Free historical fiction Kindle books for 12 Jun 17

My Forbidden Navy SEAL Cowboy

by Cassandra Michaels

WARNING: This book contains Steamy Navy Seal Romance Scenes That Leave Very Little To The Imagination..Now with 40 Free Bonus Stories For A Limited Time!

This is a standalone shifting perspective story with no cliffhangers and a happily ever after ending


Bronwyn and Declan married young, and when Declan joined the Marines only weeks after their marriage, Bronwyn resigned herself to a life spent alone, waiting for her husband to come home from the next dangerous mission. But when Declan is declared “Missing in Action,” his brother Tyler, a Navy SEAL himself, is sent home to help the family make arrangements.

Tyler was older, and barely knew Bronwyn, but the woman he meets when he returns home is nothing like he girl he knew six years ago. It isn’t long before Tyler and Bronwyn realize their connection runs deeper than either could have ever expected. Will they give in to the unfathomable pull of their mutual desire, or will Bronwyn fight a love that feels totally wrong, but absolutely right at the same time?

But more importantly, what will happen when it turns out that Declan isn’t missing after all?

A Rake’s Final Desire: Regency Romance

by Cassandra Michaels

This is a Scandalous Regency Romance With NO Cliffhanger That Leaves VERY Little To The Imagination..Contains Over 30 FREE Bonus Stories For A Limited Time!

Sophia only has one option left.

Without marrying the duke, she can never hope to get back what she has lost. She can never hope to be whole again. However, there’s one breath-taking problem she hasn’t considered.

The Duke has a son. A smoldering example of how enticing the devil can truly be.

With a well-earned reputation for being the rake of the county, Sophia knows better than to fall for him, but what her head knows and what her heart is to decide might be two different things.

What will Sophia do when she’s faced with the risk of losing everything she has ever loved? Will she give in to the passion or will she walk away?

WARNING: This Story Contains Explicit Scenes Meant For Adult Audiences Only!

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