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Survival: How To Survive And Avoid Animal Attacks

by Nolan Vaughn

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Survival (FREE Bonus Included)

How To Survive and Avoid Animal Attacks

Welcome to Survival: How To Survive and Avoid An Animal Attack, a book designed to help you survive encounters with nearly all types of predators before the attack, during the attack, and after the attack. Not only do we cover the more obvious ways on how to avoid predators but we also cover the less known methods, such as identifying the smell of a fresh kill or determining if the animal was poisoned. When you’re trying to survive, every bit of knowledge helps.

First, we’ll go over some weapons that you can make beforehand to dramatically increase your chances for survival. This book assumes you have no tools on you, so we’ll cover three primary types of weapons that you can make with just the materials you can gather from the environment:

  • Spear
  • Cudgel
  • Bow and Arrow

Then we’ll go over the signs you should look out for so that you don’t even encounter a predator, but, just in case you do, we also cover how to handle a fight with the most common types of predators; wolves, large cats, and bears. Most of the techniques are between two type of animal builds (the bear and the cat) as these predatory builds are the most common predators you will have to physically face. We also make a distinction on how you should approach each type of animal.

The remainder of the book will cover:

  • Noticing why a predator might be attacking you and provide you with the reasoning that will let you make the crucial decision in the middle of the fight to survive.
  • Explain why being injured is almost always a worst case scenario the wilderness to better emphasize why you should attempt to back down from a fight with a predator.

This book will not be a list of items, but, rather, an informational guide about long lasting solutions that will both keep you alive and help you make the split second decisions your life will depend on. After all, why fight to the death if you don’t have to?

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