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North of Hollywood: An Actor’s Stumbling Baby Steps Toward Kindness and Peace

by Rick Lenz

Dysfunction, addiction, courage and hope: A Hollywood story with a happy ending

The hardest part of a glamorous life, of any life, is to find your feet and stay standing.

North of Hollywood dips under the surface of showbiz and the usual celebrity encounters to unreel the story of a dysfunctional young actor who becomes successful beyond his wildest dreams.

When Rick Lenz is plucked out of Broadway as the only member of the original cast of “Cactus Flower” to star in its film version, he finds himself opposite gilded screen names like Ingrid Bergman, Walter Matthau and Goldie Hawn. The film’s smashing success finds a new star in Lenz and leads him to a smorgasbord of television and film roles acting opposite Peter Sellers, Jackie Gleason, John Wayne, and many more.

Somewhere within this bewildering sweep of success, Lenz’s life flies apart. His third child is born. His second marriage ends. He makes a handful of lunatic career decisions and he finds himself standing alone and naked on the stage of a tiny theater. At that moment, Lenz’s life has dropped out of frame into a helpless freefall.

Written with piercing honesty, North of Hollywood unwinds as a psychological cliffhanger, but between the tragedy and comedy the reel dips even deeper into a love story. When Lenz discovers astonishing courage and compassion in a woman named Linda, he begins to find the strength to face his life’s biggest plot twists yet: the fallout of his personal and professional fiascoes, his sister’s battle with cancer, and his daughter’s life-and-death struggle with addiction.

As one critic puts it, “If you want to believe happy endings are possible in real life, even when real life is show business, take a look at North of Hollywood.”

See why this touching, bittersweet remembrance resonates with readers and critics.

  • 2012 Winner of the Foreword Book Reviews Book of the Year Award, Performing Arts
  • 2012 Winner of the Los Angeles Book Festival Award, Memoir
  • 2012 Runner-Up in the London Book Festival, Memoir
  • 2012 Runner-Up in the Beach Book Festival, Memoir
  • 2012 Runner-Up in the Hollywood Book Festival, Memoir


What readers are saying about North of Hollywood:

“Most people don’t know the simple truth that Lenz reveals in this captivating autobiography: Actors are real people, and acting is a real job… Lenz helps us focus on the real point: The hardest part of a glamorous life, of any life, is to find one’s feet and stay standing.” – US REVIEW OF BOOKS: A Recommended Review

“An essential book for anyone who has ever said they want to be an actor and anyone who was lucky enough not to.” – MICHAEL KAHN, artistic director of the Shakespeare Theater in Washington D.C.; former head of drama at The Juilliard School

“…an often funny, sometimes gut wrenching, and immensely engaging true tale of one actor’s journey… If you want to believe happy endings are possible in real life, even when real life is show business, take a look at North of Hollywood.” – TOMMY KENDRICK, ACTORS TALK podcast



A time-travel noir that slips between the shimmering worlds of modern and mid-century Los Angeles.

Available in e-book and paperback now


Come to to check out Rick Lenz’s writing, acting, painting, and more.

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Guide About Drip System: A Guide How to Making Your Drip System Run Smooth

by Lorena Slater

Guide About Drip System – A Guide How to Making Your Drip System Run Smooth

Here is a preview:
Your Guide to Making Your Drip System Run Smooth!
If done properly, gardening is enjoyable task. If you have perfect scheduling, then it is easy for you maintain your garden otherwise everything will go astray. Make your task simpler by learning some gardening tips.

Your Drip System: Keep Your Eye on Emitters!
Suppose you are a new gardener, start properly. See the requirements namely the types of plants and the size of your garden, design your watering system.
Keep watch on your drip emitters if you wish to have smooth water supply. You will need just one emitter, for a new plant. As your new plant starts to grow, it will require more water!
And READ this book, if you want more!

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My Kid Said, YES! To VMI: A Parents’ Guide to All Things VMI

by Melissa Nobile

A book by a seasoned VMI parent for new VMI parents about all things VMI. Get your questions answered here!

Alexa: Get The Best Out Of Your Personal Assistant

by Matt Morris


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Get The Best Out Of Your Personal Assistant ( Amazon Echo Look, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot)

Amazon’s voice control software, Alexa, is a digital personal assistant that learns from the instructions you give itâ??and getting the devices that are able to use it is surprisingly affordable. From setting alarms and checking your calendar to checking the traffic and weather, Alexa comes with a host of onboard features. The Skills API that allows anyone to develop new features for the software means it is also compatible with an ever-growing array of devices and services, making it even more helpful in organizing and streamlining your daily life.
The information included in this book will give you an introduction to Alexa and all of its associated devices, including the new Amazon Look and Amazon Show.

