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Unite!: The 4 Mindset Shifts for Senior Leaders

by Sal Silvester

For many senior leaders, promotion is just the start of a whole new set of unexpected challenges. There are executive leaders to please and junior leaders to lead. Many for the first time are asked to work on multiple teams with peers who have competing priorities. They might now be responsible for areas of the organization in which they don’t have technical expertise.

Some senior leaders seem to have advanced through the sheer force of driving results, often at the cost of high employee compliance and burnout. Others appear to have attained senior roles through the influence of their charismatic personality, without producing much in the way of sustained business outcomes. Too many leaders are promoted because of what they know or how long they have worked, rather than their skill in managing others. As the complexity of the senior leader role increases and the consequences of a leader’s behaviors are multiplied, how can one successfully make the transition to senior leadership? What does it take to succeed at that level?

Unite! The 4 Mindset Shifts for Senior Leaders explores the four shifts in mindset that help a senior leader balance both results and relationships so they can ultimately unite the people around them. Audiences will walk away with new insights and distinctions of how to transition successfully into senior leadership roles. Senior leaders will learn to fine tune how they function with their team and other senior leaders and to build a strong succession framework.

Millionaire Success Manual: Wealth Habits And Money Making Methods (Make Money Book 1)

by Lance Grater

Millionaire Success Manual

Wealth Habits & Money Making Methods

Your prayers have been answered: you have finally been given the opportunity to read an instruction manual that will give you everything you need in order to turn yourself into a self-made millionaire.

Listen, it’s time to stop relying on the lottery and luck. The simple reality is that neither of those factors will get you rich. If they do, you’re going to lose it all due to a lack of the mindset habits that are required for you to maintain your income and remain a millionaire.

Millionaire Success Manual: Wealth Habits and Money Making Methods” will walk you through everything you need to know about becoming a truly successful millionaire. You will learn about vital mindset habits, given inspiration for various money making methods, and be given the insiders’ view at many millionaire secrets that they don’t want to tell you.

You aren’t going to become a millionaire by sitting there doing what you’re doing now. If you were, you would already be a millionaire. It is time to invest wisely and pick up a manual that will give you the exact information you need to become a millionaire. The information you will learn within’ this book is invaluable compared to the tools it will give you to create true success in life.

Within’ the chapters you will learn:

  • Key differences between millionaires and non-millionaires
  • What a millionaire actually is (beyond financial wealth)
  • The importance of your mindset
  • How millionaires use their minds as tools
  • Passive income opportunities
  • How to build linear income and the importance of it
  • Millionaire habits you need to start practicing immediately
  • A millionaire pledge that will help you commit to your goals

Every piece of information you are provided with in this book will give you everything you need to flip your life around and stop playing with middle-income salaries. You will learn about the various levels of wealth and how you can get to level five (also known as the “I OWN the world” level).

If you are ready to stop playing with small potatoes and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of, then it is time for you to pick up the manual that will get you there. Stop wasting your time scouring through various books trying to find the answers and invest your time wisely in a book that stays direct and to-the-point with what you need. After all, a millionaire never wastes his or her time doing any more than they have to in order to succeed. So, do you have what it takes to be a millionaire?  

From Painfully Awkward To Socially Successful: How You Can Talk To Anyone Effortlessly, Communicate On A Personal Level, & Build Successful Relationships (Improve Social Skills & Social Anxiety)

by John S. Lawson

Discover How You Can Talk To Anyone With Ease, Develop Critical Social Skills, Build Effective Communication, Master Key Conversation Tactics, And Remove Social Anxiety From Your Life Once And For All

Are you having problems communicating and connecting with people around you including your friends and family? Are you socially awkward in interactions with others and just wish that your social anxiety would leave you alone forever? Or are you feeling depressed because of the lack of social skills in your arsenal that is causing these unnecessary stresses in your life?

What if I told you that there was a way you could overcome that barrier that has been holding you back for way too long and lead a life that you truly deserve? A life that is free of social awkwardness. A life that lets you to connect with other human beings on a personal level as you were always meant to. A life were interactions are not fearful obstacles but treasured moments for building relationships.

How To Talk To Anyone

In ‘From Painfully Awkward To Socially Successful‘ you will find the exact skills you need to break out of your shell and speak to others with confidence and a level of command that you never thought you had in you. Not only will you build quick rapport with the desired effect, you will also be able to leave a lasting impression on a person without having to try very hard at all. Imagine yourself being a master conversationalist. All you need is the right strategies. 

