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Habits: How to Build Powerful Habits for Success, Health, and The Life of Your Dreams (Success, Health, Productivity, Goal Setting,)

by Ramona Cooney

Transform Your Life With Habits

MаnÑ? people gеt саught up in their dаÑ? to dаÑ? Ñ?rоblеmÑ? аnd fоrgеt tо еÑ?tаbliÑ?h hаbitÑ? thаt can grеаtlÑ? imÑ?rоvе thеir quality of lifе. SоmеtimеÑ? it iÑ? diffiсult tо Ñ?ее Ñ?аÑ?t thе dаilÑ? grind fаr enough to fееl аnÑ?thing beyond ассеÑ?tаnсе. ThiÑ? bооk will Ñ?hоw Ñ?оu Ñ?еvеrаl Ñ?imÑ?lе, easy steps thаt Ñ?оu can tаkе tоdаÑ? tо immеdiаtеlÑ? build new habits. It’s time to stop living life on autopilot and create the life of your dreams. What do you want to do with your life before it’s over? The majority of our actions taken every day are not conscious decisions but are habits we’ve developed. By choosing and developing lasting habits, you can transform your life. Fоllоw the guidе оutlinеd in these Ñ?аgеÑ? аnd еnjоÑ? yourself, Ñ?оur loved ones, аnd Ñ?оur life. Yоu deserve it!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why Habits Matter
  • Obstacles to Changing Habits
  • Why Is It Hard To Break Habits?
  • Effective Steps for Habit Development
  • Study Habits
  • Habits for Language Learning
  • Habits of Successful People
  • Happy Relationship Habits
  • And Much, Much

I’m a new author and will greatly appreciate honest reviews and feedback!

GLÃ?CKLICH IM JOB: So werden Sie glücklich im Job – Der Coaching Ratgeber. (Motivation wecken, Burnout vermeiden, Arbeitsfreude, Zufriedenheit) (German Edition)

by T. Breise

â??Jeder Dritte findet seine Arbeit schrecklich, ergab kürzlich eine Befragung des Deutschen Gewerkschaftsbundes (DGB)”

Graut es Ihnen vor Montagen?

Fühlen Sie sich fremdbestimmt? Erdrückt Sie die Routine?

Sind Sie von Ihren Kollegen nur noch genervt?

Die Medienberichte über Burnout sind erschreckend, die hohen Zahlen der Krankenstände alarmieren Wirtschaft und Politik.

Ein Unwohlsein beim Gedanken an die Arbeit sollten Sie nicht ignorieren.
Der Arbeitsplatz ist ein wichtiger Aspekt im Leben jedes Menschen. Die Möglichkeit, eine sinnvolle Tätigkeit auszuüben sorgt dafür, dass wir uns als ein wertvolles Mitglied der Gesellschaft fühlen können. Besonders bedauerlich ist aber, wenn der individuelle Mensch eine Berufstätigkeit ausübt, die ihn nicht glücklich macht.

Wir verbringen viel Zeit im Job. Daher sollten wir alles dafür tun, dass die Zeit, die wir am Arbeitsplatz verbringen, eine gute Zeit ist.
Wie eine Studie belegt, ist der Job für viele ein wichtiger “Glücksfaktor”. Wir geben Tipps, wie es mit dem Glücklichsein klappt.

Lesen Sie in diesem E-Book, wie es gelingen kann, glücklich im Job zu sein. Für eilige Leser sind das erste und das letzte Kapitel geschrieben. Hier bekommen Sie einen Einblick in das Thema und in mögliche Problemsituationen. Der zweite Teil vermittelt Ihnen das Grundlagenwissen für eine lebenslange glückliche Berufstätigkeit.

Focus: Hack Your Productivity for Massive Success

by Modern Psychology Publishing

Do you have trouble focusing? Do project deadlines make you feel anxious? Is it sometimes hard to concentrate on a task with constant emails, messages, and reminders getting in the way?

If you answered â??yes’, you are hardly alone. Today we are used to having our attention constantly being pulled in many directions all at once, and it is harder than ever to gain the mental clarity to really concentrate and stay on task.

The good news is, simply developing the skill of focus can skyrocket your productivity more than any other single habit!

This book will teach you how to relearn how to focus your attention and re-evaluate how to use your mental energy both wisely and effectively; how to turn off distractions, and even say no to communications sometimes; how to prioritize, and to develop the mental acuity to follow through on our goals. All of these things can be easily done if we simply relearn the skill of powerful focus!

In this book, you will learn:
â?? Foolproof methods to eliminate attention-robbing distractions
â?? A goal setting strategy that will eliminate the appeal of short-term diversions
â?? How using a timer can revolutionize your productivity habits
â?? The importance of strategic downtime
â?? How engaging right-brain creativity can improve your ability to get work done, better
â?? The three lifestyle habits that will make focus a permanent skill
â?? And much, much more!

So what are you waiting for??? Pick up a copy of Focus: Hack Your Productivity for Massive Success! and learn these extraordinarily powerful secrets of analyzing people today!! Click the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

Sell Even Smarter: Seven More Simple Strategies For Sales Success (30 Minute Sales Coach Book 2)

by Scott Fishman

Take your sales career to the next level!

Are you seeking sales success?

If you are reading this, the answer to that question is obvious.

There is no reason you cannot succeed in sales right now.

You need the right people in your corner, a willingness to learn and the right mindset.

That’s where The 30 Minute Sales Coach comes in. You can get the coaching you need in a format that fits in your pocket!

With decades of sales experience, Scott offers you simple-to-follow advice in bite-sized portions. Each clearly written chapter provides easily implemented strategies and exercises designed to take no more than half an hour each.

Whether you are new to the sales game or a wily veteran, The 30 Minute Sales Coach answers these questions and more…

  • Why is it good to hear “No”?
  • How do I define my target market?
  • Why should I be like the Ice Cream Man?

This is not some get-rich-quick, pedal to the metal macho-gorilla sales book. Scott breaks it down in layman’s terms without resorting to hiding behind industry jargon.

If you are:

  • New to sales
  • An experienced salesperson that has fallen into a slump
  • A grizzled vet that just needs to get back to basics
  • Sitting on top but want to get a leg up on the competition

This book is for you!

As a sales professional, you can’t afford to not buy this book. You are losing money if you do not click BUY

“We’ve all heard the one about the guy who could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo. Scott sold that guy the recipe!” – Jon D. from The Seven Minute Sales Minute podcast

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