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Third Breath (The Cleary Case Files Book 3)

by Patricia Clark

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Book 3 in the Cleary Case File series introduces Jaimie Carpenter, a brilliant medical researcher who’s tagged by the FBI to identify the cause of a deadly superbug outbreak. A novice at intrigue, Carpenter is faced with too many suspects and a partner who could take advantage of her naiveté.

Meanwhile, FBI Agent Shawn Cleary is trying to convince her associates that recent suicides are the result of an ingenious criminal conspiracy. She theorizes that a splinter group is mimicking the NSA’s eavesdropping, identifying would be criminals, and cleverly eliminating them. The self-named Patronus prevents a massacre and declares society as its client.

The disparate cases are merged with the hard-edged Cleary acting as a mentor to Carpenter, trying to keep her focused on their common goals – find the perpetrators and prevent a pandemic. The novel races to a stunning conclusion tempting the reader to scan the chapters a second time looking for missed clues.

A Psychological Mystery and Suspense Thriller Collection: Incold Blood: Mystery Thriller Suspense Psychological (Crime SPECIAL STORY INCLUDED)

by Mary Hill

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Book1 :
On an ordinary day Jasmine went jogging in the park like she always had before. Not knowing her life was going to change that morning she found a glove on the ground, that’s when it all started for her. Her life was going to change forever just by picking up that glove. When Jasmine is led into the wood by a dog she finds something sticking out of the ground, curious of what it is Jasmine digs up a box. What she finds in the box is so horrifying that she doesn’t know what to think, a baby is in the box, something she had never thought she would find or even come across in her life. As time goes on Jasmine is about to put herself into a situation she may not be able to get out of. A life changing experience. She feels she can’t go to anyone, afraid they will think she’s crazy with what she has found. Jasmine wasn’t sure if she was seeing things when she finds out what the glove is used for. Thinking she’s crazy herself until that night she begins to see things, she’s brought to the park late at night and begins to understand what happened, trying to figure out the mystery herself.

Book 2:
Michelle Maguire is a 34-year-old divorced woman that has recently been laid off from her job.
Soon after Michelle decides to take a break and try to find happiness, she receives the shocking news that her ex-husband has been murdered.
Michelle slowly grows more and more curious about who killed her ex-husband, and she vows to figure it out. She won’t rest until she knows who the murderer is…
But the path she decides to take is not a simple one.
Will Michelle find out who murdered her ex-husband in cold blood?

Book 3:
Al Migwans has been arrested for murdering one of his high school students. As a single man who had never dated, he looks suspicious to the stereotypical mind. But all that interests him is science, research and helping humanity. To lesser minds, he is too good to be true.
Recently, Migwans had patented a solar power system that threatened to upend the energy sector of the economy. Unwittingly, he had made enemies of some very powerful people.
At the courthouse, Migwans was helped by a guardian angel who appeared out of nowhere. With all that had happened to him, could he trust this stranger?
After a bomb destroys his house, Migwans goes into hiding. His new friend bankrolls his defense and a new offense. When the beleaguered high school teacher discovers that the government is involved in the attacks, he realizes that his next moves need to be painfully accurate or he might not survive the week.

Rigged To Kill

by T. Straker

Three years ago, deep-sea diver Sintra “Sin” Black watched in horror as her lover and fellow diver, Jesse, died in a terrifying explosion aboard an off-shore rig. Facing financial ruin and desperate to move on with her life, she is now lured back to the sea, near to where she lost the only man she has ever loved.

But soon, she encounters a series of gruesome and unexplained deaths -as well as the demands of a lunatic billionaire, who craves Sin to be another of his violent sexual conquests. Weighted by her deepest fears, will Sin find the strength to confront the powers that threaten her very life?

Rigged to Kill is a riptide of emotions that will leave you frantically swimming for the surface.

Bangkok Burn: Gritty, hard-boiled, noir, crime fiction about a Bangkok mafia family. (Bangkok Series Book 1)

by Simon Royle

A war is taking place on the streets of Bangkok as political cliques fire bullets and rockets at each other.

Mysterious ‘Men in Black’ snipe combatants from both sides.

It is a good time to settle old scores.

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