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The Ghost of Molly Holt

by Amy Cross

“Molly Holt is dead. There’s nothing to fear in this house.”

When three teenagers set out to explore an abandoned house in the middle of a forest, they think they’ve found the location where the infamous Molly Holt video was filmed.

They’ve found much more than that…


Tim doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he has a crush on a girl who does. That’s why he ends up taking her out to the house, and it’s also why he lets her take his only flashlight. But as they explore the house together, Tim and Becky start to realize that something else might be lurking in the shadows.

Something that, ten years ago, suffered unimaginable pain.

Something that won’t rest until a terrible wrong has been put right.

THE GHOST OF MOLLY HOLT is a horror novel a boy who refuses to believe in ghosts, even as the evidence mounts all around him. But as darkness creeps into the house, will he be able to hold his nerve? Or will he finally have to accept that Molly Holt has risen from her unmarked grave in search of revenge?

A Psychological Mystery and Suspense Thriller Collection: Memories Sin: (A Psychological Thriller Full of Suspense)

by C.J. Rachel

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Book1 :
On an ordinary day Jasmine went jogging in the park like she always had before. Not knowing her life was going to change that morning she found a glove on the ground, that’s when it all started for her. Her life was going to change forever just by picking up that glove. When Jasmine is led into the wood by a dog she finds something sticking out of the ground, curious of what it is Jasmine digs up a box. What she finds in the box is so horrifying that she doesn’t know what to think, a baby is in the box, something she had never thought she would find or even come across in her life. As time goes on Jasmine is about to put herself into a situation she may not be able to get out of. A life changing experience. She feels she can’t go to anyone, afraid they will think she’s crazy with what she has found. Jasmine wasn’t sure if she was seeing things when she finds out what the glove is used for. Thinking she’s crazy herself until that night she begins to see things, she’s brought to the park late at night and begins to understand what happened, trying to figure out the mystery herself.

Book 2:
Michelle Maguire is a 34-year-old divorced woman that has recently been laid off from her job.
Soon after Michelle decides to take a break and try to find happiness, she receives the shocking news that her ex-husband has been murdered.
Michelle slowly grows more and more curious about who killed her ex-husband, and she vows to figure it out. She won’t rest until she knows who the murderer is…
But the path she decides to take is not a simple one.
Will Michelle find out who murdered her ex-husband in cold blood?

Book 3:
Joey Alum is a quiet and unassuming man with an passion for old movies and pop culture. Joey ran a video rental store and lived a relatively happy life throughout the 90s but when the internet came along and direct downloads, his video store crashed and he lost a sizable amount of his money. Joey didn’t take it too well and his old childhood traumas resurfaced. His years of abuse by his parents, being bullied and other traumatic events came to the fore. Voices developed in his head, voices that demand vengeance. The voices in his head prod him to kill reenacting classic scenes from his favorite movies. The voices come from “the asylum” in Joey Alum’s head. Who can stop this sick serial killer from continuing his deadly path of death and destruction?

The Song of Steel

by D. L. Rowlands

A traveller arrives at McKinley’s Crossing bearing news of an army of monsters bearing down on the civilized lands.
Will he be able to unite a broken kingdom and forge peace between nations that have warred for hundreds of years in time to save everybody’s skins?
Will he retain his life, his sanity, and his soul if he does?

Ancient Resurgence: Daniel’s Story

by F.L. Journey

At the first mention of the disease expanding north, Daniel and his girlfriend Alice begin to prepare for the worst. With enough supplies to last, they hunker down with Alice’s parents. It isn’t long before unwelcome guests come to spoil their plans, some more dangerous than others. Daniel realizes that the only way to survive is to move, not deeper into isolation, but into the middle of a city.
In a battle to save themselves and those they hold dear, Daniel and those with him must figure out if this is something that can be cured, or if it is something much worse, an ancient resurgence.

Your Poisoned Dreams: Horror Stories – Cassiopeiapress Suspense

by Michael Minnis

The castle is mine, but I do not want it. No matter, because no one now shall ever have it. Sunlight will touch it; and upon it moonlight will rest at night. In winter the castle will disappear beneath white, and the still pool into which water pours will become obsidian and unbreakable. But within its walls nothing will breathe or walk. I will not be there.
The castle will stand empty, and this is well.
That is because there is no escape for me. The villagers will not allow it, nor will fate. And why should there be? There was none for my friend or his servant, and none for the hunchback or the fowler. Only oblivion saved great-grandmother.
Oblivion, and poison.
I have taken a sufficient quantity of the latter to kill me – eventually. I do not know how long I have – a few hours, perhaps. Long enough, if I am fortunate, to allow me to wait until night falls, until the birds of the garden grow quiet and the fire dims and dies, to wait until my antagonist begins his nocturnal course.

Michael Minnis was born in Saginaw, Michigan in 1969. He has studied graphic design and creative writing. Eight Storys – in world first edition.
But all these stories have one thing in common: Lovecraft’s conception of the incomprehensible cosmic entities finds its sentitive continuation also at the first decade of the 21st century.

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