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by Kalena Lyons

She met him at a party, never suspecting how the night would goâ?¦

Elaine had been single and on her own, and while her heart didn’t feel quite ready to move on, it was becoming quite obvious that her body did. Ethan was kind and polite and risked his life to save others on a regular basis. There’s a first time for everythingâ?¦

This is a short story with added bonus stories included.

Warning! This book contains super hot and explicit scenes that are not suitable for all readers. Adults only! Discretion is advised.

Maid for Majesty Black Swan (Maid for Majesty Series, Historical Erotica, Victorian Romance, Regency Erotica, Erotic Romance Book 3)

by AJ Phoenix

When cunning servant Madeline Black stole the heart of King Alexander, little did she know that she had set into motion a love affair that would change the future of the British monarchy, as well as endanger all the subjects of Englandâ?¦

Alex is now in crisis. Not only must he protect the woman he loves; but he must also save his countrymen and his best friend Greg Umbridge, who is in the throes of his own forbidden love affair.

All the while, Madeline is hellbent to avenge the murder of her late mother, Elizabeth Swan. However, the truth-which Alex has secretly found out- hurts Madeline more than anyone else….

Hired (Book One): A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance Series

by Victoria Vance


** Plus BONUS CHARACTER PROFILES with different fun facts in each book!**

Introducing book one of Hired, a hot and sexy 4 part series by romance writing sensation Victoria Vanceâ?¦

Twenty-one-year old college student Cynthia Michaels has always worked hard for everything, and when it comes to scholastics, she has the grades to prove it. With only a few classes left until graduation, she dreams of one-day landing an engineering job with a prominent tech company. What she never dreams of is receiving a call from one of the best tech companies in the countryâ?¦a call that will change her life forever.

Business mogul. Billionaire. Bad boy. This about sums up Alex Graham, the ultra demanding and sexy-as-hell owner of Hawk Enterprises. With his chestnut brown hair, frosted blue eyes, and perfectly chiselled jaw line, it’s no surprise that his reputation with women precedes him. But none of that matters now. He has his sights set on Cynthia and nothing will stop him from getting what he wantsâ?¦and introducing the innocent, virgin, good girl to his most seductiveâ?¦painfulâ?¦fantasies.

Cynthia can’t help but be intrigued by her mysterious, seductive, new boss, and before she knows it, she finds herself falling for the tall, dark, and handsome bad boy. But as he continues to become more demanding, Cynthia begins to question his motives. How did his company find her? Why was she hired so fast? And why would someone like him want someone like her?

But Alex closely guards his true intentions and wouldn’t dare expose the truth to Cynthia. For if she were ever to find out these secrets, it could very well ruin them both.

*A hot and steamy alpha billionaire romance, perfect for fans of Cassie Cross, J.S. Scott, Kelly Favor, Hannah Ford, and E L James*

**All books in this series are novella length romance stories with a guaranteed HEA!**

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Worth The Weight (Worth Series Book 1): A Copper Country Romance (The Worth Series)

by Mara Jacobs

Book 1 in the New York Times bestselling Worth Series

A New Body…
A New Life…
An Old Flame?

Lizzie Hampton is literally a shadow of her former self. Having lost half her body weight, she’s headed to her small hometown to test out her new body on an old flame.
Just a harmless fling to get her self confidence back before she returns to
the city and the new man in her life.

But Lizzie’s plan has a few bumps in the road.

Finn Robbins can’t believe Liz is back in town. Desperate to be the holder of her innocence eighteen years ago, he never got the chance.
Now she’s back and he can finally check her off his to do list.

But her friends, his son, and the mysterious Annie may have something to say about that.

This book contains 2-3 fairly graphic love scenes and the F-bomb is detonated somewhat frequently. If it was a movie, it would be rated a hard R.

The Worth Series thus far:
1Worth the Weight (Lizzie and Finn)
2Worth the Drive (Katie and Dario
3Worth the Fall (Alison and Petey)
4Worth the Effort (Deni and Sawyer)
4.5 Totally Worth Christmas – novella (Phoebe and Charlie)
5. Worth The Price (Liv and Twain)
6. Worth The Lies (Kelsey and Huck)

Keisha & Trigga Reloaded: The Love of a Gangsta

by Leo Sullivan

In this tale of everlasting love and dangerous streets, Keisha & Trigga’s relationship is pushed to the limits in ways they never imagined.

