Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 13 Jun 17

Google Home: Complete Manual Book to Master Your Smart Assistant. Unofficial Guide for Beginners

by Nicholas Brown

This book is a guide on how to use Google Home. It begins by guiding you on how to setup your Google Home device, including connecting it to the Google Home app before using it. The book then guides you on the basics of using the device, such as turning it on, rebooting the device, and muting it, as well as how to adjust the volume. Google Home can be used for playing TV movies and shows. This book guides you on how to do this. It is also possible for you to connect your Google Home to external speakers and then play your audio in the speakers. This book provides you with a guide on how to set this up. With Google Home, you can control the lighting system of your house by the use of voice commands only. You will learn how to this by the use of Philips Hue lights. Google Home can also help you to control the temperature of your house via a Nest thermostat. This is discussed in detail in this book. Google Home can also be connected to the various WeMo devices such as the WeMo switches. This book explains how to do this. You will also learn the best tips and tricks when using Google Home, as well as some of the funny questions you can ask the device. The following topics are discussed:

-Getting Started with Google Home
-How to Use Google Home
-Playing TV Movies and Shows with Google Home
-Playing Audio on Speakers
-Smart Lights with Google Home
-Google Home and Thermostat
-Google Home and WeMo
-Tips and Tricks

Pipeline: The sales prospecting system that generates leads and appointments without cold calling, buying expensive traffic or advertising

by Fraser J. Hay

Need a Sales Prospecting System that will fill your sales pipeline?

Which of these 6 sales prospecting challenges do you dread and want to overcome?

  • Not wanting or having the time do sales prospecting?
  • Not having a sales pipeline, funnel or CRM system?
  • Not being able to identify who to target?
  • Outdated or inaccurate contact information?
  • Poor response rates
  • Unable to track, monitor and measure ROI & performance in real-time

What if you had a powerful, practical & proven sales prospecting system that involved:

  • NO Cold calling or telecanvassing by phone
  • NO Investing in expensive traffic
  • NO Paid Advertising or Pay Per Click Advertising
  • NO Printing or mailing costs

Do you think you’d be interested if this powerful system could be replicated, duplicated
and implemented by each member of the sales team to create, engage and foster new
business relationships on a daily basis – resulting in more leads, prospects and referrals?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK TODAY

In Pipeline: The Sales Prospecting System, you will learn:

  • 29 questions you must answer before you doing any sales prospecting online
  • The 7 fundamental principles for filling your sales pipeline and why they work
  • 30 reasons why people WILL want to connect with you & enter your sales funnel
  • 7 reasons why suspects are not engaging with you and what to do about it
  • 10 common sales prospecting mistakes sales people make and how to avoid them
  • 11 Ways to fill your sales funnel with magnetic prospecting
  • How to automate your sales prospecting by pulling suspects & prospects to you
  • A no cost, high converting referral marketing tactic that works online and offline
  • How to lower your cost per lead, cost per sale & increase the life time value of clients
  • How to improve your sales management with a powerful new, effective sales strategy
  • 20 fill-in-the-blank sales prospecting templates for you to test & prove that they work
  • How the author pulled 250,000 people to him via the web without spending a penny
  • How to reach up to 813,000 targeted sales prospects with the click of a button
  • and much, much more…

How much would 1, 10 or 30 NEW sales be worth to you…?

(and the ability to generate more for whatever you choose to sell in the future?)

…and what if each of these new clients, each gave you 2 pre-qualified referrals?

How much would that be worth?

Don’t just think about it. Take action & start filling your sales pipeline today.

Download ‘Pipeline: The Sales Prospecting System’ NOW
(before your competitors do.)

Cloud Computing Development Essentials: How to Get Started With Cloud Computing

by Eric Frick

In this book I will teach you the basics of cloud computing and why cloud computing is one of the hottest areas in information technology today. In addition, I will show you how to sign up for free developer accounts with some of the leading cloud computing platforms such as Amazon AWS and SalesForce. I will also take you on a brief tour of each of these platforms and show you how to deploy software to each of these as well. By the end of this book you will be able to develop and deploy software to the leading cloud based system on the market today.

Amazon Echo Dot: The Complete User Guide For Beginners – Easy Step-By-Step Instructions To Learn Amazon Dot In No Time!

by Frank Rodgers


The Complete User Guide For Beginners – Easy Step-By-Step Instructions To Learn Amazon Dot In No Time!

The Amazon Echo is more than a remotely controlled speaker, it is more of a personal assistance that can simplify a whole lot of things within your home. It is a small size round device. Amazon is able to upgrade and update the Echo dot with new features via the Wi-Fi internet connectivity.

With your Amazon Echo dot, you can turn on your gadgets to listen to the news, music, weather and much more. The Amazon Echo dot is a small device that can be taken everywhere. It helps you handle management and scheduling activities much easier, likewise, it can help you perform Home automation, social media communication, and online purchasing.

The Amazon Echo dot is similar to the Amazon Echo in so many ways, the main difference is that the Echo dot has a larger internal speaker for a better and richer audio playback. The book has been written as a guide to help you set up your Amazon Echo easily.

Other topics that will be covered here include:

  • What is Amazon Echo dot, what are the main components and how does the device work?
  • How to set up your Echo dot device ( Alexa).
  • How to set up your Echo dot account and manage it.
  • How to use Amazon Echo dot for the news, music, shopping and much more.
  • Other tricks and tips for Amazon Echo dot.

Download your copy of Amazon Echo Dot by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Google Plus for Dummies

by David William

Gооglе+ iÑ? Gооglе’Ñ? nеw Ñ?осiаl nеtwоrk and frоm day оnе it hаÑ? hаd thе social mеdiа world abuzz with еxсitеmеnt. Early fans сlаim it’s еаÑ?iеr tо use thаn Facebook аnd Twitter аnd hаÑ? a wеаlth оf creative nеw features. If Ñ?оu wаnt tо lеаrn hоw to nаvigаtе thiÑ? nеw Ñ?осiаl nеighbоrhооd, tаkе аlоng Gооglе+ Fоr DummiеÑ? аÑ? your guidе. This book GÐ?Ð?GLÐ? PLUS FÐ?R DUMMIES will Ñ?hоwÑ? Ñ?оu how tо get Ñ?tаrtеd, сrеаtе a profile, Ñ?еt up Ñ?rivасÑ? settings, сhаt, post, control who Ñ?ееÑ? what, аnd much mоrе. Explains hоw tо join Gооglе+, protect your infоrmаtiоn, and make the mоÑ?t оf thiÑ? nеw Ñ?осiаl nеtwоrk. Enjoy!

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