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POSITIVE THINKING – HOW TO BREAK BAD HABITS, BUILD GOOD HABITS, AND LIVE A HAPPY AND PRODUCTIVE LIFE: How to get Positive Thinking,Stop Negative Thoughts, Motivated in Your life in a single day!

by Richard Parker

Do you want to have “Powerful” every day? Do you want to “Stop” negative thoughts?
Do you imagine yourself happy, peaceful optimistic, peaceful and stop any negative thoughts every day?
In this book, POSITIVE THINKING – How to Break Bad Habits, Build Good Habits, and Live a Happy and Productive Life, you will get the strategies on how your mind can have powerful for every morning. You will learn step by step on how to make yourself happy, peaceful, optimistic, fulfilled, and calm every day.

You will get various tools and techniques of successful people do, such as:

-Techniques To Stop Negative Thoughts

-How To Increase Your Self-Esteem

-How To Get Motivated In Your Life?

-Tune Yourself Back On Your Feet

-The Power Of Forgiveness

-The Power Of Religion Belief

-Make A Happy Life Every Day

-All Successful Morning Habits

-Characteristics Of Successful People

Furthermore, you will receive the Ultimate Benefits from the book:

-You will get powerful and become a positive person every single day

-You will always confident and your self-esteem and your picture will be increased higher

-You will always be actively every single day

-Your heart always will be great peace in every single day

-Success mindset will be always inside you

-Forgiveness for anyone will give you enormous peace of mind

-Ultimately happy will always come to you on every single day

More and moreâ?¦.

Let us make an Island of Peace

by Giambattista Caltabiano

This book is about making humanity more peaceful and safe. The book contains the draft of a treaty aimed at creating an “island” (an alliance of states/nations) where people can live free from the scourge of weapons.

2017: A look at the year ahead of us

by Nick Tyrone

2016 was a tumultuous year that changed the world. For many, it was a terrible twelve months, filled with celebrity deaths and unfortunate political results at the polls. For others, it was the year that the little guy struck back against the “establishment”.

2017 reviews the year just gone and then looks at the year ahead of us, making predictions about what is to come. Along the way, Nick Tyrone will take us to Burnley and Norwich, Dublin and Venice, Brussels and Washington, talking to Leave voters on the Kentish coast and Beltway insiders about what Brexit and Trump will mean for the months directly ahead.

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