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Lima in 3 Days: The Definitive Tourist Guide Book That Helps You Travel Smart and Save Time

by Finest City Guides

Lima in 3 days is the best guide for you if you only have a few days to spend in the City of Kings. We will include:

-Choosing a hotel
-The currency you will need
-How to exchange currency
-Getting around via taxi and public transport
-The must-see attractions you won’t want to miss
-Dining choices in many cuisines and price ranges – some of the restaurants are ranked among the top eateries in Latin America

We have also included important information about being careful with your money, what neighborhoods have the most to do, and what festivals might be going on during your stay. Make the most of the time you have in Lima, Peru. We’ll help you.

Here is a quick preview of what you will learn in this tourist guide:

-Helpful information about Lima
-Flying into the city
-Transportation tips in town
-Why Lima is such a vibrant tourist spot and what you will find most remarkable about it
-Information on luxury and budget accommodations and what you’ll get for your money
-The currency used in Lima
-Tourist attractions you should make time to see
-Other attractions for entertainment and culture
-Events that may be running during your stay
-Tips on the best places to eat & drink for all price points, whether you want simple fare, worldwide dishes or South American flavor

Kiev Travel Guide: The Essential Kiev Guide (2017 Edition). What to do in Kiev Ukraine: Food, Sights, Adventure, Nightlife, Arts, Culture and other cool stuff! (Go2UA travel guides)

by Alina Potter

The Essential Kiev Guide (2017 Edition) has been revised and updated to introduce Kiev’s key sights, experiences and travel essentials to make your stay in the Ukrainian capital an enjoyable and exciting one. Our experience as one of the top Kiev private guides leading tours for hundreds of western visitors every year has helped us craft a book which offers practical advice and useful tips when navigating our city and its many attractions.

The Guide is packed full of Kiev travel advice for visitors. The important things you need to know when planning a trip to Kiev Ukraine, one of Eastern Europe’s most enchanting capitals.

Kiev Things to Do
The Guide provides a bumper list of Kiev attractions, captivating historical sites, stunning from Kievan Rus architecture and rich cultural sites in the Ukrainian capital.
The best Kiev nightlife, culture, shopping and Kiev clubs are also revealed for those who want to know what to do in Kiev after dark from partying at the famous Buddha Bar Kiev to enjoying the classic music at the National Philharmonic.

Kiev Food
We’ll introduce Kiev food and you’ll discover Ukrainian traditional dishes and the best Kiev restaurants serving Ukrainian cuisine.

Kiev Airport
We’ll reveal the best airport shuttles, Kiev airport transfer company, the easy way to travel from Kiev Borispol Airport to the city centre and Zhuliany airport transfers, Kiev’s city airport.

Getting Around Kiev
We share essential tips on using the Kiev metro, how to book a taxi in Kiev, and how to get around Kiev.

Kiev Hotels
The Guide recommends the range of the best Kiev hotels in good areas to stay plus Kiev apartment rental options for those tourists looking for to extend their stay. Apartments for rent in Kiev are an increasingly popular and good option for foreign visitors.

We answer all these questions and more in our Essential Kiev Guideâ?¦

Do I need a travel guide in Kiev?
What power plugs are used in Ukraine?
What is Kiev weather like year round?
What is the internet like in Kiev?
Do you tip in Ukraine?
Where can I change money in Kiev?
Do US cell phones work in Ukraine?
What are the best Kiev clubs?
How safe is Kiev?
How much do things cost in Ukraine?
What is a fair Kiev airport transfer price?

â?¦ and more.

Table of the Contents:

Kiev. The heart of Ukraine
Kiev or Kyiv?
Kreschatik Street
Independence Square (Majdan Nezalezhnosti)
St. Sophia’s Cathedral
Cave Monastery of Kiev (Kievo-Pechersk Lavra)
St Michael’s Cathedral (golden domed St. Michael’s Monastery)
Golden Gate Kiev
Kiev Opera
Pirogovo Museum (National Museum of Folk, Architecture and Life)
Kiev Rus Park
War Museum
House with Khimeras
Chernobyl Museum
Tours to Chernobyl and Prypiat
St Andrew’s Descent (Andriyivsky Uzviz)
Mariinskiy Palace and Park
National Philharmonic
Mezhigirja Palace (Former home of ex-President Yanukovich)
Boat trip on Dnieper River
Gastronomic Delights Tour
Arts & Folk Pirogovo Museum
Jewish Tour
Business Hours
Food & Drink
Foreign Media
Medical Emergencies
Personal Safety
Public Holidays
Public Transport
What to Wear
Where to Stay
Other Books in the Series