The anniversary of the date they lost a child approaches and their relationship is strained and on the brink of disaster as Keisha tries to overcome her feelings of hurt and despair that her past drug abuse and lifestyle is the reason that their child died. The situation is further compounded when Trigga continues to have the same devastating nightmares about coming home to find his entire family murdered, which puts them on edge, only to discover his nightmares are really a stark preview of what is to come; murder, mayhem and bloodshed. Then something far worse than either of them could have ever fathomed comes about when a ruthless killer from their past, suddenly appears with a debt to settle.

After a deadly shootout at his club, Trigga receives a threat that he needs to come up with $2 million in two weeks or his family will be killed. Money that he doesn’t have. With this threat looming, Trigga turns back into the man of his past who haunted the NYC streets; a man Keisha can no longer tolerate. Then tragedy strikes in the worst way, when their marriage is put to the ultimate test with the entrance of the sexy temptress, Lania.

With their life crumbling to pieces around them, will Keisha & Trigga be able to hold onto the love they fought so hard for?

Chasing Fireflies

by Paige P. Horne

People say young love never lasts. They say you should wait and grow up first, you should figure out who you are. But those people didn’t know us. They didn’t know that she didn’t like shoes and Christmas was her favorite time of the year. They didn’t know that she liked to feel the cold dirt run through her fingers and floppy hats were a must when planting flowers. Curly hair was meant to be wild and Fireflies were meant to be chased. Paint wasn’t just for walls and ceilings but for noses and skin.

Our love was the rarest kind of love and I held onto it with everything I had. But you see, Sara Williams wasn’t in control of her choices. Her mind betrayed her and was her hearts worst enemy. Sometimes we are only meant to have a certain amount of time with the person we love. Sometimes a lifetime isn’t enough. But you take what you’re given and you make the best of every moment. This is a story about love, life and never giving up. This is a story about a woman who tried to be better for a man and a man who loved a woman more than his next breath. This is a story about usâ?¦ Sara and Cash Williams.

A Mystery Psychological Suspense Collection: Sister Serial Killer: (A Psychological Thriller Full of Suspense SPECIAL STORY INCLUDED)

by Mary Hill

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Book1 :
Michelle Maguire is a 34-year-old divorced woman that has recently been laid off from her job.
Soon after Michelle decides to take a break and try to find happiness, she receives the shocking news that her ex-husband has been murdered.
Michelle slowly grows more and more curious about who killed her ex-husband, and she vows to figure it out. She won’t rest until she knows who the murderer is…
But the path she decides to take is not a simple one.
Will Michelle find out who murdered her ex-husband in cold blood?

Book 2:
James Findlay has made some powerful enemies. As his small, island nation’s only representative to the Paris climate conference, he holds a unique amount of power of his own. But he knows too much.
For instance, he knows that Earth is still in an Ice Age, after 2.6 million years of persistent polar ice. Why would this be dangerous? Because the international power brokers depend on the conference delegates approving their measures. If global warming is found to be good, instead of dangerous, their multi-trillion dollar plan will fail. Warmth in an Ice Age might not be seen as dangerous. Findlay also knows that the power brokers have been confusing pollution and carbon dioxide. He knows that CO2 is a beneficial gas which has actually been greening the Earthâ??a fact that the UN’s scientists are not discussing.
After Findlay is drugged at the conference, he realizes that someone is desperate to stop him.
When Findlay finds his fiancée, Moira, murdered in their hotel room, he suspects that someone at the conference had arranged to kill her. He feels that someone is trying to warn him off and not at all subtly.
But Findlay realizes that much more is at stake than his own life and the lives of those close to him. What he does next could make the difference between survival and death of billions of his fellow humans.

Book 3:
You have to know everything about your husband when you trust him with your life everyday. Right?
Detective Emma Johnson thought she knew everything about her husband and partner until they were assigned the case of Ella Stevens. What happens when Emma starts finding out just how much her husband is hiding from her?
And why does the girl standing next to her husband in the picture he just tried to hide from her look so much like their murder victim?

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