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Lure of the Dragon (Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart Book 1)

by Anna Lowe

Nothing is forbidden to this elite corps of shifter bodyguards and private investigators…except falling in love.

Good dragons? Bad dragons? Twenty-four hours ago, private chef Tessa Byrne didn’t know about the terrifying world of shifters. Now she knows too much, like the fact that a ruthless dragon lord is determined to claim her — forever. Tessa flees to Maui, where sunny skies, swaying palms, and a handsome stranger conspire to play tricks with her heart. Can she truly trust Kai Llewellyn and his band of battle-hardened shapeshifters to save her from a gruesome fate?

Don’t trust a human, and never, ever fall in love with one. Those are lessons Kai learned the hard way. But Tessa is different. Her emerald eyes mirror the mysterious pendant she wears, and her flaming red hair makes his heart race. Is his inner dragon just greedy for a new kind of treasure, or is Tessa his destined mate?

ALOHA SHIFTERS: JEWELS of the HEART is a thrilling new series set on the tropical shores of Maui. Each story is a page-turner packed with action, emotion, and romance! If you like Magnum, PI and smoldering hot, alpha shapeshifters, you’ll love these books!

* No cliff hangers. Each story is a standalone paranormal romance with adult content. This story includes strong heroines, alpha heroes, werewolves and shapeshifters, billonaires, military romance, paranormal suspense, action-adventure romance, fantasy romance, and exotic, tropical locales! *

Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart
Book 1 – Lure of the Dragon
Book 2 – Lure of the Wolf
Book 3 – Lure of the Bear
Book 4 – Lure of the Tiger
Book 5 – Love of the Dragon

What do dragon, wolf, bear, and tiger shifters do when they move on from adecade of service in an elite Special Forces unit? Transitioning back to civilian life isn’t as easy as it sounds – not even in sunny Hawaii,where they land a sweet gig as caretakers of a luxurious seaside estate. Fate still has a host of challenges in store for this band of brothers, including the deadly threat of ruthless shifter foes, the mysteriouspowers of a long-lost collection of jewels, and the temptation of truelove. Will they be forced to choose between their destined mates andduty, or will they conquer the odds and earn the ultimate prize?

Available in ebook, paperback, and audio!

Learning to Love Itâ?¦ 38 Book Bundle of Forbidden and Inexperienced Encounters

by Nanci Nolove

It might be hard, but it’s sooo worth it!

38 stories of stern and strict romantic encounters…

Finding Forever Love: Inspirational Frontier Pioneer Romance Novella

by Grace Fisher

Amy was never searching for loveâ?¦little did she know that it would be found in someone like Riley.

Riding on the coattails of Jed and Hope’s engagement, Amy has always had feelings of love rising for Jed’s deputy, Riley. Riley could not help but return those feelings. She was nothing like he even dreamed of being able to find in a match.
With such strong feelings of love, nothing could stand in their way. But when the past comes back to ruin everything that Amy and Riley have built, will their love stand true? Can they push past the hurt and learn to love again? Looking to the future, Riley and Amy are presented with the opportunity to either run or deal with the lies and pain that are suddenly brought into light. Riley is faced with the dilemma of either telling Amy the truth or risk losing her forever.

Join Riley and Amy as they sift through the heartache of betrayal and come through the other side finding the forever love that was always meant to beâ?¦


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