Motorhome: Living For Beginners: How To Live The Simple, Stress Free, RV Lifestyle, Become, Independent, &, Debt Free, (Buying A Used RV, Motorhome Touring, … Life Hacks Book, Prep, Prep Kindle Book 1)

by Jim Jackson

Over 7200 Downloads To Date And An Amazon Best Seller In It’s Category

When you want to change your lifestyle entirely, you need to have enough motivation but you also need to have knowledge about the lifestyle that you are adopting. Many people who want to live in an RV full-time fail to find a balance in their lives which make that living pleasurable, while others can live the dream and learn to compromise on comforts for the sake of freedom. They wake up in the mornings to feel that they have breathed fresh air. They see different scenery every morning if they so wish. What you need to know before joining them is whether you’re cut out for the lifestyle and what differences there are between living in a conventional home and living in an RV. This book bridges that gap in your knowledge, and although you may choose to save a fortune by staying at home, you may also choose the lesser traveled road and discover the benefits of living in an RV.

Both lifestyles, either in an RV or a home, have their pros and cons. Many who choose the RV lifestyle find that adapting their lives comes naturally. It takes a unique and free spirited person to compromise on the luxuries of home living in favor of the adventurous lifestyle offered by RV living, though many do. Once you weigh the pros and cons, you can make the choice wisely, and that’s what this book is all about. The book will appeal to the free spirited who seek something more than merely surviving month to month oppressed by mortgage payments and housing taxes.

Both have benefits, though those who live the life they choose, rather than the life chosen for them by responsibility, find that RV life tests their personal boundaries and skills freeing up their lives to live beyond the grid. Journey with us and learn if living in an RV will suit you, and be prepared for the journey of your life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn With This Fully Illustrated Book…

  • Motor homes VS Traditional Homes
  • How To Find The Ideal RV For You And What To Look For
  • The Accessories You’ll Need And How To Choose Them
  • How To Store And Prepare Food
  • What Safety Precautions You Need To Take
  • Selecting The Ideal Location What You Need To Know
  • Much, Much More

Readers say…….

“This book is written very well and has explained very beautifully the way to live your life stress free and to become independent in life. It’s a helpful book for all who want to start a new life at our own without any stress. If you follow all the tips and techniques given in this book seriously then I am sure you will also start enjoying your life, like I did”……………. Mae Russell

“Fascinating! A walk into the Motor-home Living. This book introduces you to the wonders of RV living. Such a fascinating and interesting kind of lifestyle. This book has all the information you need, from choosing the right RV, to safety tips and precautions to food preparation and storage and the list just goes on and on. I love the Awesome Kitchen tips, I find it really helpful”…………….Melissa Angcon

“This is a great guide for those who want to get away from the regular home-owning structure and jump into living light in some kind of motorhome. The tips and suggestions offered can be used by anyone, whatever their living conditions. It’s all about economy and this book shares a bundle of cost-cutting ideas. Well worth the investment!”…………….Antoinette

Get Your Copy Now!

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The DIY guide to planning your dream Mexican vacation: All the tips you need to plan and book your own luxurious Mexican vacation on any kind of budget

by A.K. Schmitt

Thinking about booking an amazing vacation? This book includes all details and helpful hints needed to plan and book your own vacation. Why pay a travel agent to do what you can take care of yourself. This book will provide you with all information necessary to plan a luxurious Mexican vacation….on a dime! Helpful tips on how to book, what to bring, how to save, and plenty of more helpful hints and tips! A must read for anyone who is planning their own Mexican dream vacation.

Milan: Where To Go, What To See – A Milan Travel Guide (Italy, Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence, Naples, Turin Book 2)

by Worldwide Travellers

â?? â?? â?? This Book is FREE – for Kindle Unlimited Users â?? â?? â??

Worldwide Travellers Present:

Milan – The Ultimate Travel Guide

– Are you looking to visit a country you’ve never been to ?
– Have you already booked your trip and you’re now curious what to expect ?
– Maybe a friend loved the trip and you want to have the same great experience now…

Either Way, We Got You Covered !