This book will cover the following topics:

  • The basics of setting up your device and customizing the settings to best suit your lifestyle
  • Everything you need to know about new features introduced on the Look and Show, including Alexa Calling and Style Check
  • The on-board features of Alexa that are most useful in her function as a personal assistant
  • How to find and enable Alexa Skills and just what kinds of things they let you do

Bringing Alexa into your home can simplify many of the things you do throughout the day. The Echo and all its variants are affordable ways to get started on setting up a smart home. The knowledge in this book will make sure you’re taking full advantage of everything these incredible devices have to offer.

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If It Fits Your Macros: The Ultimate Flexible Diet Guidebook: Eat Whatever You Want. Get Lean. Lose Fat.

by Connor Harper

If you are ready for a change away from fad diets, food fasts and exercise regimes that are impossible to maintainâ?¦.then, the good news is, there is an alternative approach that really works!!

Getting into shape has been overcomplicated by the fitness industry. People are drawn to the latest slimming programs and pricey meal plans which just don’t work long term. This book provides a no-nonsense comprehensive guide for the renowned Flexible Dieting method. Also known as the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) diet, you will learn fundamentals that most people never hear about! There is no sales spiel where you need to buy a fitness course, no purchasing of meal plans and super foods to go with it, just PURE BODY SCIENCE and concepts that WORK!

Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn in This Book:

  • Key Flexible Dieting and IIFYM concepts which show the #1 key to losing fat whilst sculpting your body!

  • Clean eating compared to “OFF LIMITS” foods. Why you have been misled

  • Hacks to master fitness and disciplined eating to keep you on track long term!

  • How to calculate your macros ratio and manipulate this to fulfil your body goals

  • Guilt free tracking of macros whilst indulging in “cheat” foods such as chips, pizzas and pasta

  • Comparison of Tradition Dieting versus Flexible Dieting, know where you went wrong!

  • Mindset tricks to ensure that you align to Flexible Dieting principles

  • Bonus tips to address common IIFYM questions and pitfalls

  • And a whole lot more!!

As a personal trainer and exercise physiologist for the past 10 years, I have guided clients of all ages and body types to success using Flexible Dieting. I regularly have to correct the mindsets of people who are embedded with the low carb, no-cheat foods mentality, yet continually fail to see results using these approaches. This book is written with you in mind. IIFYM will be an exciting shift forward in improving not only your body but also your overall attitude to life!

Go on, commit to a new you, the bottom line is that it is entirely possible to meet your physical goals without drastically impacting your lifestyle.

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Diabetic Cookbook: Eat What You Love While Taking Control Of Your Diabetes (Diabetes, Low Sugar, Low Carb, High Protein, Low Fat, Protein, Clean Eating, Paleo Diet, Weight Loss, Sugar Detox)

by Diana Watson

Who Says You Have To Give Up Your Favourite Foods? Take Control Of Your Diabetes With Delicious Low-Sugar, High Protein Recipes Today!

Are you having trouble maintaining a low blood-sugar level in your system day in and day out? Do you suffer from sugar spikes after a heavy meal and require medication to stabilize your condition? Are you looking for a diet that you can trust to ensure a stable blood-sugar level after every single meal while also tasting delicious and fulfilling? If you are then this might be the book for you.

Introducing the The Diabetic Cookbook - Eat What You Love While Taking Control Of Your Diabetes.  

In The Diabetic Cookbook You Will Learn & Receive: 

  • Essential Components of a Healthy Diabetic Diet Plan
  • The Myths of that Contribute To Diabetes
  • Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Recipes
  • Healthy Meals That Work Towards Helping you Achieve Better Health & A Healthier Body

Who says you have to starve to give up your favourite foods to stop your diabetes? Here Are Some Recpies That I know You Are Going To Love In The Diabetic Cookbook To Keep You Satisfied While Working Toward Your Goals: 

  • Barbecue Ranch Wraps
  • Rosemary Omelet and Veggies
  • Diabetic & Heart-Healthy Stuffed Peppers
  • Hummus and Avocado Salad Sandwiches
  • Beef and Bean Chili
  • Salmon Tacos
  • Beef Burgundy
  • Cabbage Rolls
  • Chicken Breasts & Orange Sauce
  • Baby Shrimp and Mustard Tarragon Dip
  • And Much Much More….

This Cookbook shows that you can definitely have your cake and eat it as well! 

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365 Days Of DIY: Crochet, Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Paracord, Soap Making And More!

by Nina Sweet

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365 Days Of DIY: (FREE Bonus Included)

Crochet, Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Paracord, Soap Making And More!