Heres What You Will Learn In ‘From Painfully Awkward To Socially Successful’

  • How To Become An Excellent Conversationalist
  • Be Able To Build Successful And Meaningful Relationships With Others 
  • How To Overcome Social Anxiety And Awkwardness
  • How To Approach People At Any Time and Strike A Conversation In Any Environment
  • Simple Strategies To Help You Communicate With Someone On A Personal Level
  • Network Effectively With Peers
  • Leave A Lasting First Impression On Others

And Much Much More….


  • Understand How The Effects Of The Digital Age Has Set Us Up To Be Less Socailly Affluent 
  • Understand Why It Is Not Your Fault At All 


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“From Painfully Awkward To Socially Successful”

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To Your Success! – John. Lawson

Wealth Affirmations

by Nicholas Makhonuk

Successful people will tell you that it is not very difficult to be wealthy. Because, as the Bible says, “As a man thinketh, he is.”

We can achieve almost anything when our subconscious thoughts match our conscious thoughts. I hope these Visual Affirmations help you on your journey to wealth and financial freedom. I noticed most of the Affirmations where Pure Text and we as humans think in pictures. I created these to help myself and others achieve more wealth. Thank you- Nicholas Makhonuk

Transform Your Habit, Transform Your Life: 50 Life-Changing Tips To Unimaginable Wealth, Health, Success, And Happiness (Habit, Habits of Highly Effective … Declutter Your Mind, Wealth Mindset)

by John S. Lawson

Steer Your Own Ship, Take Back Control, & Eliminate The Procrastination that Has Been Holding You Back From Attaining Your Goals — One Habit At A Time

Is your life a constant cycle of bad habits and bad decisions that you can’t seem to curb? Be it in exercise, food consumption, cleanliness, or your overall goals? Do you have trouble with procrastination and of performing the tasks required of you every single day? And are you filled with feelings of guilt and self-hate as a result of being unable to fulfill the goals you have set out to achieve?

What if I told you that there was a simple way in you can replace your bad habits with a healthy one that takes you 10 steps closer to your goals in a matter of minutes. A simple way in which triggers a mental switch in you, allowing you to perform the tasks you wish to perform with effortless energy. A simple way to overcome procrastination and turn that into a positive momentum and drive you towards the life you always wanted. Would that be something of value to you?

In “Transform Your Habit, Transform Your Life”, that is EXACTLY what you are going to receive. Never again would you have feelings of remorse, procrastination, and guilt with these actional steps that will take you where you want to go. 

DOWNLOAD: ‘Transform Your Habit, Transform Your Life’ You Will Learn - 50 Life Changing Tips To Unimaginable Wealth, Health, Success, And Happiness

In This Proven Guide You Will Learn:

  • Proven Strategies On How To Create New, Positive, And Powerful Habits In Your Life
  • How To Strengthen Your Willpower to Overcome Temptations To Backslide
  • How To Break A Bad Habit Effectively & Decisively
  • What Are The Environmental Triggers of Bad Habits & How to Deal With Them
  • How To Get An Accountability Partner To Help Keep You In Check


  • Learn & Understand The Mechanism Behind What Causes A Habit

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Breaking Habits 

  • Learn The Problems With New’s Years Resolutions To Curb Bad Habits And Why They Don’t Work 

You can make a change in your life today by making these small changes to your daily habits one step at a time. 

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Extra Cash Internet Business: Make Extra Cash Through Online Book Publishing & Service Freelancing for Beginners

by Andre D’Angelo

Learn to Create a New Source of Income While Working at Home

You don’t need any huge capital, marketing experience or technical skills.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

– How to choose a romance topic that will sell hundreds of copies… guaranteed.
– How to hire someone to write the book for you
– How to choose a proper cover for your book… make sure to get this one correctly!
– How to promote your books for FREE

– How to set up your Fiverr account the right way!
– 10 best type of services/category to choose for first time fiverr sellers
– Why these services may or may not suit you
– The different Fiverr levels and why it’s important that you level up your account asap
– How to create a Fiverr listing from A – Z
– Why short and simple works well for Fiverr
– An example of me creating a gig from start to finish
– How to create extra gigs for your listing
– How to upsell your customers so you can increase your profits


You can “trial and error” your way to internet marketing success or you can learn from my own mistakes and take a shortcut to online passive income.

Hey, maybe Im bias but I do urge you to choose the second method!

