds herself face to face with her brother’s best friend – the guy she used to call big, bad and gorgeous – Jonah Clark.

Still settling back into Marietta after a harrowing stint as an army helicopter pilot, Jonah Clark plans to spend a few days hiking the local mountains to prepare for his job as a pilot for Crawford County’s Search and Rescue team. When he stops to help a stranded driver, Jonah is shocked to find his best friend’s younger sister is the one behind the wheel. Only now, instead of the geeky teen he remembered, Keely is all grown up with curves he can’t resist.

Though the sparks of attraction ignite immediately, they’re hesitant to act because of their shared past. But when a project dear to their hearts is threatened, and a boy is lost on Copper Mountain, Keely and Jonah drop everything to fight for what matters, including each other.

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