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Mail Order Bride: His Russian Darling: (Historical Western Clean Romance Short Stories)

by April Jane

Clean Western Mail Order Bride Romance with a Happy Ending

Rosaline Belikov came over from Russia with her mother to change her life and make it better. Becoming a part of high society was in the near future, and making a name for themselves was second to that. Not all is well, though they have achieved this.

Rosaline’s one and only love from the time she was twelve doesn’t have enough money to stay in the Americas. She knows that she cannot have him either way; Adrian will be torn from her whether she lets him go back to his family in Russia and abandon his apothecary shop that he runs in her town, or she can allow him to complete his dream and live in happiness without her.

She will be in another house, another man’s wife. She will be a mail order bride. Rosaline decides that becoming a mail order bride is the best course of action, and is soon shipped off to Montana to a rancher who is a list of contradictions.

When he discovers that he will never have her heart, he decides to try woo her and gain her heart rather than send her back to get another bride.

Will she be able to resist this man who is twice her age, or will she fall in love with his charming personality?

**This is an 8,000 word Romance Short Story and your copy of His Russian Darling includes 3 x BONUS BOOKS (approx. 8,000 words each)!**

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Two Dukes One Scandal

by Cassandra Michaels

Steamy Duke Historical Romance That Leaves Very Little To The Imagination…. With A Surprise Bonus Inside?

When Louisa’s mother died, so did her childhood.

Two years have passed since that tragic occasion, but Louisa hasn’t quite accepted the new role that she has been forced to play. When her father returns from one of his regular trips out of town, she is excited to spend some time in his company. However, when he comes with news of guests arriving the next day, her excitement is short lived.

It isn’t as bad as she expected, though…. until he starts to mention the idea of marriage.

He seems to think that one of the dukes coming to stay would make a good match for Louisa, and he expects Louisa to feel the same. He should know true feelings can hardly be forced.

That is..until she realizes she may have no choice.

The Baron & the Clockmaker’s Daughter

by Suzy Stewart Dubot

Jealousy is a nasty sentiment when it gnaws away at youâ?¦ Quentin Wolfe, Baron Isleworth, is rich and not bad looking but he lacks imagination. One drunken kiss will set him on a tortuous path to win the clockmaker’s daughter for himself.

Dreams on the Homestead

by Ponderosa Publishing

**Get 75000+ Words Of Heart-Melting and Juicy Regency & Mail Order Bride Romance With A Surprise Bonus Inside!**

This collection includes:

The Crippled Cowboy

Murder In Montana

The Texas Billionaire’s Bride

Faith In A Cowboy

The Cowgirl’s Child

The Barren Bride

The Duke Of London’s Baby

To Marry The Prince Or Love The Duke

The Rogue Duke

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The Navy SEAL Cowboy’s Baby

by Cassandra Michaels

Warning: Contains HOT Navy SEAL Cowboy Romance Scenes that don’t leave much to the imagination!

Mellie Corbin has been taking care of Hickory Pond Equestrian Center all by herself since her husband died the year before. Despite her strong and independent nature, the work is wearing her out, and she realizes its time to hire someone to help her run the ranch.

That’s when Ransom Carrigan comes to town.

Ransom is a former Navy SEAL, injured in the war, just trying to make his way through life as a civilian. When he takes the job working on Hickory Pond, he finds himself immediately enchanted with his new boss.

But can Ransom break down the walls that Mellie has built up after the death of her husband? And will Mellie be able to convince her former father-in-law that it’s time for all of them to embrace life and let go of their sadness?

In Ashley, North Dakota, the only thing bigger than the skyâ?¦ are the possibilities for two people to fall in love.

Heart of a SEAL

by Ponderosa Publishing

Warning: Contains HOT Navy SEAL Romance Scenes that don’t leave much to the imagination! A surprise bonus is also included inside for a VERY limited time!

This collection includes:

SEALing The Victory

The Billionaire SEAL’s Secret Baby

The Navy SEAL Cowboy

My Forbidden Navy SEAL Cowboy

The Navy SEAL’s Secret Lady

The Navy SEAL Cowboy’s Baby

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The Rogue Duke: Scandalous Nobility

by Cassandra Michaels

Steamy Duke Historical Romance With A Surprise Bonus Inside

Sophia has always dreamt of a life of adventure, but living in a small town doesn’t provide you with much of that.

Since she was little, Sophia used to hide away in her father’s library and escape to exotic places that she believed could only exist between the pages of a book. When her father passed away, the library turned into her place to remember him and feel close to him.

Sophia’s mother has different ideas over what will make her daughter happy, though. She’s convinced that all it will take is the right man and the right wedding dress. So when some passing dukes visit town, Sophia’s mother makes it her priority to make sure they’re introduced.

Sophia isn’t impressed by her mother’s actions until she meets Edward. Edward is a dazzling duke with a dubious history and an offer that could change Sophia’s life forever.

Sweet Love Stories (Box Set)

by Green Book Publishing

Collection of 11 Clean, Warm-Hearted Romance Stories.

Enjoy over 200,000 words of 22 clean, sweet romance stories and 22 special bonus stories that will surely warm your heart!

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This collection includes:
– The Magnolia
– The City of Eternal Spring
– Music from Heaven
– The First Impression
– Sins of the Father
– The Greatest of These
– An Unusual Arrangement
– Sorrow’s Song
– The First Day of Summer
– The Long Wait
– Outside the Familiar

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A Tropical Frontier: The Indian Fighter

by Tim Robinson

In war people die, and they kill.

The Second Seminole War would be the longest and most costly of all Indian conflicts in the United States in both lives and national treasure. In 1842, Colonel William J. Worth, commander of the Florida Campaign, declared hostilities at an end. Although as many as 3,000 Seminole and Miccosukee had been relocated to the Oklahoma Territory, several enclaves remained in the extreme southern portions of the peninsula at Big Cypress, Fisheating Creek, Catfish Lake, and New River. A census taken three years later accounted for 120 warriors, (70 Seminoles, 30 Miccosukee, 12 Creek, 4 Uchee, and 4 Choctaw), 100 women, and 140 children – a total of 360 souls. The Florida Indians had prevailed, and old Sam Jones would fulfill his vow to die in the land of his birth.

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