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Amazon Shopify Ecommerce: Start an Online Selling Business Through Shopify Dropshipping & Amazon FBA Marketing

by Andre D’Angelo

Learn to Create a New Source of Income While Working at Home

You don’t need any huge capital, marketing experience or technical skills.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

– How to find the perfect product
– How to never worry about inventory and shipping ever again
– The exact criteria to use to know if a product will sell or not
– How to advertise on Facebook and get 100%-300% ROI
– How to create your own Shopify store in less than an hour
– How to get cheap clicks on Facebook
– How to set up the shipping without doing the grunt work!
– A complete detailed STEP BY STEP method of Facebook Fan Page Marketing … so you don’t have to spend a single cent on advertising if you want to!

– The best way to get started with Amazon FBA
– The exact criteria to follow before choosing a product to sell
– The 5x rule and how it can help you choose a profitable product
– How to research and evaluate products so you don’t have to waste time selling something that won’t sell!
– Should you use Alibaba?
– How to use Amazon to find best-sellers
– How to find keywords that people search for on Amazon
– How to find suppliers for short-term and long-term business deals
– How to create your own sales listing that turns words into cash!
– The basics of advertising on Facebook


You can “trial and error” your way to internet marketing success or you can learn from my own mistakes and take a shortcut to online passive income.

Hey, maybe Im bias but I do urge you to choose the second method!

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Rich and Lazy: How To Overcome Procrastination and Generate Massive Passive Income

by David Moore

On the off chance that you’ve ended up putting off imperative errands again and again, you’re not the only one. Truth be told, many individuals procrastinate to some degree – yet some are so incessantly influenced by procrastination that it stops them satisfying their potential and disturbs their vocations.

The way to controlling this ruinous propensity is to perceive when you begin hesitating, comprehend why it happens (even to the best of us), and find a way to deal with your time and results better.

What Is Procrastination?

More or less, you procrastinate when you put off things that you ought to be concentrating on right now, for the most part for accomplishing something that is more charming or that you’re more open to doing.

As indicated by clinician Professor Clarry Lay, a noticeable essayist regarding the matter, procrastination happens when there’s “a worldly hole between planned conduct and established conduct.” That is, the point at which there’s a noteworthy era between when individuals mean to carry out a vocation, and when they really do it.

Building riches through passive income has reasonable interest, particularly in case you’re stressed over having the capacity to sufficiently spare from your work profit to meet your retirement objectives.

For instance, to produce $1,000 a month in retirement income from a portfolio, you’d need to store up about $250,000, accepting a 5 percent withdrawal rate. Better to produce a flood of income utilizing inventive roads.

What is passive income?

Passive income incorporates normal profit from a source other than a business or temporary worker. The IRS says passive income can originate from only 2 sources: rental income or a business in which an individual does not effectively take part. Illustrations incorporate book sovereignties and profit paying stocks.

Investopedia characterizes passive income as “profit an individual gets from an investment property, constrained association or other venture in which he or she is not effectively included.” Popular culture, be that as it may, characterizes it as “any cash you win while sitting on a shoreline tasting mojitos.”

Budgetary mentor and master Todd Tresidder supposes it falls somewhere close to the two, characterizing passive income as the cash you acquire from a venture or speculation after you’ve made an underlying commitment of time or cash.

“Many individuals imagine that passive income is about getting something to no end,” says Tresidder, author of, a money related instructing administration. “It has a ‘get rich brisk’ claim â?¦ however at last, regardless it includes work. You simply give the work forthright.”

Untold a huge number of individuals have attempted to make productive passive-income streams just to be amazed by the measure of work, money or time included. So in case you’re pondering going down this street, look at the truth behind 5 sorts of passive-income techniques.

For readers who like The Age of Unreason (1989), by Charles Handy
Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies (1994), by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras
Competing for the Future (1996), by Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad
Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors (1980), by Michael E. Porter
Emotional Intelligence (1995), by Daniel Goleman
The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Business Don’t Work and What to Do about It (1985), by Michael E. Gerber
The Essential Drucker (2001), by Peter Drucker
The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization (1990), by Peter Senge
First, Break All the Rules (1999), by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman
The Goal (1984), by Eliyahu Goldratt
Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap … and Others Don’t (2001), by Jim Collins
Guerilla Marketing (1984), by Jay Conrad Levinson
How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936), by Dale Carnegie
The Human Side of Enterprise (1960)

No Expertise Internet Marketing: Sell Your Way to an Online Marketing Business Even Without Expertise.Teespring Facebook Advertising & Fiverr Freelancing

by Andre D’Angelo

Learn to Create a New Source of Income While Working at Home

You don’t need any huge capital, marketing experience or technical skills.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