By the time you finish reading this book, you will discover a lot of interesting DIY Projects

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Big On Education (BBW Romance)

by Laurie Hart


Plus, see Bonus “SPECIAL FOR YOU” inside.

An Interracial Lesbian Romance:
Tyreesha is a newcomer at college and fears she will have trouble fitting in. Not just because she is slightly older than the other students or because she is in a lower tax bracket than her peers, but because she is a bigger curvier woman.
Alicia is an older, slim college professor that changed her own career path after becoming burned out as a high-profile lawyer. She struggles with an unhappy marriage and a lonely life.
When these two lonely souls meet, will they be each other’s salvation?

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes and naughty language 18+ only

Bonus Books From: Valentino Publishing

Kitchen Heat: A “Hot” Lesbian Romance
Lesbian and Fifty: A “Mature” Lesbian Romance
Please see Table of Contents for Bonus Books.

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Vegetable Gardening Design: A Step-by-step Guide How to Plan a Vegetable Garden

by Lorena Slater

Vegetable Gardening Design – A Step-by-step Guide How to Plan a Vegetable Garden

Here is a preview:
When it comes to growing your own food, it pays to plan ahead of time about how you want to set up your own garden. Poor planning can result in poor plant growth, and you may end up with no vegetables at all, or at the very most, stunted, tasteless food. Before you plant the first seed, there are several steps that you need to complete, and only by planning ahead can you make all parts of your garden work together to improve its overall vitality. Vegetable gardening design can make all the difference between a complete failure and a rousing success at harvest time.

From Blueprints to Growth
Vegetable gardening design encompasses everything from the size of the garden to how long it will take to pick the vegetables as they ripen. First, you need to decide about what size garden you are prepared to take care of, as this will decide how healthy the plants are when it finally comes time to pick them. A good rule of thumb is to grow a garden within the means of what you are willing to take care of as a smaller but well cared for garden is much more rewarding than a larger, neglected garden. As such, deciding the size of the garden is the first step of vegetable gardening design.
And READ this book, if you want more!

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Organic Gardening for Beginners: What Should You Do if Youâ??re Beginner

by Lorena Slater

Organic Gardening for Beginners – What Should You Do if You’re Beginner

Here is a preview:
If you would like to extend the amount of time you spend on the planet Earth by at least 33%, start growing and eating your own organic food. By growing your own organic food you have ultimate control over what you are putting in to your own body. Pesticides that cause cancer are avoided when you eat what you grow organically.

What Is Organic Gardening? – For Beginners
When you garden organically, you only use materials from living things; synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are not used on your plants. Manure and compost, made from kitchen scraps and yard waste, are used as fertilizer for your garden.
Natural pesticides can be made and used to effectively prevent and treat weeds and pests. Organic gardening does require a little more time, but overall the results are worth it.

Organic Gardening For Beginners – Choose An Area For Your Garden
When choosing an area for your garden, you want to figure out the maximum sun areas on your property, and the areas most protected from the wind. You will also consider your water source location, since your plants are going to be watered every day.
And READ this book, if you want more!

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The Gratitude Project: Making the Decision to be Grateful

by Christine Frame-Martin

The Gratitude Project: Making the Decision to be Grateful

YES, it IS a choice! In The Gratitude Project Christine Frame-Martin teaches us that each day we have a choice to be happy and grateful or not. She shows us through her own experiences what it means to practice daily gratitude and make it a life-long habit. While this book was being written Christine went through some interesting challenges, which are woven into the pages of this book. Through her stories, Christine shows us it is possible to choose gratitude even through the challenges. And beyond that she teaches us, by giving us lessons and tools, how to actually start adding gratitude into our own lives. Chapter by chapter she will teach the reader how to make positive changes in their life that will ultimately, the hope is, have ripple effects to change much more than just their life, but the lives of others.

This book will teach you how to implement gratitude in your life and show you what it can do for your life; as well as the life of those you love. By virtue of practicing kindness you will ultimately affect even the lives of strangers.
The Gratitude Project is for any of us that have wanted to be more positive, more grateful, more forgiving or kinder. If these are characteristics, that until now, seem to have eluded you, then this book is for you!

“Gratitude is simple and the way I feel about it is like thisâ?¦â?¦ if you don’t feel it at first express gratitude anyway! The feeling will follow. The emotions will come. And then the magic will happen! Just do it! ” ~ Christine Frame-Martin

After she began her research she came to realize there was a purpose to this desire she had to learn gratitude. The purpose was to share it with others. But first she had to experience it.

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