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Caring For The Elderly

by D. Harvey

What is our responsibilities to our Elderly?

It may be a long dark journey for many of our Elderly.

Old age is scary for many.

How do you prepare for such an event?

The challenges, trials, tasks, and encounters can be great.

Many cannot see or hear very well or not at all.

We must do all we can by preventing institutionalization of our Elderly.

Invite all your friends and relatives to help you with your Elderly.

They need help with physical needs, with emotional needs, with social needs, and with economic needs.

There is no end to the needs of the Elderly.

The Lord calls on all, like a spouse and any adult relatives, to help in caring for the Elderly.

They may need a place to stay, someone to talk to, or your time and your energy.

It can be heavy duty to minimal help.

The basic help like, personal care, feeding, dressings, grooming, monitoring, administering medication, housekeeping tasks, handywork, recreational, spiritual, mowing, mobility, home health, day care, meals, etc.

Manage difficult behaviors such as wandering, aggression, and hallucinations.

With more Elderly on the increase, and both spouses working, there is less help given to the Elderly

There are many negative effects in taking care of the Elders like, stress, health issues, isolation, fatigue, frustration, helplessness, depression, financial, etc.

Families can bring in nurses, social workers, or help from church members.

Satan wants all to fail.

Satan know that Jesus Christ, want us to take care of the Elderly, so Satan is going to work hard on us to stop doing the proper care and help.

The Elderly still need our help and love, as Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ helps and loves you.

The Elderly like to have reading the scriptures to them, or just a good book.

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves the Elderly very dearly.

Satan wants everyone to throw their Elderly to the wolves or institutionalization care, when other means are available.

It is all up to you and God.

So Am I: 14 Months of Life and Living and Letting Go

by Nathan Peterson

Nathan Peterson, a singer/songwriter from Illinois, invites us to see the world around us, and the world within, from a new place. In a culture whose foundations are built upon escape, distraction, pain-avoidance, and future-living, it is almost impossible to be where we are, when we are… let alone who we are. What is, has become peripheral. Living each moment has taken a back seat to planning the moments to come. Thus, we’ve traded away our right to live our life. “So Am I” is an invitation to come back to where, and when, and who we are. To live our life – life the way it is.

Nathan describes with great transparency his fight to live each moment of the 14 months his daughter Olivia, who was deemed “incompatible with life” at birth, fought to do the same. He shares the lessons he learned from a terminal, perfect little girl, about life and living and letting go. He invites us to see the world around us, and the world within, from a new place. A place we’ve been longing to be.

Nathan Peterson is a singer/songwriter from Illinois. He and his wife Heather are the parents of five children, Jude, Charlie, Ruth, Olivia, and Baby#5.

Arlee Gets Adopted

by John Gomez

This book is about Arlee, the cat who was adopted into a loving home with his new sister and brother. His challenging early life struggles morph into a caring and happy home life.

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