– The exact step by step instructions to make money selling tshirt
– How to make sure that your tshirts will be best sellers
– what exact market to choose for maximum profitability
– How to sell your tshirts
– How to market your tshirts the easiest possible way via FB fanpages

– How to start selling services on Fiverr even if you have no expertise
– How to outsource all the work to other people for as low as $1
– How to choose the perfect service to sell
– My top 6 services that are more likely to become best-sellers
– How to create your own sales listing and get high sales conversion
– How the up-sell process works and what to do with your own customer up-sells
– How to easily double your income without too much additional effort…clue: It’s all about the packages
– How to confirm if your market is profitable or not


You can “trial and error” your way to internet marketing success or you can learn from my own mistakes and take a shortcut to online passive income.

Hey, maybe Im bias but I do urge you to choose the second method!

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Passive Income: Make Money While You Sleep: 15 Passive Income Ideas That You Can Start Today!

by Star James

Won’t you like to make money while sleeping even if it is just $500? Of course, you will, but how. How can you make some money while you are in the la la land? Is it possible? Is it legitimate? Your heart is filled with excitement and mind with a long list of questions.

It is no joke, anyone can make a good amount of money online, in fact, you can end up selling and earning money while you sleep. It is definitely not a dream. It is a serious business and you don’t need to be exceptionally talented for it. All you need is this book handy and some patience. To begin, don’t focus on the amount of money you make, but on learning and mastering the techniques to earn money. You may need to invest a little or no money to start up settings. But, it would cost you patience, hard work, studies, consistency and testing to reach a point when you can clearly make $100 to $200 overnight. It is an absolutely legitimate way to making money; no lies!

Earlier, it literally took days and months to deliver a mail. However, today technological advancements have made the IMPOSSIBLE things POSSIBLE. The internet is the fastest way to share information and a sneaky way to make some really good passive income. Online business has revolutionized the way of trade, marketing, and selling products; not to the customers in your country but to the customers all across the world. You can present yourself to the global customers, extend your reach beyond all the geographical limits, more people know you, trust you and trade with you. You START TO EARN. Further, you need not be available all the time to complete a sale. The internet has automated the entire process of sale for you so that you can sell even when unavailable. All you need to do is to learn the ways you can make money, try and test which is going to work best for you, then put into action and wait. It takes a little time to kick start, but once it picks up the pace, you start making money in your dreams.

It got a huge prospectus, but little did they know how to do it, what mistakes to avoid. No one can say what would work and what won’t until you try it. But, a little help and guidance from someone who is successfully earning money online can make it all the way easier. It is still possible to make a passive income through internet. You can even make up to six to seven digit figure employing the ideas shared in this book. There are thousands of people in this world, who took it as their primary source of income. It maps all the routes that lead you to establish a successful and profit making online business. Boon, you also get to learn everything about Affiliate Program, how it works, how you can employ it to earn big cash and most importantly, how you can stand out from the rest of the people attempting and make a difference.

Here, in this book, I have disclosed everything that you need to know to make money while sleeping. From the business ideas, saleable goods to sell, how to sell, different means of doing online businesses, to the myths and mistakes people generally make and how to avoid them; you get all the information RIGHT HERE IN THIS BOOK. Try out all my tried and tested secrets, tips, and tricks and make money while you sleep – START READING TODAY. Buy now with 1-click and get started!

BYTE YOUR SMALL BUSINESS: A Complete Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Free, Simple, Automated Website for Your Small Brick and Mortar Business


Most small retail businesses cannot afford to have a website manager on their staff, and they shouldn’t need to. If all the website needs to do is display higher-cost products in stock, an automated website can be maintained by an untrained employee with minimal effort. In this book, I provide simple website templates and explain everything you need to know about finding a free web host, customizing my templates for your business, uploading your website, and managing it with simple web forms that I provide. These simple templates are not intended for online sales but rather for providing a way for your customers to browse items you have in stock without coming to the store. You delete items you have sold and add items you have recently stocked in less than a minute per item. It takes less than two hours to get your website up and running, plus about a minute or less to post each item for sale. You just download my software package from my website and follow the simple instructions is this book to customize a template, get a free host account, and upload everything to the free web host. You can then post and modify products on the website from a phone or tablet. If you currently use social media for advertising, you can add your new website link there as a way to reduce the amount of time you have to spend updating your social media page. I also provide a suite of customer relations tools you can use to track your customers contact info, purchases, and service/warranty calls. I am also willing to help if you run into problems getting your website up and running or even if you need help with minor customization.

