Free science fiction Kindle books for 12 Jun 17

The Lost Treasure Map Trilogy 2017

by V Bertolaccini

Novels of explorers uncovering colossal lost treasures in mind-bending scenarios! In The Lost Treasure Map 3 explorers uncover the lost treasures and the ultimate technology of an ultimate time traveler! In The Lost Treasure Map 2 explorers uncover colossal treasure and an ultimate voyager probe! In The Lost Treasure Map explorers uncover the immense lost treasure of a king in a haunted castle!

A trilogy with high quality action-packed novels of explorers uncovering colossal lost treasures in mind-bending scenarios!
The Lost Treasure Map 3
The adventures of treasure explorers searching the globe and an uncharted interdimensional island for the lost treasures and ultimate technology of colossal value of an ultimate time traveler of the future, told to them by a time traveler, which treasure seekers of future civilizations searched for through generations with highly advanced time probes.
The Lost Treasure Map 2
The adventures of explorers, paranormal investigators, scientists, military, archeologists, and treasure seekers exploring a lost desolate castle and them uncovering unknown and strange occurrences everywhere, trying to determine what is there, and what is occurring, and they gradually uncover colossal treasures and a mind-boggling ultimate voyager probe buried away there.
The Lost Treasure Map
The adventures of explorers exploring an immense haunted castle and region and its hauntings and legends as they hunt for treasure that has been buried away for centuries, with no precise proof of its existence, while hauntings, murders, murder hunts, and televised investigations occur everywhere, and they solve the crimes and ancient mysteries and uncover the colossal lost treasure of a king and why the castle is haunted.

I.E. the Interdimensional Extraterrestrial (2017)

by V Bertolaccini

A mind-boggling SF action adventure thriller classic of deep space interdimensional extraterrestrials of another universe who pick up an SOS message from this world, but when their IE probe materializes in orbit it is shot down by a military space weapon!

In a forest one night a celestial object comes crashing down and a strange extraterrestrial entity manages to survive the impact and release of forces and alters its form to this world, as it creeps out into the dark world and forest, and it hides in one of the strangest places before humans arrive.
The army arrives and investigates what crashed into the wood, and newspapers report it, and officials at NASA are brought in, and in the end admit a military weapon system shot it out of the sky on its appearance over the world.
Scientists explore everything they can and try to find what escaped from the crash!

Signs: Seven Seals Redux

by Connie Myres

Close to perishing, the battered crew of Infinity One must risk their livesâ??and sacrifice oneâ??to assure that human life continues on.

The crew of Infinity One must return to Earth to get a synthetic dilithium crystal from the Intercosmic Space Program’s main base in Marinette, Wisconsin. Without the crystal to power their spaceship and the cloaking shield, they’ll be an easy target for the Zeta aliens.

As if that wasn’t enough, the sixth seal of the Book of Revelation is fulfilling its promise of stars falling from the sky and the sun becoming black as sackcloth.

It’s a race against time.

Can the downtrodden crew retrieve the crystal before calamity crushes them?

Will they give up all hope because of the impossible odds against them?

Who needs to be sacrificed to save the others?

Find out in this sixth book of Seven Seals Redux.

The Particle Accelerator Time Machine 2017

by V Bertolaccini

Deep in the depths of the moon scientists have been carrying out the greatest and most dangerous research experiments attained! An intelligence agent is sent in on an ultimate mission! Leading scientists are being killed everywhere and nobody knows why!

Hidden confidential moonbases carrying out research on something colossal and mind-blowing and nobody knows what!
Scientists create a giant wormhole after time warps and new forms of black holes are created in particle accelerators in space, and nobody knows what their deadliest technology will do next. Reports claim there is an ultimate weapon capable of destroying worlds. Has it been created to destroy a dangerous alien civilization and threat as part of a real Star Wars program?
Scientists carry out experiments on a colossal gateway to the stars, and at an exhibition of it an accident occurs and the intelligence agent enters it and travels out beyond the realms of the universe, and hurtles through a mind-bending gateway through the galaxies …

Island Quarantine

by Blaze Eastwood

When a pandemic sweeps across the country, those who are infected by the virus are sent to an island to keep them separate from the rest of the world. But when Emory makes some shocking discoveries in the quarantine zone, he realizes there is more to the pandemic than he thought. As his symptoms get worse, he knows he needs to find outside help. With guards surrounding the island, he feels trapped in a human experiment that has the power to kill off all the test subjects. As Emory’s discoveries become more shocking, he becomes more desperate to find answers, but time is running out.

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