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Abigail’s Letter: How the First Lady Influenced John Quincy

by Matthew Lopes

Essay analysis of an often-overlooked letter from Abigail Adams to her son, John Quincy, shows how big of a role she played in instilling political awareness and civic duty in him. It often seems as though she urges him to always remember the path and accomplishments of his beloved father and encourages him to fill his shoes.

Why the Hell did God make: Mosquitoes (Illustrated): Volume 1

Have you ever been outside on a beautiful warm day? Maybe enjoying yourself at a family gathering in a park, or maybe your own backyard. Or have you ever embarked on a warm and breezy mid summer jog? And then thee unthinkable suddenly happens. You suddenly fall victim to a mythical beast. Before you can comprehend what is even happening it is already to late, because the pain has already begun to effect you before you realize you have been bitten. Who is this biting beast? you may ask. Well you will have to read the book title to find that information out. I cannot disclose this information to you directly here in this description, due to open legal cases. There have been countless of billions who have fallen victim to this creature. There have been many efforts set in place over millions of years to eradicate this beast from the face of all existence. But yet the creep still stands tall and flys high. There has been a silent war, being fought right under our noses. You may even be apart of this war without even realizing it. Many have fallen from both sides of the court of war. But this fact does not make either sides warriors give up there goals of overcoming the obstacles set in place by there enemies. One side is desperately trying to nurture there children and secure peace in there minds, of having many generations to come. And the other side is trying to protect there lively hood and well being. Both sides have nobel causes to fight this seemingly never ending battle. But only one will come out on top. I truly wonder who’s resolve will be the stronger between thee two sides. I am but an observer of this legendary battle being fought. And what a battle it is. This book is but a brief explanation of how things in the universe really work. But at the same time you will enjoy all of the facts that you did not realize before and download them in your mind for future reference. Or whatever reason you would have for this information that I have gathered. But that is up for you to decide. All I can do is continue to bring things to light and hope that people understand the meaning. Please read and look forward to many more additions of this series to come. And also many other novels as well.

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