Miracle-preneuring: Why anyone can and should be an entrepreneur

by Varun Choraria

Are you an Entrepreneur in the making? This Book is for you.

Miracle-preneuring is a brand new take on entrepreneuring- it has been re-defined to thinking of it as a state of mind. This book is not your everyday business motivation book; it is a holistic and compelling guide to becoming a better human, a better entrepreneur. This book shows the naysayers exactly why anyone and everyone can and should be an entrepreneur through the beautifully structured book- beginning from dreaming right to making the miracle happen and finally to road ahead- how you should be after turning over the last page of this journey. This book is for everyone- any age, any place.

Why should you read this Book?

It neither takes money nor inherited wealth to become an entrepreneur. What it needs is character, perseverance and hard work to reach your goals. It is rare to find a book that is descriptive of the hardships, mental turmoil and emotions that every entrepreneur undergoes. This book takes you hand by hand and includes stories of those who undertook the journey with humble beginnings including the Author himself. Success comes to those who never give up. Discover your miracles on the go- right here, right now!

Welcome to the world of Miracle-preneuring!

Florida Tax Liens: How to Find Liens on Property for great Tax Lien Certificate Investing: The Best of all Tax Lien Books to Find & Finance Tax Lien Houses from Florida Tax Lien Sales

by Brian Mahoney

New! Revised! Florida Tax Liens: How to Find Liens on Property for great Tax Lien Certificate Investing The Best of all Tax Lien Books to Find & Finance Tax Lien Houses from Florida Tax Lien Sales

There is not another real estate investing book on the market that gives you as many sources discount Investment Property, than this book. This book gives you the best real estate web sites & over 4,000 sources of real estate financing & the government’s over 2,400 sources of Federal Money. You will also learn…

* Tax Lien & Tax Deed Real Estate Investing Overview

* Quick & Easy Access to Florida Tax Lien & Deed Property

* Quick & Easy Access to Nationwide Tax Lien & Deed Property

* 8 Realistic ways to Finance Your Investment Property

* How to write a Winning Free Grant Money Proposal

* Expert Strategies to Making Your Purchase Offer

* 12 Steps to Selling Any Investment Property Fast!

* Million Dollar Rolodex of Real Estate Investing Web Sites!

* Billionaire Business Advice…When they talk, we listen.

* Dictionary of Real Estate Terms Defined

People are destroyed for lack of knowledge. For less than the cost of one night at the movies you can get the knowledge you need to start living your business dreams!
Don’t wait. You’ll wait your life away…

YouTube Google Search Affiliate: Make Money Through Search Engine Optimization & Affiliate Marketing via YouTube and Google

by George Allen

2 Internet Marketing Ideas You Can Implement for One Hour a Day

Learn a step by step method of making money online via your own online business.




What you’ll get in this bundle:

– How to find the perfect product to promote
– The types of videos and when to use them
– How to strategically create your video content so you can sell them more products
– How to upload your videos the correct way!
– How to rank your videos on Google and Youtube
– 4 advance SEO tactics that 99% of SEO don’t know about

– How to find problems to solve and why this is the best way to start an affiliate campaign
– The “top 10 method” of researching niches
– The “solution finder” method and how it can help you find undiscovered niches
– How to find the best products and what are the criteria to follow to get the best products to promote
– How to create your website from start to finish (no technical knowledge required)
– How to set up your affiliate link and where to put it
– The best plugins to use to rank faster in Google
– How to write a product review step by step (with actual real-world examples)
– How to rank in Google via 5 minutes of work


You can “trial and error” your way to online marketing success and that’s not so bad if you have a lot of time and money.

But the smarter way to do it is to learn from other people’s mistakes and implement the lessons from their mistakes.

I urge you to choose the second method!

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Uber Surge: Maximizing Your Uber Earnings

by Napoleon Will

A guide to maximizing profits as an Uber driver.

The Babe Bible: Every Womanâ??s BFF – Love Letters to Guide You Through Lifeâ??s Toughest Lessons, Soothe Your Heart, and Sparkle Your Soul

by Shani Jay

Have you ever dreamed of having a BFF by your side to comfort and reassure you during all your times of need, in life and love?

Have you ever experienced moments when you feel like you’re not good enough, you don’t know which way to turn and you’re desperately searching for a glimmer of hope?

This kind-hearted and inspirational women’s book, is written as a beautiful collection of ‘Open When…’ love letters to her, conveniently arranged into seven sections: Body, Spirit, Confidence, Vulnerability, Love, Hope, and Inspiration.