In This Single Guide, You Will Find All The Information You’ll Need

What This Guide Covers:

– Major Cities
– Traditions
– Sights
– Must-Do Activities
– Hotels
– Restaurants
– and so much more !

When you download Milan: Where To Go, What To See – A Milan Travel Guide you will be well prepared to visit the country of your dreams !

Are you excited now ? If you are, just scroll up and hit the BUY button.

We Wish You A Great Trip !

Going 2 Go 2 Florence Travel Guide (Italy Series)

by Lary Peterson

Travel Guide to the Sights of Florence, Italy with over 250 Color Photos, 150 Active Links, and Current Information all in One Place (Italy Series)

Florence has a rich history and still retains much of this history in many forms such as, art, sculpture, and architecture. Florence is a true Renaissance city even today. The purpose of this book is to introduce you to Florence, Italy, and to give you lots of useful current information so you can plan your trip on your Kindle, Tablet, Smart Phone, PC or Mac. All the current information in one place.

This being an interactive planning guide, I have included over 150 active links for you to research 28 different sights in Florence as well as their location with a Google Map Link for each sight. These links will give you the best current information available. I have also included over 250 color photos of these sights for you to get an idea of what they look like.

If you have internet access while in Florence, you will have all this information at your fingertips. Even when you are at the sights to follow along on their websites. This will help guide you through Florence’s’ amazing sights. Also the Google Maps will be available to guide you to their locations.

How much you see will depend on how long you are visiting Florence. Take a look at the Table of Contents and pick out the sights that you will be interested in seeing while in Florence and then research them as much as possible. I have listed all the active links to make this easier for you. The sights in the active Table of Contents are in order by location or type of sight. For each sight in this book on Florence you will find:

A link to Google Maps for exact location of the sights. (Google does maps great.)
A link to the Official Website
A link to the Wikipedia Webpage for the sights
A link to the Official Ticketing Webpage (when possible)
A link to any other Websites that will help (Official or Unofficial)
Hours they are open, and when they are CLOSED
A brief description of the sight
Some of my observations and suggestions
Explaining some of the ticket rules and advantages (Ex. Firenze Card)
Scans of Handouts from the sights if possible
Lots of Photos (over 250 photos of beautiful Florence)

By using this information, you can choose the sights that interest you and you can get further information for those sights from the links. Most of these links are to official websites and not to so-called middle-man websites (even though some are pretty good). The links to Wikipedia have lots of information on every sight in Florence. Do your homework and write a list to take with you to the sight so you will enjoy your experience more.

Sights included in this book are;

Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square)
Duomo (Il Duomo di Firenze Santa Maria del Fiore)
Crypt of Santa Reparata
Baptistery of Saint John (Il Battistero di San Giovanni)
Giotto’s Campanile
Brunelleschi’s Dome (Cupola)
Duomo Museum (Museo Dell’Opera Del Duomo)
Uffizi Gallery (Galleria Degli Uffizi)
Accademia Gallery (Galleria Dell’Accademia)
Palazzo Vecchio
Piazza Della Signoria
Bargello (Museo Nazionale Del Bargello
Basilica Di Santa Croce
Santa Maria Novella Church (Chiesa)
San Marco Church and Convent (Museum)
Medicee Chapel (Cappelle Medicee)
Basilica di San Lorenzo
The Laurentian Library (Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana)
Badia Florentina
Dante Museum (Museo Casa di Dante)
Galileo Museum (Museo Galileo)
Ponte Vecchio
Vasari’s Corridor
Pitti Palace (Palazzo Pitti)
Basilica Di Santa Miniato al Monte
Piazzale Michelangelo
Gucci Museum
Loggia del Mercato Nuovo
Piazza della Repubblica
Arrival, Tourist Office, and Safety Information

I hope my book will help you enjoy Florence even more.
This book is in the Going 2 Go 2, Italy Series for the Kindle.

Download your copy today to your Kindle, PC, Mac, Tablet, or Smart Phone.

Buon Viaggio

Mémoires de voyages chroniques et anecdotes (French Edition)

by Beatrice Delorme

De l’Inde à la Colombie, de l’Europe à l’Afrique, les voyages restent en mémoire. j’aime raconter leur déroulement, les plaisirs qu’ils apportent mais aussi les peurs qu’ils engendrent, j’aime l’hétérogénéité des rencontres, et la diversité des paysages. Rester c’est exister, mais voyager c’est vivre disait Gustave Nadaud, j’en ai fait ma maxime.

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