This is the book you’ll want to reach for whenever you find yourself in need of some gentle guidance, words of wisdom, or a sprinkle of inspiration. 
This self help book for women contains everything they don’t teach you in school, but really should, including how to feel confident in your own skin, how to keep going when you lose a loved one, and what to do when you find yourself feeling lost and utterly alone.

Today there’s intense pressure to be perfect, which has caused a huge lack in women’s self confidence and self love. As a result, so many women believe they are not good enough or don’t measure up, in multiple areas of their lives.
Sometimes, all you need is someone to be there at the end of the day to comfort and reassure you that everything will be okay.
The Babe Bible
will guide you through some of life’s toughest lessons, help you discover answers to your many questions, and be the light in the darkness when you need it most.

Since founding the self-love and kindness movement, The Glow Getter Tribe, Writer & Author Shani Jay has connected with and inspired hundreds of women worldwide who have struggled with confidence, thinking positive, and discovering the power of radical self love.
The Babe Bible–like any trusted BFF–has got your back and promises:

  • 60+ heartfelt Open When Letters - written on a vast range of topics, organised into seven easy to navigate sections
  • To always be there ready and waiting–on your bookshelf or in your handbag–to offer guidance, comfort and reassurance 
  • A book you can constantly refer back to at different times in your life no matter where your journey takes you 
  • To pick you up whenever you’re feeling down 
  • To remind you that you’re never truly alone in this world 

Once you read The Babe Bible you’ll realise you don’t have to deal with the weight of the world on your shoulders alone. 
Once you read this book, it will never leave your heart.

What’s stopping you from being the woman who isn’t afraid to reach out for guidance and comfort when she needs it? Because none of us can figure out this crazy thing called life on our own.

Scroll to the top and click the “buy now” button.

Open House for Homeowners: 27 practical tips for a fast & profitable sale (master the game – real estate)

by Zahie Werber

Good for you! You’ve decided to sell your property on your own, also known as FSBO (For Sale By Owner). Do you have the first-time-seller jitters? It’s okay, most homeowners selling their homes feel this way! It may make you feel at ease, however, to know that we are here to help you. An open house is by far the most effective tool for any proactive homeowner. In many cases, by successfully selling your property on your own, the sale might be more profitable than it would be by hiring a realtor, as you won’t have to pay a commission. But, firstly, you’ll need to have the right mindset. Preparing for and hosting an open house as a homeowner is a very proactive process.

Basically put, an open house will increase the exposure of your home. An excellent, well-planned open house should sell your property at a â??top-dollar’ price sooner. Through the text in this book we will guide you on how to collect the necessary information needed for your event. We will also provide you with the steps you’ll need to take before the event itself, in order to ensure its success. Through the open house, you’ll at least collect a substantial list of hot leads of potential buyers.
Not only will this book provide you with all you’ll need to make your sale, as our way of saying thank you for purchasing our book we’ve included a free gift; a â??Complete Checklist’ PDF containing absolutely all the information you’ll need when selling a property.
~ Michael and Zahie believe their true purpose is to teach and share their personal experiences with the world, especially the world of real-estate, in hope of saving â??newbie’ investors, advanced investors and experts the time, energy and stress that are often paramount in the industry. They’re â??paying it forward’ in hope it will help others in the industry to avoid the mishaps they’ve experienced.

Michael Martirena is a licensed Real-Estate Broker in the state of Florida, U.S.A. He purchased, rehabbed and sold his first property straight out of college, and has been in the real-estate industry ever since. By the start of 2015, he has held more than 300 successful open house events, and this number only increases as time moves on. The advice he shares in this area comes from years of experience, and his tips are most-valuable in the real-estate industry.
Zahie Werber earned his B.Sc. degree as an electrical engineer at the age of nineteen. He was born into an Infrastructure Contracting family firm (est. 1956), and was the second generation to help it to grow. He has performed hundreds of projects in high-tech industries, gathering valuable knowledge along the way, most of which is usually only available to large companies. He now implements this knowledge and shares it in this book as tips for homeowners. Zahie is also an active real-estate investor and holds an MBA in business management, majoring in marketing. He is an expert on digital media who has learned to harness the power of social media, enabling him to create a highly-effective marketing system for real-estate. In this book, Zahie shares with you his knowledge and advice in the form of step-by-step tips.

If you are a homeowner and you’ve decided to do an open house in order to sell your property, this book was written for you!

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.